2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport review | What Car?

The Discovery Sport is Land Rover’s SUV rival for the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 – but is it every bit as luxurious and capable as its German counterparts?

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Zachary Ong says:

Rather have a Kodiaq

Glennn Edward says:

you should have your own car review chanels like “carwow”.

antonio lima says:

Pairing phones in car reviews is a waste of time. All we want to know if it’s easy or not !

Ben Bradbury says:

Erm.. the top of the cubby box slides…

Mr October says:

You might ditch the ‘pair my mobile phone’ segment. Our Attention Deficit Disorder forces us to eject at that point.

Nick Parmar says:

It’s like watching a CarBuyer Review with James…the similarities are uncanny :O

David Jones says:

Ugly, expensive and unreliable

alan jackson says:

That phone is missing my number lol

Benzinio says:

Just a few minutes ago while while was driving home one of those was behind me… until the last moment I thought it is Evoque… when I slow down to stop and it passed me I sow the “Discovery” sign at the back – therefore I can consider the design as bad. If you cant recognize the car there is something wrong with the exterior!

david dykeman says:

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ENGAGEMENT RING???????????????????????????

Leon Williams says:

Does anyone care about the SUV? Its all about the gorgeous Rebecca

Ace Eyed Ace says:

Everytime I watch a video with the gorgeous Rebecca in it, I just envisage her naked throughout the video. One can wish!!

General Pepe Rightwinger says:

Another pointless model

garranteeify says:

Sexist bastards in the comment area as usual. Mother’s taught you well

Paul Tenorio says:

Rebecca is an instant like

MrPeterthepilot says:

The top of the centre armrest moves forward. Can’t believe she missed this but she’s done this sort of thing before…..

interceptor1986 says:

Discovery sport for when you can’t afford a proper Discovery.

Sean Fenwick says:

Come on Rebecca, please test these SUVs off-road as well, my Freelander 2 spends25% of its life in the bush and mud. I can’t replace it with a softer SUV, is this one better than its predecessor?

Ankit Raturi says:

beautiful Girl grab attention better than the Car 😉

cosgrove notts says:

reading the comments on here reads as desperation and sad

Pill Sharks says:

Shame the towing capacity is rubbish

mirza danish baig says:


Norman L says:

I agree……

Ronaldo Roda says:


LHR777 says:

There was a car in that review?

logtothebase2 says:

The arm rest slides forward, the options list is not quite as stated the SE is a bit basic. the SE Tech I would say is a the sweet spot, but you will still be reaching for the options list for rear view camera and auto dipping mirror and le tric seats for example , as a lease the HSE was a bit a a p ice hit

jassi sekhon says:

marry me….

Matthew Godwin says:

The comments show a lot of excitement because Rebecca’s no longer wearing her engagement ring; So, this adorable young woman has had her heart broken (by a complete idiot) and people are pleased!! What a horrible world we live in.

Burai Navarro says:

as expected, the comment section was all about rebecca rather than the landrover. many just can’t comprehend that this is a car review. LOL

Chaka Whyte says:

The problem with this car is that it looks like it was built by designers and designed by engineers; the car is dull.

Milan Smets says:

Urban love o’clock heritage blanket need automobile spot

Jan M says:

This car seems really interesting.

Luis Tolentino says:

did not talk about the cheap plastic that is made on the inside…

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