New Range Rover Test Drive & Review

Steve takes the long awaited new 2013/ 2014 Range Rover Supercharged for a test drive to see how the updated flagship Land Rover feels in person. The acceleration has been enhanced due to a lighter body and upgraded 8 speed transmission. Follow this link to download song:


emmanuel cooper says:

Nice review

Original Gainstas says:

totally want one. only 60k-65k for 2013 model…hmmm

Gwendolyn Wofford says:

Fantastic review

majid buchh says:

The SUV that I already own except it’s 2016 Range Rover autobiography. Stealth package. Loaded

Norbert Pecheq says:

This man really loves his job….8-)

richard lloyd says:

Great review!

TallicLizzy says:

They body is so hideous. Still can’t get into it after 3 years. Looks terrible

Ouali Marouane says:

what is it the name of the music in background
congratulation steve for your amazing review

Vas Floyd says:

that guy is a wank stain

Tyqah Bulzay says:

I want a freakin range rover

n300zx931 says:

I have a 2008 RR SC and it’s a fantastic machine. I can only imagine how great the newest model is. They did a fantastic job. Too bad Ford ripped off the design. Kinda cheapens it until you compare them in person.

charles croney says:

always great videos !!!! definitely getting one this year

jody024 says:

This dude can sell fur coats to vegans

GTRMclaren722 says:

Better Car Saul cars edition

emmanuel cooper says:

Your videos are so awesome I want to be in your video and talk about cars to.

Warona Mfete says:

this man is so cool hahahah i have never listened to these guys but hes the first i payed attention to.

Jay Louboutin says:

Wonder how he will review the 2017 Lol He should have his show on tv. i think he’s born for marketing!!..

Tuan Ngoc Nguyen says:

Every once in a while i come back to your channel and watch a random review.. its such a joy to my eyes, production value through the roof! Do more reviews please

Aria Jenkins says:

Seems. It’s awesome wound productive 11

S L says:

This guy can sell sand to the Arabs

MrJackass1237 says:

Hi, I don’t understand much about cars, so sry if my question is stupid, but can this car fit well in a normal european parking place?

Andrew Slinn says:

I really love this guys reviews.

Hans Wytema says:

Put your sunglasses off when you talk to me!!? haha why wearing them even inside the car???

Asylxan Baimuxanov says:

хочу эту Тачку

Choua Xiong says:

He’s definitely a sells man! If the car was lighten 39% and lost 700 lbs that means its original weight was 1,800 lb, which is just a little more then a F1 racing car.

Passionate Living says:

Enjoyed the review!! Subscribed!!

mongezi nkosi says:

the Bill Maher of car reviews

phenixboy1 says:

Always in the shop!

Stephen Keeler says:

These days only bell ends buy Range Rovers which is sad. Even Bentley has sold its soul to feed the egos of people with more money than taste, who just want to elevate themselves and their egos. Give me an old and honest Range Rover Classic 4.2 V8 LSE any day however, and I can guarantee it will never be seen without mud on it…

DUSTY1373 says:


Nunya Dambidnis says:

i heard that the Range Rover stays in the shop, Is that true?

Evan Kasal says:

How tall are you?

Joe Willz says:

whats up with the game of thrones themed music??

Christopher Wilson says:

Never in my life have I seen such a good car reviewer. Keep up the incredible work many people appreciate it.

Decemburrrrrr says:


Natasha Somalia says:

which model is this?

Oldeep Chopra says:

Your driving whiteout a number plate

Serbischer Stolz says:

when coming new RR ?

Kai Wong -Discontinued- says:

Does a Range Rover require differential lock since it has Terrain Response?

Xavier Lee says:

Steve, where is Rachel? … Greetings from Costa Rica!

ajay velicheti says:

love u range rover my fav

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