5 Things to Know: 2018 Range Rover LWB

The 2018 Range Rover LWB is Land Rover’s largest offering with a few surprises for off-road. We drove the large SUV for a week and jotted down 5 things you need to know. Read more: http://roadshow.co/m2xpe2

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soiceyboy33 says:

No 3rd row??

NileshR12 says:

I love this Range Rover & pretty much all of them especially the Velar, Sport, & full-size variants

I_will_get_you There says:

and save your monies to fix that piece of crap when its breaks after a year.

JKN Productions says:

I would go with a 3 year Chevy suburban

Matt Owen says:

Nice looking Indian car

Pavanjit says:

Not a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in terms of offroad capability?????? This thing is the king of offraod suvs with its only competitor being the G wagon and Lexus Lx, this commentator is mad stupid

roguedogx says:

Before watching – is it sad that I saw the letters lwb and couldn’t help but think “liberty walk bodykit”?

Miguel Ircontar says:


Spillow says:

6th thing you need to know is that this SUV will lose 50% of its value in 3 years and that is when you should buy it.

Edward Willey III says:

A full RR is one of the best off road vehicles available alongside the Land Cruiser. Neither is going to be as capable as a off road optimized Jeep because it won’t have the articulation and I’m sure that the extra length makes it a less desirable choice than the standard version in terms of things like departure angle in real world situations. But give credit where it is due.

TeaCup says:

What a ridiculous price

CAM AUTO says:

Range Rover is one of the most respected luxury SUV,but reliability is really a big issue for them.

Dennis Dowd says:

Sorry, everything I have ever heard about Range Rover is the constant failure of equipment and the totally over price it is. This is for rich people who are too stupid to buy it because they believe it is a status automobile. It is status alright, I see people driving this thing and I just think “fool”.

Craig Merkey says:


Russell C says:

I’ve bought houses here in WA State for less money.

Tyus Robinson says:

“Getting my British on” lmao

cristán cremaschi says:

I had the old Range Rover and it never failed and now I’m buying the new one

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