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The new Peugeot 308 GTi may not look like the hottest of hot hatches, but it’s certainly got a few tricks up its sleeve. It comes in two states of tune – 248bhp or 266bhp – with the latter model also coming with a limited-slip differential and larger brakes. The 308 GTi is powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, and takes aim straight at the VW Golf GTI and Ford Focus ST.

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TourdeFrance20131 says:

i like it

BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod says:

damn this looks ugly

J Gripen says:

Ah.. French cars.. I’m sorry, i just can’t like them. And i feel so bad when they’re really trying but i just can’t help myself, i keep striving towards German, Swedish, Japanese or British cars all the time.

Sash Window says:

Nasty >.<

Baxter's Detailing says:

Wheel can block the dials (shows wheel from a childs perspective)

Nicecomet 828 says:

I would have skoda Octavia vrs. bigger boot, more rear legroom fast and nice interior with good infortainment system

Jeremy Henderson says:

This is my favorite moving machine

Jamster Smith says:

Does anybody remember the 306 gti 6 back in the day they was rapid and I’m sure it would smoke this

SuperLetout says:

Peugeot is back, german car manufacturers better watch your back!

Martin Gbolagun says:

Peugeot rules. We want more of these great products in Nigeria. Peugeot 504 was the best in its time on the African terrain winning most safaris in the 70s.

Amateur Playz says:

What was the price ?

trance former says:

I have owned a “normal” 308 (eHdi 115cv Allure) for 2 years and I’m extremely happy with it. Great exterior design, both spacious and sporty, nice interiors with better materials than most of the other makers, nice engine, low consumption, I love the iCockpit and the elimination of all-fashioned buttons all over the console that some pple still miss (welcome to the 21st century!), no mechanical problems after 40k kms… to everyone who hates french cars or thinks they are crappy I’d say: give the 308 a shot.
Anyways, I’m actually considering selling my diesel 308 and buying the 308 Gti… it just drinks a bit more fuel but provides a lot more fun for sure!!

Adrian CC says:

Boring car!

Sheldon Gannon says:

Okay so you drive the smaller version of the gti,but the. Say it is not as good as a Megane!!!! How does that work shouldn’t you drive same for same???

Goran Pavlović says:

Rip VW

Giuliano Grassi says:

Led parking light are very old style!!!

Kev50027 says:

It’s alright if you admit that you don’t like Peugeot.

Darius Stancioiu says:

+Carbuyer Could you review the Peugeot 301, please?

Louis Rennles says:

We’ve been laughing alot at Peugeot these last couple of years but hey, I would take it other the golf gti, and others like Leon of Focus ST, and I’ll admit it, it hurts me to say that, because I’m a HUGE fan of the golf GTI, bravo Peugeot, they’ve finally woken up !

happy2be says:

Just looks soooooo boring *big yawn*

Gunmetal Grey says:

Peugeot did well with this one. Better than VW Golf and looks so much cooler

JRNexGen says:

Why do they all try to copy the GTI……

Fatih Nalcaci says:

Good video. Thanks

abhard6 says:

What a boring looking car – a hot hatch is all about NOT BEING SUBTLE . Peugeot have never been able to top the brilliant 205GTI.

deanlawson1971 says:

Looks absolutely terrible wheels everything Peugeot what are you doing

Giacomo Casanova says:

Peugeot always made sexy cars. This one is the same

Bonnie parker Clyde Barrow says:

I wish Poug would come back to the American market.

soundseeker63 says:

I know virtually every car reviewer out there seems to think the VW Golf is untouchable but personally… they are so common I am sick of the sight of them, and they are so plain and generic looking, I just can’t get excited about such a conservative and uninspired car, even if it will go very fast.
I’d take the 308 GTi because not only is it quicker and funkier than the Golf but also you will stand out from the crowd by driving one. Not something you can say about any of the VAG cars. There is more to life than the VW Golf people!

Vinc PM V says:

Très bon accent lol

Kees Zoutzeling says:

Still prefer the VW Golf GTI or Seat Leon Cupra anytime, the only decent French hothatch it’s the Megane RS as it’s really, really good (for the track only, unfortunately). Good luck with the resale values as well 🙂

Mr330d says:

£250 Remap would bring it past 270BHP

joey says:

rubbish car.

green grass says:

Funny how when mentioning the alternatives, he mentions many others, but not the guilietta. Terrible thing, envy.

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