All New 2013 Range Rover Off-Road Preview (Raw and Unedited)

( ) The all new 2013 Range Rover will most likely send most of its life cruising the boulevards of Los Angeles, New York and London and not the muddy, steep and sandy backroads and trails of Arizona near the Grand Canyon. But of course the folks who designed the new posh Range Rover want you to know that if you ever wanted to take the all-wheel-drive vehicle to the extreme….you could. In this exclusive off-road TFLcar video preview we get the new Range Rover muddy and dirty as we test the limits of the new SUV’s off-road prowess.


RZ1402 says:

I’m confused. You say $111,000, but you’re driving HSEs (or so the “HSE” insignia on the back would have me believe)…. They start at around $85,000…

Kenneth Muoki says:

its been around three years, the resale value is still up high, haha! keep waiting,

3XICS says:

I think you should stop smoking, the SRT8 is a redneck hot rod compared to this, only two engines are from Ford, the 2l turbo from the Evoque and the 2.2l from the Defender and just because the Explorer has similar looking headlight that doesn’t mean they look the same.

Jerrod Corey says:

Imagine it with some good off road tires!!!

Tan Zheng Chuan says:

your driving off-road skill need to improve as your heavy leg on pedal which is wrong.

michael mouse says:

this guy has no idea how to drive a range rover vehicle to many revs too harsh on the throttle with that amount of revs all you get is wheel spin and and buried wheels duh

Jon Emberson says:

Wish I was rich enough to do that

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

Who’s the blondie at the back seat ?

blindedbymyowngreatness says:

excellent review – i always prefer real world testing to show the actual capabilities of a car rather than see a rehearsed attempt.

Killuminatismd says:

car looks dope as hell

Killuminatismd says:

jeep cant get you 500 hp. theres a reason why its worth 110k+. Jeep also doesn’t look nearly as good or has nearly as many features.

jesus gonzalez says:


Freedom 90 says:

Proud owner of Range Rover!

Travis Green says:

, ,;

Daniel Vicaretti says:

Prity rough mate


mom’s car

Oz Bloke says:

Whilst I have enjoyed many of your ‘Road Tests’ I think you guys need to get real!!! Come out here to Australia and do some ‘Real’ 4WDriving….My 1992 Subaru Liberty (Legacy) dual range will do all of that with the right technique and tyre pressures….sheesh. But then – I suppose you are talking to an entirely different audience.

Anh Trinh says:

go drive a Range Rover. it’s not just about the power, comfortable, technology, and handling.

ElectronicPleasure says:

Looks a great place for testing, snow and sand. But ait till you get to Scotland MUD, RAIN, MUD and oh Rain and MUD!

noriceformeplz says:

Get a Jeep, will do it wayyy better. Pay $110k+ for a car in two years will be worth $50k, typical European trash.

Cole Thornton says:

it does not look like an explorer

SSMateuszSS says:

Just chceck out mercedes G Class. A real offroad vechicle.

0812rs says:

some ppl still want to go offroad and go home with a nice smooth ride and a well finished interior. that’s why people like range rovers. it can do offroad without using crude front and rear live axles like a wrangler and because it has a more modern supension set up you dun break your back everytime u go over a bump.

Tod Lindley says:

I understand from a good source that its necessary to lift the body off to change the Alternator on a P38 RR !!!! eHM

noriceformeplz says:

Nearly as good?, it looks like a Explorer. SRT8 would smoke this thing. Also Land Rover also uses Ford enignes, like in the Evoque.

KiLL TEkk says:

that’s is not a offroad car….
This is a Crap !!!

swetomboy says:

When you have access to this car you should take ten minutes and do a interior view when you had the chance

dmikhael619 says:

I have an Idea by a slightly used s-class and with the money you save buy a jeep

. Patrol says:

السيارة و الله جامدة و قوية مرا وعزمها شد بلد

Freddie Causey says:

I really like how you’ll really test vehicles.

Rodney Thomas says:

It would be fantastic to be able to afford this vehicle. Pretty nice looking and capable.

Kirill Like says:

whay music plays duing video?

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