Peugeot 3008 2017 SUV review | Mat Watson Reviews

Peugeot have just revealed the brand new 3008! This new model looks to power into the SUV market and establish itself as a class leader, in a similar fashion to the Nissan Qashqai or Volskwagen Tiguan. Peugeot seems to have taken onboard a lot of the customer criticism of the previous model, and now on board Peugeot have fixed annoying design issues, such as the steering wheel blocking the view of the dials. More importantly however, Peugeot have emphasised the 3008’s connection to its little hatchback brother, the 308 via the choice of engines which prioritise fuel economy. But, what about practicality, and model design? Will this SUV turn heads on the school run? Will it be the class leader Peugeot hope? Find out what I really thought of the brand new 3008 now!

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Redza Imran says:

I don’t like the small steering wheel compared to the original 3008

hit wonda says:

I love it

Richard Melchers says:

It’s a MPV , not an SUV.

Johnw Cribben says:

Why do we need new gas meters

Max Playz ROBLOX and more says:

The electric scooter…. isn’t coming to the UK… Boo Hoo!

joao carlos felix says:

Hello, I really like your program
Aposobility of testing
Toyota c-hr-peugeot 3008- hundai tucson-nissan qashqai
More showing all the highlights

GreekGamer4U says:

Tiguan is way better ffs…

Jan Verbanck says:

Nice (short) review. As pointed out by other reviewers (not here) , when sitting in the rear seats, your legs are not sufficiently supported. Here again, this is clearly visible in the video: there is a big gap between seat and the back of the knees and part of the thigh. This is probably done because by lowering the seats, you win headroom. On long distances however, this gets tiring…The former Renault Espace models (the current I don’t know) had the same issue: good seating, but knees too high up.

Andrew Hoffman says:

Very flash – got a 307 diesel.. Definitely get the biggest diesel with a manual transmission if possible.

Manu M says:

One of the Best reviews I saw

Nataliya Ponomarenko says:

I LOVE Mat`s reviews! Great energy, good sense of humor, reviews that are straight to the point))

Cave Edico says:

bitch…..the rear looks like mustang

Zabole Me says:

Since 2002 Peugeot has made some shit cars, really. But when the ’10 came, Peugeot realised it’s problems and fixed them. I won’t be suprised if Peugeot becomes an Audi/BMW competitor by the 2020s.

MrWalker1000 says:

whats the best competitor to this car.

Gorge Taylor says:

Buy American!!!Chevy Ford and GMTrump brought billions of jobs back to thar Detroit, Alabama, and West Virgina!Git em while they last!

Basil Fabian says:

If I didn’t buy a e class than I would have probably bought this. It’s just gorgeous and that interior is stunning


2:35 sponsored by Head And Shoulders

Zi9makin6 says:

The interior is stunning! I LOVE that cockpit! The steering wheel and dash looks so nice <3

Steven Greenwood says:

i think Peugeot have produce its lovely most practical car in years (mid 1960’s) this suv is a real cracker.

Ricko Setiadi says:

I think the LED daytime driving lights are a little bit similiar to the benz’s

Al White says:

peugeot. not made to last but to fuck you

Carrinthe says:

Matt being positive about a Peugeot :O,….. This must be a great car. On a serious note, what a great looking car, both exterieur and interieur.

Çağrı Koçaslan says:

Kinda advertising-ish

Gorge Taylor says:

Nice vehicle yet that fruit on the scooter has got to git!

Amesh Dissanayke says:

Same here

Amesh Dissanayke says:

I bought this

captain blueballz says:

This kid tries to praise plastic on the dash that’s how you know he’s just another bullshitting British reviewer…

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