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The Peugeot 308 won European Car of the Year in 2014 but can this stylish hatchback live up to the hype of its predecessor? Can it outscore the 2016 winner, the Vauxhall Astra, or other popular hatchbacks such as the Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus. Is it worth getting the base model with its cheap, tempting price tag, or is it better to upgrade? Have Peugeot’s exterior quality transferred over to the interior cabin, and can it pass the infamous carwow flick test? Find out all of this and more in our 4k review of the Peugeot 308Subscribe to carwow on youtube –

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And why is this car ‘car of the year’ it doesn’t seem any better than a golf or an astra for example

Kcuf elgoog says:

sort yer white balancing out camera man


If ur concerned about rear passenger space then just get the sw version. What is so hard about that?

gabo gabriel says:

what is the price??

Tom Heard says:

Why did you show a Renault and not a Peugeot for rear visibility ?

dupont jean says:


Martin Gbolagun says:

Narrator, you fail this time. Your review of this car is unimpressive. Peugeot 308 is the best car in its range. It’s unbeatable, period.

saego360 says:

why are the french shit at everything

VArgenton says:

Dear Matt, you do realise ..the view towards the rear that was included in this video belongs to another car!!!!

Roland Mai says:

I think you’re supposed to pronounce it: Poo-Zho

SurvivorIceland says:

It is really beautiful looking car though i agree that backseat should have bigger legroom and frankly had they designed smaller boot(5-10%) they could have increased legroom instead. So why this large boot? If people want big boot they would buy the 308 Station Wagon.

MUR47_k says:

where abouts in england does carwow record there video reviews???

bigballer says:

Matt… Britain is leaving the EU, not Europe. Huge difference. A five year old understands this.

Fadi Lafi says:

french trash…

Bryan Chang says:

he slams everything

abhilash katageri says:

one big suggestion is plz talk more about the car numbers,0 to 60’s bhp,torque etc

Pan Kap says:

Hello Matt!I am wondering if you will make the same comment for Golf new inf system touch-buttons&eyes of the road for too long!I know you will but in real life after getting familiar with the touchscreen you find buttons blind.cheers and keep up the good work!!

Riyaz Madappally says:

Nice location. .I love it

cronus says:

This is not 2017 308, it’s GTI version. Standart versions going same…

johnnymonkey66 says:

I’ve had one of these, a GT line with the 1.2 turbo engine for about four & a half months now & probably the only thing I found remotely annoying was the size of the glove box, but I got over that quickly. Yes, having knobs for the heating etc might have been easier, but I’ve got used to that so not a problem & I also find the touch screen easy to use, so not unintuitive! I actually had a BMW before this, albeit an older model that became expensive to keep repairing as well as run & tax etc so decided on a complete change & having driven most of the usual suspects I decided on this & very happy with it so far!!


Very very biased review. Low plastics are hard at Golf too. Handling is better than Golf, Climate controls are very practical once u set on auto and better and silent than Golf. Sound system, especially radio receiver is much better than Golf,ony lacking CD player. Boot is much bigger 430 to 380. Not just the numbers but deeper than Golf and handles long luggages so u can put more big luggages. 1.2 Puretech is such a zippy petrol engine u cant just resist it. I’ve driven 3 years a 1.2 TSI Golf 7 and I’m praising everyday that I bought 308 1.2 puretech with automatic transmission over it….Especially with its small steerwheel!!! NOT be biased, clear your GOLFISH mind!!!!

warey4life says:

I’ve got a 2.0 Allure and I cannot fault it in any way. It’s quick, handles well, is well equipped, comfortable and I love the small steering wheel and the whole cockpit in general. I previously owned a VW Golf Bluemotion (awful car, lots of faults, terrible service in VW dealers), before that a Passat 2.0 Highline, and before that BMW118 and I much prefer 308 and you get a lot more for your money. VW’s are overpriced and boring.


U used to smart phones without buttons, used to smart watches and u can not used to big high quality lcd to control “auto” climate control ha? Hahahaha there’s is vw fan here 😉

dupont jean says:

what a great car i love HER =)

1969cmp says:

If a car doesn’t come standard with either reversing sensors or a camera, forget it. And the big companies should have them standard across the range.

Juulbakker33 says:

Nice car!!

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