2016 Range Rover Sport Review – KBB Answers Your Questions

Is the latest Range Rover Sport truly sporty? How does it fare off road? What is its coolest feature? In this video Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio answers a host of questions posed by KBB.com visitors about the Range Rover Sport.

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A Sam says:


Mohamed Nour says:

how much is it???

TikiTaka Studio says:

wow, really amazing video, nice work, bro! I really loved your video

ruwan abeywardana says:

my dream

NicholasChad says:

He cute

Future Frozen says:

Yeah the big guys like KBB get paid from Magazines, Youtube, Their website and other little things.

Sebastian Valdez says:

Range rover? I yawned when i saw the tilte, you better have good insurance when buying this car cuz once you take it to the hills, good luck bringing it back in one piece. I suggest if your looking for an off road car, buy a jeep wrangler or even better toyota’s land crusier. Now thats an off road car

abdishakur Fuje says:

I love rr am buying this model soon

nyak63RUS says:

Whenever I think “KBB” my mind immediately adds an ‘L.’

Anderson A. says:

Y’all hatin a range rover…. If a those other cars so good why watch the video

Arnab Roy says:

Great review. This car is sooo beautiful.

Sam Busst says:

Lol crazy somebody comments who has no clue the quality is way way up there im sure bmw and lexus dont have a 12 month waiting list and still people ordering . The quality is top take it from somebody who builds them. As for the bmw or lexus can they even go off road I no what I would rather have if It was snowing. I remember last year towing a bmw x6 with my freelander 2 because he couldn’t move in tge snow he was stuck on grass and couldn’t even get up a small slope . Range rover sport quality reliable well built and WILL get you anywhere whatever the conditions and wont have to be towed by a diddy freelander 2 in a bit of snow.

Frank Cai says:

Range rover sport?
Looks a little out of place

Tod Lindley says:

Still a Toy, not a serious Tool

Edison Mbugua says:

you dummy the sport was created to rival the x5s sportyness so how do you claim the x5 isn’t sporty. all sporty SUVs are as of the result of the creation of the x5 though its crap offroad


best car i have ever had

steffydog1 says:


Larry Queen says:

Hey guys. Great review. Where is this trail?

newyorkerr says:

turkey 200.000 dolar

Iibis Ervin says:

What’s the name of that soundtrack you guys used?

Hathspider says:

Good review… but don’t try to be funny coz it’s just awkward and not funny.

Yasser Syed says:

Thumbs up for Micah Muzio. What an incredible job. Good video all around.

Helen Loughton says:

nice motor .what’s with the BMW lovers sticking there knob heads in .BMW x5 pile of shit ugly junk Lexus good yes .prefer Rr great style .

Moneyneversaves says:

it is too over priced and overrated. MPG is horrible, quality sucks and I am sure the resell value is gonna be horrible. Why? because the quality is no match with Lexus RX, BMW X6 and Acura MDX

Carlos Enrique Silva says:

That is a review.!!

mo gal says:

all i learned is that its way Over Priced

Laura Werneck says:

Cool car

Joey Reza says:

What’s better, a Range Rover or Jeep Wrangler? (strictly off road)

闫星宇 says:

7:52 defender is the best car!

Freddy Medina says:

What’s the tax benefit one gets for having a car that weighs over 6K lbs?

Nass Ambrossio says:

what’s the sound track playing in the back ground it’s dope

mitacsc007 says:

This is “RANGE ROVER” $90000 (base model) SUV and grab handle broke up….WTF?? 
Never expected from Range Rover….hated it.

Small Small things define future of any industry -Steve jobs

Josh says:

Can you say FORD EXPLORER. Identical. Look at the hood, grill, rear bumper, lights, exhaust, size. All Ford Explorer

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