Peugeot 308 Pure Tech 130 (2018) | POV Drive on German Autobahn – Top Speed Drive (60FPS)

Peugeot 308 Allure GT-Line Pure Tech 130

Engine: 1.2 liter 3 cylinder Turbo powered petrol engine
Power: 96 KW/ 130 HP
Torque: 230 NM @ 1700 rpm
Weight: 1296 KG
Model: 2018
Top speed: 207 km/h officially by Peugeot / 204 km/h reached in the video
Fuel consumption: 6.5 liter/100km

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Arca D says:

130 , is 1.2L 3 cyl 240nm performance correct 0-100 km between 9 -10 s and 204 vmax constructeur , not bad

Haşim Kök says:

What is multimedia format

SpeKtra says:

I have this car with a 1.6 liter engine, its really good

John Doh says:

In the book it says 0to60 in 10.3secs well I can do 0to60 in 9 secs in my 1.2 gtline so suck on them lemons Peugeot

as0t says:

So, what do you think of the car? Is it worth the price?
Do you recommend it, or there’s better options at the same price range? If so, name a few please.

joint venture says:

I like the sound of this engine, much better than inline 4

Nadsenec says:

very slow , 1.0tsi 110hp or 1.0ecoboost more faster a better engines

iceriddim says:

130 hp its not enough for this car Peugeot 308 gti or nothing

Denny 927 says:

Really enjoyed the trip, thanks

Anastasios Constantinidis says:

Stef Stef I agree with you for my 307 1.6 petrol, but I’ve also got the 308 1.2 130 up. The 307 is far better in design and inside room, the engine and the gearbox are more sporty, therefore it’s better for mountainous roads. 308 1.2 has very nice engine but it’s better on the motorway where the very long ratios and the vast torque gives a better and quieter trip

dissident du jeu video says:

sound of 3 cylinders engines are very good

Grzegorz Jankowski says:

And what about the fuel consumption at those speed?

windowSS says:

My Renault laguna reached almost 190km/h, its 1.9 diesel but its very heavy

Btt As says:

Peugeot 2008 e HDI please

Marcello Monterosso says:

Did you also drive the 1.6 BlueHDI?

Trainspotter Of Zoetermeer says:

Very good for the 130 HP

Zac Design says:

Do the 2.0 tdi seat leon

Tof Tof says:

Vert good mon cul oui. C’est une merde sans nom cette caisse oui

RemsTestHD says:

Finally you test a french car 🙂
Megane 4 next?

Haşim Kök says:

What is multimedia format

Nadsenec says:

ugly cockpit a this top shit 3cyl engine very bad

Haşim Kök says:

What is multimedia format

dufonrafal says:

The true top speed is reached in 5th gear 😉

Stef Stef says:

I am a hardcore supporter of Peugeot, but there are two things I hate nowadays on them : 1. the rev meter going counterclockwise, 2. the sound of the 3-cylinder engine. Call me a fool, but I will never replace my 307 on account of these reasons.

Christian Schüller says:

Ist das wirklich nur ein 5-Gang Getriebe oder habe ich mich da verschaut ? Wenn ja wäre das echt schade.

Billy Mackie says:

What did you prefer to drive and what would you pick for a daily driver this, or an astra k 1.4 turbo like in your other video, but a hatchback?

Derik D says:

Danke für das Video:) Denkst Du, der 1.6 L 4 Zylinder Diesel mit 120 PS und 300 NM (120 Blue-Hdi) wird etwas souveräner sein als dieser benziner? Suche derzeit so einen…

TheAmazeer says:

1.2 liter is a too small engine.. turbo is doing moste of the job … Will not last as long as 2 or 2.2 or 2.7 liters…

YAY says:

How much hp and torque? Why no informations?Anyway nice video.

DeliriumCordia says:

what’s your opinion about the gearbox? and the cockpit?

VolvoXC90TV says:

4:47… Mark Forster… Is that you?

Almir Zorlak says:

I am impressed with this car but only thing I dont like is 3 cylinder engine….

Antonio Junior says:

Hi, hello of Brasil!! Thanks more vídeo!!!

Sid Santos says:

Lindo parabéns.

Lulu says:

nul aucun intérêt de filmer ça

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