2017 Land Rover Discovery Advanced Tow Assist Team Review

( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) 2017 Land Rover Discovery: Advanced tow assist team review. Can the new Discovery backup a trailer by itself?

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Erik Haw says:

Wow, now I am curious as to what Roman drove other than the Discovery!

Matthew Prevete says:

What else did Land Rover steal from ford

Diamond Hunter says:

one thing is for sure, dont talk while driving

Mike Williams says:

As far as I can tell the difference with (advantage of?) this system over Ford’s is the cameras in the mirrors. With Ford’s you are still using your mirrors like you are probably used to. They both have setup and activation issues (why the guy kept having to tell you what to do) although Ford currently lets you setup the system in metric or imperial. I’d like to see how it handles the 2 problematic situations for Ford’s: intense sunlight where it can’t locate the sticker; and extreme maneuvers (e.g. S turns).

Supreme . says:

Wow…….Features f150s had a year ago.

Олексій Зозуля says:

It’s amazing tow assist. This system must be established on big trucks. I liked episode with Andre when he pushed back a boat like a drunk man, but it’s very difficult to push a boat in the narrow space. We must pay tribute.

Samaan AlKhaldi says:

Nucl3ar Family says:

Great little video and demo guys! This is neat but I guarantee I could back any of these trailers faster and just as accurately by looking over my shoulder….provided Im sitting on the left side LOL! Oh well, at least I don’t have to waste the money on this option 🙂

Spencer D says:

It’s made by Ford sooo!!

CMac says:

The best thing about this is in 4 years it will completely fail to operate. By then hopefully the owner will know how to do this on their own.

Robin says:

Please tell me that package is available for a range rover sports autobiography SDV8 and the SVR because am considering one of the two models for a start and that package is a must have for me!

Greg O'Brien says:

Just put the window down and get your head out:)

NuclearGrizzly says:

Unlike the Range Rover and Ranger Rover Sport there are all terrain tires available for the new Discovery.

Generic Name says:

If you can’t back it up, don’t tow it. Seriously. You’re a HUGE danger to everyone else on the road.

James Lewis says:

can you remove all the seats from the car

Bob says:

Huge mistake on this.
People in USA know what a LandRover is even my wife :).
I asked a few people do you know the new Discovery? Blank stares all around.

My guess is LandRover got a NEW CEO they are always good at changing too much and screwing it up in the process. UNIBODY is junk.

Change it back to body on Frame we don’t want or need cheap unibody. This is not a real landrover.

dchawk81 says:

I love me some technology but this is ridiculous.

Alpha 150 says:

100% PRO TRAILER BACKUP ASSIST. Land rover, please dont rip off FORD

Casey Rand says:

This is a really cool feature. However, (in my dumb and outdated opinion) any person pulling a trailer, must learn how to properly/efficiently tow and back their trailer safely by using their mirrors and own eyes. If you struggle with this, go practice in a parking lot or take a trailer safely course. Once you’ve mastered backing up, it becomes second nature. Don’t be that guy or gal at a busy boat ramp who holds everyone up because they don’t have trailering skills and can’t figure out their Tow Assist feature. I applaud carmakers for innovation but I also realize that these gadgets often fail, are expensive to repair, rarely get used and mostly drive up the cost of the vehicle. ok….i feel better now….done ranting.

12 skits says:

Land Rover suck my dick! Ford is so much better! And it’s more reliable and The design is so much more beautiful!

Benjamin says:


madjh says:

Amazing. too weird but amazing. What will happen with drivers, the car do all. I like to drive my car. But it is cool.
This is like a playstation for big guys. I would like to see the transparent bonet LR show in some videos.

mega1ove says:

My hubby is excellent at maneuvering our vehicle in all kinds of situations. Me not so much so maybe this car is ideal for people who have spouses/other drivers that aren’t as confident at towing. I do agree that the ultimate goal should be for every person to practice at towing so you can handle every situation.

rod logan says:

@2:00 “at a metre and a half”…yep all us in the rest of the world know what he is talking about, but not you Yanks, figures…..


I you can not back up a trailer without gadgets and gizmos, you should NOT be backing up a trailer! Stuff like this is making the world retarded.

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