2015 Range Rover Takes on the Extreme Ike Gauntlet Towing Review

Watch More Extreme Ike Gauntlet Towing Test Reviews at: http://bit.ly/1HVXi5n

The 2015 Supercharged Range Rover is a powerful and Luxurious SUV. But is it a capable towing vehicle. Andre and Nathan find out as they take the most expensive vehicle we’ve ever tested up the Extreme Ike Gauntlet Towing Test.

The Ike Gauntlet is a timed run up one of America’s steepest highways from 9,000 feet above sea level to the top of the mountain at entrance to the Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado.

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LK Campbell says:

It is as though the “ike gauntlet” thing is the only thing that you guys know how to do. Very disappointing. And those 21 inch rims are just stupid.

Hashirama Senju says:

I wanna see you use a TRD supercharged Tundra on the ike.

TheGreatLoco says:

Should have tested it with the diesel version. It sure doesn’t have the power of the super charged V8, but the torque is similar.

johdhj says:

I’m a bit confused, so did you guys use an aftermarket brake controller or did you use what was built into the Range Rover system? Again, excellent review!

Khan Afridi says:

tundra and land cruiser is king

A Google User says:

Do the same thing, except with a bmw m5

Mary Jackson says:

Having hired a Range Rover on numerous occasions and used them as my primary towing vehicle, I could not recommend the beautiful vehicles enough. There are numerous providers, such as http://4x4vehiclehire.co.uk/4×4-hire-leeds/, who can supply these and provide additional features to assist when towing heavy loads. Could not recommend them enough if you are looking for a sturdy towing vehicle!

k2sb20033 says:

Man you guys are lucky you didn’t break something…first off that 550 tongue weight isn’t negotiable when using a weight distro hitch… Infant the weight is the wdh needs to be accounted for as well…secondly the air suspension should have done it’s job top level out…owner of an LR3

Thomas Semeniuk says:

Shame they don’t sell the 4.4 turbo diesel in the USA, it’s a cracking engine.

Joes Golden Garage says:

I see people makin comments about people who drive these do not tow…most don’t…BUT some do. These are very popular for the wealthy to trailer show horses…hell my brother and his wife have a supercharged LR sport and they tow jets kids to the lake house with it…they also have a Chevy Tahoe with a tow package..but the LR will run circles around it with that supercharged 5.0

TheWhyteRhyno77 says:

Yeah, great tow rig. It only had to change gears about a thousand times. Sure, you’ll get 4.4 mpg but your tranny will last all of 6 months.

Chop'tGreens says:

The 4.4 tdv8 diesel is a better range rover for towing with alot superior MPG, the supercharged is more designed for speed.

Eric Roberts says:

Hey guys, so I’m about to purchase a 17 RRS Dynamic with the V8. I have a 2.5ton trailer (RV) I will be towing with it. How do you guys feel this RRS does with a heavy load? Did it feel comfortable in terms of ride height (level) and confidently tows? I really seem to not be able to find anything about people towing with these. Thanks in advance.

Fordguy1997 says:

This Range Rover is gorgeous, though I don’t like white. Also, that engine is a behemoth, and makes GM’s 6.2 look like a wheezy little engine. Though the 6.2 is naturally aspirated, so it deserves some compensation when comparing the two engines. Must say, those fuel economy numbers are pretty irrelevant, since each computer is slightly different and there is no science to the calculations. The difference between each is negligible, given they aren’t all necessarily precise.

RyanPlays says:

if its a suv with a v8 its a truck, if its a suv with a v6 its a bigger car end of story lmao

Dan Cooper2001 says:

In my opinion the best ‘truck’ based tow car is the discovery. Not the disco sport, but the big daddy Land Rover discovery

LD ODOM says:

Please do a G63; assuming M-B gives the OK.

The-Mike-N-Tyty says:

so umm where is the escalade’s Ike rung?

Retro Ricks says:

Now take that sucker out in the mud!

oisiaa says:

I hope that you can test the Tesla Model X towing up the Ike once it comes out.

Billy Sou says:

Range Rover and towing — it’s like mud and Beverly Hills… no, not the mud mask.

