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Peugeot 308 review:
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Peugeot’s stylish 308 hatchback has been updated for 2018, with new engines, refreshed looks and the latest in-car technology. So is it still a genuine alternative to rivals like the VW Golf, Skoda Octavia and Vauxhall Astra? Watch our review to find out…

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Derf says:

Just use the 3008 interior in all cars Peugeot

roblex63 says:

i know it’s a bit flippant. but i do love scrolling indicators

I'm Your Huckleberry says:

Nice design but it is a Pug so no thanks.

Spencer Bowditch says:

Let the auditions continue! No crisps, good! no big bottle good! nice accent good! Knowledgeable presenter good! nice bottom good!

Pedro says:


Hudie O'Seibhleain says:

What happened to James

Irishgamer01 says:

Fake motor journalist chick………… too hire.

Click bait. Sad and sickening.

Alexandre Brandão says:

Although a new presenter, seems to be as competent if not better as most other ones. Congratulations on the review!

Roberto Lombardi says:

Never mind the car, Chloe is beautiful, I think I’m in love.

Frazer White says:

Those seats look so cheap and nasty

Dan McCarthy says:

Who’s this new presenter? She’s excellent!

Duncan Idaho says:

She sounds very american.

gentle285 says:

An honest detailed review with a great presenter! Nice job! (You should forget this filter on the camera though already, it’s disgusting)

Vlad Presecan says:

I like the new car reviewer , Chloe. She is likable , speaks nice and she doesn’t make the review boring like some other car reviewers do

Vieveri says:

Put steering wheel in that position when ypu watch dials over it -thanks-

Mark Cawdron says:

Peugeot. NO THANKS

Blake Swan says:

Shame we cant get this great little hatch in the States

Mario Torrez Quant says:

Great review!

Bobby Brian says:

Forget the car look at thos gorgeous legs !!

Klasse Act says:

Enjoy the new presenter, very pretty AND professional!

Arthur Barnes says:

Cut rear ski qfina sand mother tie summer beer selection determination western.

#TP GamerBoy33 says:

Matt from carwow revised the 2018 version of this car in 2016

Philz says:

Found this a bit impromptu when it came to some of the interior info. Got it completely wrong by saying it was a decent size glovebox when you cant actually fit the car’s manual in there.

jkjkl says:

terrible car

Noel Cahill says:

It could be a rover with a blown head I’d still by it if she reviewed it omg

CrazyAboutCars 84 says:

I made a comedy video about cars:
5 ANNOYING things that always happen with YOUR car
Do you like it?

Fes Y says:

Gud day mate she’s a royte stunnaa

Siemen Dilissen says:

thanks for this real —2018—- review, cheers !

john kendo says:

Less face time more face time for the car.

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