Suzuki Vitara vs Honda HR-V vs Peugeot 2008 review | Head2Head

Small SUVs are extremely popular, combining off-roading capabilities with style, and comfort, so I’ve put three of these compact 4x4s against each other in a head to head group test. Will the Suzuki Vitara reign supreme with it’s high tech cabin or will its Japanese compatriot, the Honda HR-V take the crown? Perhaps the Peugeot 2008 will surprise them both and dazzle with it’s fun driving style. Stay tuned to find out what I really think of these small SUVs in this head to head review!

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Stephen Butler says:

The vitara in with two tone split paint, in mid spec is a great all round cheap car. That and the seat Ateca are probably the best buys in the class.

Jake Wrigley says:

I have a cx3, and I would consider it to be way better than the vitara… while they use a lot of the same materials Mazda somehow managed to make them look soooo much better than the vitara s turbo I drove… considering its a top seller in Australia I imagine it is as good if not better than the other 2

steve blow says:

AWD is useful for snow

Dominic Ellery says:

The Honda HR-V is defiantly the best out of all these. The Suzuki would be my second choice and well i wouldn’t even consider the rubbish Peugeot. Im quite surprised you put a Peugeot in there considering the Mazda CX-3 is miles ahead of what any Peugeot would be.

misantroop says:

4WD benefit comes in when driving in heavy snow. Vitara is perfect for that and you don’t have to spend Land Cruiser money.

Red Tarmac says:

For the driving enthusiasts there’s only one choice really, the suzuki. But if you’re the average woman forget it, go for plush materials and fwd will be good enough for you.

Diamond Dog says:

So the 1.4l turbo its only for sale on UK and australia not in asia like india?

pr0jectSkyneT says:

If the Mazda CX-3 is not as good as these 3 cars then why did the Carwow website give it a score of 8.1 whereas the the Suzuki Vitara, the highest scoring vehicle here, only got a 7.6???

Unknown says:

I just enjoy watch Mat, he should be in Top Gear instead LeBlanc

ProductofNZ says:

I have driven the 1.6L and the 1.4L Vitara. Definitely take the 1.4L turbo. Might be a little more expensive but the pick-up is so much better with something like 20% more torque. For everyday usability, the 1.4L turbo is awesome.

Sphamandla Hlela says:

that’s not a real offroad course, come on…

Marcus Salem says:

Great review. The Peugeot and Honda did really well on the mild off-roading course but I think a more real world test would be in snow – where the Suzuki would leave them stranded. I own the Vitara S, I get what Mat is saying about the price and you could get a VW Golf for that but remember this is top of the range Vitara. A top of the range Golf would be over £30,000. The Vitara S is loaded with kit, front and rear parking sensors, rear parking camera, adaptive cruise control, radar braking. It’s also a brilliant vehicle to drive, catches many other ‘sporty drivers’ off guard.

kraenk12 says:

You do realise the steering wheel in the Peugeot is supposed to be below the dials?!

Tibor Tatrai says:

Toyota CHr test please.

Joshea555 says:

is it me or is the hr-v/vezel the only honda with a posh looking interior i can dig??

kmaj007 says:

I think Honda HRV is way much better

Mihai Ambrosa says:

I allready ordered a Suzuki…simply the best.

Sirion says:

Maybe try to climb a snowy mountain road to see the advantage of a 4×4. I guess you brits just don’t know what a mountain is, so you didn’t think of this.

Christian Koncz says:

Blimey, those prices… you can get a brand new base vitara in Hunngary for 10 grand. Yes, the car is made here, but that still doesn’t explain the massive price difference. I guess Rip Off Britain isn’t just a myth.

Sam Durling says:

+carwow as you’ve done a test of the small German executive saloon cars could you do a test for the alternatives such as the alfa giulia/vw passat/jaguar xe?

Tricki D says:

The Mazda CX3 is not as good as these cars…Ok then.
Most reviews have HRV and CX3 in the same area, with CX3 winning most due to the driving aspect.
But it’s your call!

Nino D says:

Great review! Any chance you guys at CARWOW can review the Ssangyong Tivoli or Korando?

Dimitris Kepenos says:

How about the new Toyota C-HR?!

persyMG says:

I have Peugeot 2008… and I don’t really know HOW can you not set driving wheel in a proper position. I had absolutely no problem with that – nothing obscures the dials! And I find dial position being much better than the classic one.

Stutz Edward says:

Nice review. Looks wise, Suzuki looks sporty and muscular. But I’ll take the Honda due to the practicality and well known reliability.

Ciro Dom says:

Bela apresentação. Vai Brasil!

Akhil P P says:

you call that country road as off-road and compare an all wheel drive vehicle there?? man come to India, even old highways may be off-road for yoy

RtB68 says:

I recently compared the CX3 with the Vitara – and for this fool to say the CX3 isn’t invited because it’s not as good as the Vitara is either tongue in cheek because they couldn’t source one for the test or just plain bullshit. In the end I didn’t buy either of them, but the dismissal of the CX3 from this compare just makes this video a pointless waste of 10 minutes of your life.

Senci H says:

suzuki is best

Bill Pairaktaridis says:

Matt, what’s your favorite SUV you’ve ever reviewed?

Сергей Чернов says:

Vitara! You’ve gotta be mine one day! Also, Matt, are you sure that 1.6 engine will let this Suzuki be as fun to drive as with the 1.4 boosterjet?

Conor Cränks says:


Adventure Biker Scoda says:

mat your french joke is awesome , but uk has no car manufacturer now thats sad , uk need to buy cars from Europe

Alijah Tak says:

Vitara looks like a geniune SUV. All others are just jacked up hatchbacks. In my opinion they shouldnt be compared especially the likes of Mazda Cx3 which looks too feminine. “bitch mobile”

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