2018 Land Rover Discovery Review: Dirty dancing with the Disco

The 2018 Land Rover Discovery gets a bit more tech and its 3.0-liter diesel V6 is available across all trims. Read the full review – http://roadshow.co/m2xpe2

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Lash195 says:

You go girl. Love your style of reviewing cars.

Chris says:

I’ll keep my LR4.

Gabriel430 Chavez says:

just a rebadged Ford Explorer

Brandon Yen says:

I will get a Ford explorer instead

william hutchby says:

Fantastic review! I like how honest y’all always are… definitely builds trust that your not being payed out!! This would definitely be my dream car If the gas mileage was higher.

Corey Morrell says:

Damn money pit.

G Rodriguez says:

It’s all fun n games till an air spring shits itself.

Turf Surf says:

If you want to make it to Sahara, get a Land Rover. If you want to make it back, get a Toyota.

bassandtrebleclef says:

This review sponsored by Jeep!

R Collinge says:

Great review,but it’s not very good off road. And definitely not worth $82,ooo

JLP Design says:

Why would you “floor it” going up that hill? Come on…that is ridiculous.

Nate Stich says:

I’m still upset they went away from the boxy look Rovers

Jeffery Zigbuo says:

The back of that thing looks terrible. Should’ve used chrome instead of that blacked out plastic

John Dent says:

Why don’t they sell the much more efficient diesel in the us??

L. GT says:

Girl you don’t know how to drive off road

Brandon Yen says:

I will get a Ford explorer instead

LeeROBD says:

Land Rover is a crossover company now. No true body on frame rigid SUVs anymore. LR4 are better in my opinion for an off road vehicle.

Noel Silva says:

True about her not know how to drive off-road. If she kept the wheel straight she would have made it. Instead she was turn that damn steering wheel like she was crazy and out of control.

R Collinge says:

Maybe you can review a off road vehicle that you can return covered with dirt and mud. That would be a realistic off road test.

FastLikeUNO says:

I love the styling of the OLDER Range Rover Sport from 2014 compared to the Discovery.

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