2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The Range Rover Velar has sleek styling cues, a luxurious interior and high-tech controls. But from behind the wheel, drivers may find an experience that’s more akin to a sports sedan than an SUV.

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Lou says:

Beautiful just too expensive

Hippie Bits says:

I’m just not a huge fan of light colored contrasting stitching. would have to see it in person on this model but overall I think it’s kind of tacky looking.

TG R. says:

Lease only!!!!

Benjamin Francis says:

fine for a lease but otherwise make sure you get that bumper to bumper warranty. You’ll need it.

Tardisius says:

Wow–$50K-$90K ? I’ll keep my Forester =))

shopwithaaron says:

Another show car brought to life!! Gorgeous!!

Pinkpolo85 says:

I like the new guy, great review!!!

Ros says:

“Seats lower and handles better”
That’s a car!

kevin n says:

Nobody calls Range Rovers, Land Rover Range Rover… you want a long name? Try Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo

Steve Wise says:

Can’t wait to see where they rank in reliability. Also, I’m not a fan at all of the lower screens. Talk about taking your eyes off the road.

Kevin Smith says:

I seen the latest Tesla class action lawsuit and it leads me to think Tesla should roll out enhanced autopilot in 5 major updates for each level of the program like enhanced autopilot 1 is $1000 and for 2,0 another $1000 for a total of $2000 for all operating 2.0 and when 3.0 comes out charg another $1000 to receive any and all updates during the 3.0 period of time. After 5.0 then and only then you can buy full self driving for 3000 or roll it out in 3 phases for $1000 each still earning Tesla a total of $8000 this is fair for the buyers and keeps Tesla out of lawsuits for perceived intentional fraud….

David Weber says:

Doug Demuro said the four-month old Velar he drove had endless screen issues, and a lot of this truck is controlled by screens. RRs are for people with a lot of backup vehicles.

Troubadour Troubadour says:

*This New Range Rover is Very Excellent* Thanks for sharing this video with us*

Kip Paseo says:

I can’t even imagine at how bad the reliability of this little SUV is going to be. I don’t know of any other Land Rover that isn’t a total nightmare

Nicholas Zachman says:

The Evoque’s name is longer.

Evan Adams says:

This guy’s speech cadence reminds me of the hooli focus group guy from Silicon Valley

IDrive says:

Argh, a 4 cyl turbo in a Range Rover?

Nima Bahrehdar says:

This guy is great! Please keep him doing more reviews

mountainhobo says:

The passive-aggressive Prius-driving credit union member enunciates well, just seems a little out of place in this rapper mobile. Couple of gold chains might help.

Julian Young says:

CR failed to tell you that this vehicle broke down after the shoot.

Consistent with everything else that wears this badge of shit.

SunnyFly100 says:

May we have just a good car, not a Xbox on wheels?

Mustafa Yılmaz says:

Somehow CR manages to find extremely good test guys. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t miss Tom Mutchler.

ysz199 says:

Build quality for velar or Jaguar is really bad.

Jason Hamilton says:

Keith is a keeper! I really like him, and his style. Great addition.

Raphael Brown says:

I had a 2006 Range Rover Sport for 11 years and never had a problem with it and got 143K out of it. New tires, new brakes and scheduled maintenance is all I ever did. I got a Velar and love it! I have had no problems with it and it drives great! I think that many of the people complaining about the Land Rover haven’t actually owned one and only write about what they supposedly heard from other people.

nickolas says:

1:25 – 1:39 would be a deal breaker for me, on any car.

badmiyagi .s says:

It is a vehicle that must be driven, owned and taken through the numerous maneuvers to either love or not hate but just not like as much. That’s because of the pricing alone. In a field of utility vehicles that are nimble, efficient and enjoyable overall it seems to demand more attention, if you will due to the departure of its unique styling both inside and out. I would safely say it’s got to be a love-not love relationship one can establish with it. Hate doesn’t quite seem to fit in on this one either.

Darrell Jones says:

Its giving me chevy traverse vibes which is not a bad thing

RC says:

it’s too upscale for off road use – imo

Promothash Boruah says:

Genuine and best review

Joe Antonio says:

I am loving this guy!

Blake Swan says:

I am liking this new guy. Who knew not all Prius driver’s were mentally slow

Blake Swan says:

Suburban moms everywhere are breathing heavy over this. Can’t wait for those LCD panels to stop working, and they will


All I heard was, “Prius, Prius, Prius.”


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