Car Tech – 2014 Land Rover Range Rover
A huge weight loss program should utterly change the dynamics of the world’s most in-your-face luxury SUV.


Bmwx5fan9 says:

Thanks a lot range rover for ruining your brand

Bori Gaming says:

disel hybrid???? wtf?

BJKaan Akkoc says:

@StevenK08 Go back to your little village in syria !

1234fllf says:

still looks like a flex

James Davies says:

They shuld do a full on review.

AZM55555 says:

Lighter weight ? Less safety :O

anthony perillo says:

Ford Flex+ Explorer+ Edge= 2013 Range Rover

StevenK08 says:

What is “aluminum”?

Tan Bro says:

awsm one……….

cromartie800 says:

Its lighter because it is made from aerospace ALUMINIUM

Thug9030 says:


clos129 says:

hate the front but love the new back

anthony perillo says:

Looks like a ford flex, FAIL!!!!

Rxcketeer says:

Ford Flex? Smh

NeutralGenericUser says:


sylexx says:

cool car

CppEngi says:

*GASP!!!!* A HYBRID VERSION ON A LAND ROVER??!?!?! …yep i must be dreaming

Harsh Shah says:

That thing looks ugly

grownman284 says:

front kinda looks like the ford explorer

PotatoSamosa says:

Ranger Rovers are pieces of indian built crap!

Po Russki says:

Oh my God the back is ugly… *facepalm*

rich64bit says:

I try to buy jeep because of the heritage but damn that is sweet

Fabian Guzman says:

ugly looks like a flex lol

Daniel Whitehead says:

It’s absolutely massive :L

Adam Herman Music says:

It claims its the 2014 model, (even though its only 2012, I still don’t get that), yet looks like a 1997 Ssangyong, that nobody bought.

Trevor Colaso says:

i dont know why bryan has it out for the range rover… they may be some kind of staple for the wealthy but they’re worth the money in terms of safety and luxury….much better than an escalade


well ford dose own them

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