Slick Rick says:

Pointless test for this car

revistadearmas says:

Nice ride I would like to own the Land Rover after 6 years when depreciation is very appreciated for most of Us

SethsPhone says:

diesel rover??

billy fatbowe says:

…I say there smashing good show…Aye what…Tut tut and ta ta…etc…….

Big Boss says:

now wheres the G63 towing test?

G Alex says:

the best SUV/OffRoad car in the world.

PaLEOjd says:

Why does the fat guy driving seem so impressed with the speed and power of the “5 liter V8 engine’?
It’s a supercharged engine what does he expect? Compared to the other vehicles, it’s going to be quicker up the mountain. Sure it pulled better than the GM 6.2L, it’s supercharged you fat clown!

It doesn’t matter how close to capacity it’s loaded, that forced induction engine has the power & torque to pull double the manufacturers rating.

This fat guy (can never remember his name) is the worst reviewer on the channel. If he were to be paired up with that broad with the annoying voice, it would be unbearable review and impossible to watch.

You guys usually do a pretty darn good job but this fat guys got to go, he’s terrible.

JAKE20fivefive says:

Similarly equipped will be around AUD$280,000 in Australia, which isn’t even fully equipped.

Bryson Shomaker says:

Can y’all do the ike gauntlet with an old dodge 5.9l diesel with the same weight as new ones

Mihai says:

Please take this Range Rover off-road.

Zachary Martin says:

Wow. All that torque and horsepower, and it’s only rated to tow just over 7000 pounds. I wonder why

Mills117 says:

Who would spend $118,000 for this thing??? WTF!

seattlemercedesspotter says:

Please do Mercedes-Benz GLS please!

Jose Diosdado says:

Do y’all have any information on the new front end of the Chevrolet Silverado? It would be cool if y’all review it and give out yalls opinion on it

George Paul says:

What hitch did you use? Was it a weight distribution or just sway control?

Joes Golden Garage says:

Jet skis and not kids…ha

David Mejia says:

Use the 2015 Toyota 4Runner to challenge the gauntlet.

ClassicChrome01 says:

Do a video of a 2015 GMC Yukon Denali vs a 2014 GMC Yukon Denali

Martini is a wino says:

Why don’t you hold it in one gear instead of letting it shift back and forth from gears? That’s what kills the transmission because every time it’s slipping a little.

Shmokeboyz says:

One of the only luxury suvs that people actually use. Maybe not in California. But I’ve see range rovers towing trailers boats or campers. Even the new escalades get used.

thejkr76 says:

Mercedes GL63 AMG would beat this. I’d like to see you send that up against the Rover.

Phos9 says:

Off road focused SUVs like these are typically suspension limited rather than driveline limited for what you can safely tow. For example, compare the towing rating of a G class to a GL.

peter Winson says:

Hey really cool channel 🙂
can you guys go up this hill with a G-Wagon,
trust me it’s a real truck 😉

Trades46 says:

Because of all the rich housewives who use the Range Rover as a glorified shopping car, you keep forgetting the capability of this beautiful machine.

I only wished the reliability holds on this things; otherwise it makes for an awesome used purchase.

King Eden says:

Proper review grats! you talked about the capabilities and the real world data , you came with numbers and with solid proof. That means professional work.

sosc25 says:

Going up isn’t the issue, it’s coming down the hill and having 7,000 lbs push you.

Jed Alaoui says:

i think the v8 diesel could have been a better choice. In term of torque delivery and MPG. What do you think ?

SurelyYewJest says:

The RR did a lot better than I thought it would on gas. I figured it’d be easily the worst, but on that test I think it outperformed a couple diesels you’ve tested on MPG. Granted, the diesels are usually towing a lot more, but 4.4 out of a 500+ HP SC V8 towing maximum load? I would have lost money on that bet. The Chevy 6.2 V8 also got over 4, so the interesting trend seems to be that the fewer cylinders there are, the worse the MPG seems to be. Except for the Ford 2.7EB test, all the V6 gas engines tested have been in the mid-to-high 3s MPG, while the most powerful V8s have been over 4 MPG in a couple cases.

Does this mean that if an engine has power to spare, MPGs may turn out better because it’s working less to pull the same load?

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