All-new Range Rover Evoque SUV 2019 revealed – and I’ve driven it ‘off-road’!

This is the all-new Range Rover Evoque! While the style may be similar to the previous generation, a whole host of technology upgrades on the inside, coupled with a handful of styling tweaks and updates on the exterior, means this is already set to be one of the most popular small SUVs of 2019! But how does it compare to the likes of the Audi Q3 and BMW X2? Join Mat for his latest Top 10 overview to find out everything you need to know!

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anradaa Bondi says:

Evoque competes with bmw x4

Hilmar Kampstra says:

Belle Epoque, but Range Rover E-vogue. I will call this car E-vok till the end of time =:>)

Oni Bonaventure says:

I love it, it’s my dream car

HippoButtSecks says:

Vegans wont use wool…

pduffy4 says:

Range Rover designers have no imagination. All their cars look the same now.

Ty J says:

This car is too good man…

Freddie’s RC says:

Range Rover evoque looks best

Noor Rani says:

The amount of sexual references this presenter uses ??

Andre says:

Its the perfect car

Lis Oliveira says:

You’re not a good driver. Lol

Nyana11 says:

old evoque looked strong it was chunky , this one is to sleak to boring

Abhiram Mani says:


Mr. T says:

Velar mini.

chrisbuxton1958 says:

45k for a petrol Evoque. Ffs. No wonder sales are falling over a cliff edge…

kakarot247 says:

Shame about the misaligned tailgate… Again.

Jynelle Nicole says:

Isn’t this the 2020 model? I’m looking to get the 2019 and it doesn’t look like this…

DI PU says:

One day. I ‘ll buy this car!!!!

Alvin Lusenaka says:


davson ed says:

Elementary, my dear Watson

mexicanfrusciante says:

who takes a range rover off roading?

Gaz-Tech Technology says:

Huge Respect from India.. whenever it’s all about car, my first choice CARWOW..!!!

robbie50302 says:

As a Volvo XC40 owner I also like this car too and would happily have them both in the garage. However the LR Evoque FE model is sadly over 10 k more than my FE model D4 XC40. That much extra is difficult to quantify.

Manoj Jayakumar says:

Please do a full depth review

Hell Ryzer says:

It looks like the antagonist of cars 2

Yttiepower 2005 says:

Audi and the range

cijo james says:

Which suspension is better?volvo air suspension or rangerover suspension.

Sebastian Hall says:

I wish they did it in the two door still, I think it would extremely smart. ☹️

Shankar Das says:

Great video. RR now u have all my attention.. See u soon

라사 says:

Damn, I want one

Tiziana Di Firma says:

This is the best car for its price. If yall can afford it, GET IT

Guru Prasad says:

Very cute

Everton Oliveira says:

O carro mais lindo que já vi

Shine Sugo says:

Too advance. Lol

Jamaican Egyptian says:

IT FEELS SO GOOD To Finally Be able to afford a Car like that, When you grew up Poor and Broke, and didn’t even have to do anything illegal to get it.

ardiyansyah amd says:

Super Cool.

Zoe Louise London says:

WOW this looks amazing!

ZK1604 says:

I just ordered one
Black with black wheels and the cloud grey interior

PAEvienna says:

They never did some proper repair regarding my old Evoque problems. So why ever buy another ´Just Fat Velar`?

nobulali vanto says:

owh Father God Amen

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