Audi Q8 vs Range Rover Sport 2019 – see which SUV is the best | carwow

When it comes to range-topping SUVs in 2019, it’s hard to look past the Audi Q8 and Range Rover Sport. Both come in at a similar starting price (around £65,000), so how do these high-end SUVs compare when it comes to comfort, practicality and both on & off road driving? Join Mat for his latest head-to-head review to find out!

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铁笔骂谎言 says:

Range Rover is one of the top lemon car in North America. Will get tons of trouble after 3 years.

AHellReign says:

A Range Rover is a joke, Mercedes and Audi have way better suvs

simone s says:

Italy says Range Rover

Narinder Kaur says:

Audi looks sexy good body shape.

Tharusha Atukorala says:

Everybody here saying that they would have the Audi over the Range Rover but the simple fact that matters is that an SUV is for offroading and the Range Rover will leave the Audi for dead in a offroad course and also as Richard Hammond showed in top gear, the Range Rover would beat a John Cooper Works Mini Cooper around a track.

#Funk Bro’s says:

The Audi looks horrible

Acarsguy says:

Range Rover will always carry the prestige and majesty that no other suv can match. Also, every Range Rover is built to be able to be outstanding off road even if 99.9999 etc% of people won’t. If I had both set of keys in front of me and was asked to pick one. If would absolutely 100% be the Rangie

Kristoffer Chong says:

Should have compared it with the Velar

Jason Wong says:

Rangie all the way. exterior of q8 is hideous.

serge lambilliotte says:

range rover is really more premium , i choose it , but q8 is really good . I think that clients with more money will take range rover sport

Usman shani says:

Range rover sport

Batuhan Yiğit says:

I would go to business with Range Rover but i would prefer Q8 for travel. They are both perfect

Gogoabove says:

The rover is really looking cool and special. However, with the same speci, the audi cost about $70,000 usd, the rover on the other hand will boost to near 80,000 if not more. I then assume the rover can drive 4 years without major issue, audi on the other side can double the result. Rover sports is a car can do it all, speed, tall, luxury, big and off road. Audi Q8 is close, but cannot do much in off road.

Narinder Kaur says:

Audi is the best

D STONE says:

Range Rover much better. It’s a no brainer

my you says:

Range rover best looker…..

Vladan Terzic says:

No one outside UK would seriously consider RR as a competitor to Q8

cortarelva says:

And, I would still get the Rover without blinking!

Dark Knight says:


Jordan Miller says:

They get a lot more mpg than my bmw i get like 17 to 20

Tim Rogers says:

Range drover

Priscus Emmanuel says:

I will still take a Range Rover sports

Señor Loco says:

Both are unreliable trash

Prateek says:

Land Rover is the king on road and off road as well

Ardit Bisha says:

Audi better interior.

KK says:

The new audis can drive themselves so maybe thats why they got the screens

lita924 says:

Audi is cool

Buc says:

Audi should have compared with the lamborghini urus

Augustin Bossart says:

« Google Mapping » on Q8 ?!?! Naaa HERE Mapping!

Santhosh Unnithan says:

Didnt you know tat Rangerover is not British anymore, since 2008..


Range looks better, hands down.

Gary Hancox says:

The Audi is hideous!

Will Lancer says:

I feel like he is kinda biased in this review.

Simon van den Bosch says:

sponsored by audi*

lita924 says:

Do u have a Q8

Michael Namoongo says:

If only I had the money

295 racing Spedeworth says:

Range rover

Qasim Qureshi says:

The front of that Audi is ugly as hell

Gary Woodgate says:

Both useless offroad

Benjamin Pomes says:

7:22 is truly the only thing that matters.

Tyler Smith says:

If the Audi didn’t have that ugly gray plastic-looking bit at the front it would look much better.

wingding028 says:

id rather have the big range rover

Rijan Mustafi says:

should be velar

Narinder Kaur says:

Please compare rolls royce and bentlay with ther features and controls of the car .

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