Peugeot Onyx Concept Car – GORGEOUS

Once again Peugeot creates the dream with its 21st century supercar: Onyx. Inspired by passionate people, the Onyx offers its adorers a vision of tomorrow.

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On this channel you can look at the future, you can see beauty, and you can see the cars that combine it all. And, of course, beautiful girls!
I love modern cars, concept car. I love these amazing shapes! And I want to share my findings with you.
And I love the photos. The photos with the music has its own charm, which is not present in an ordinary video.
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peter wengler says:


Enrico04p says:


nivaldo LOPES says:


Kaseem Mohamed says:

Love that Peugeot…..

A2 T2 says:

So cool. I guess cars such as this will be common place in the future…. Maybe creative people would just print out their concepts from a 3 d printer.

sy souleymane says:

n importe quoi.ce sera encore un concept qui passe son quand on va que sur la nvelle 508.peugeot n est meme pas fichu de mettre un moteur dedans.justement jamais du lourd chez les constructeurs francais.tjrs des voiture de mèmè…

Sayed Yousef says:

Pegout so good car my father Owen 301she good car and co can I found spare parts in every where in alexandria and my unkel Owen 3008 she so good and Mr.Ahmed Sarhan he Owen Sarhan steel

EldaR says:


Nobodys Business says:

I had a Peugeot, once.

Selvyn Quijada says:

I love my Honda civic 2013

polis mega says:

不要概念 我想馬上擁有” 捷足先登才是成功的赢家

Gavron Gmar says:

this car will never go into production. so relax people

saleem khan says:

Superb ao nice look

Lloyd I luv it ummm Manyange says:

That’s something else entirely wow

Imam Arifin says:


Jaxx Brat says:

Bling mobile

Daniel .forgiven says:

Dear Peugeot, if you build it, please dont give it twin exhausts that come out on the same side like all fast peugeots. put one left and one right like real fast cars.

azerty ytreza says:

في الحقيقة انا شاب لدي من العمر 37وسنة و متزوج بأرملة لديها يتيم عمره 9 سنين و ظروف الحياة صعبة بحيث ان عملي عير مستقراعمل في في الشارع بحيث لدي عربة حساء ابيع فيها الحساء و كما لا يخفى عليكم ان العمل في الشارع صعب ففي كل مرة تأتي السلطات و تطرد الباعة المتجولون و مرة اعمل و مرة لا اعمل و ا حول و لا قوة الا بالله كما بسبب ظروف عملي هذه و بسبب عملي الغير مستقر فانا اعيش فقط في بيت يتكون من غرفة واحدة فقط في سطح منزل نعيش فيها كلنا انا وزوجتي و اليتيم … و الحمد لله على كل حال و كما علي ديون ارجو من الله ان يسددها علي … فانا اتمنى مشروع اربح منه ما يكفيني كي اعيش و اسدد الديون التي علي … و الله شاهد على ما أقول
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Mehmet Temel says:

Certainly a nice looking car but two tone paint looks bit weird.Either all gloss or all matt is the go I reckon.

Hammoda Angrawe says:

واااو نايس

Ryan Poo says:

front look like i8

hugo muñoz says:

No me gustó

shan joke video says:

I love peageot cars

Antonio Allen says:

Love the paint job and front view!!!

Bancha NamwoNamwong says:


Steve Silvas says:


BigM3atyCLAWZZ says:

Too bad it’s diesel

وعد الفرطوسي says:

الله يطيح حضكم وحظ سياراتكم بيجو فرنسي موتتني عطلات

Juanjose Halma says:

comme d’habitude que des concepts car qui ne sortiront jamais pk notre belle France qui est un pays super riche n’a pas de supercars c’est une honte je trouve.

h k says:

pejo 405 iran fagt

Stuart Durbin says:

your presentation was crap. it should have been a video. designer, or designers, you totally ruined what would have been a sleek predatory look with those stupid cooler side panels. this could have been a beautiful concept if you hadn’t let Louie light loafers add his ” oh so Chic” finishing touches.

Matthieu Aoun says:

Looks like the 8 series from the front

Born Buckeye says:

It’ll never look like that in production.

火火人 says:

Pasqualino Belluscio says:

Peugeot?? Ahahahah

Richard WILSON says:

0:06 the front of the car looks like 1998 GODZILLA face

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