Old vs New Land Rover Discovery: Can Old Gear Beat New Tech on Gold Mine Hill?

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( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) Old vs New Land Rover Discovery: Can Old Gear Conquer New Tech on Gold Mine Hill?

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cataloni vamoos says:

i prefer the old boxy look

777jones says:

The Discovery II is a fine vehicle owned by cool people now. I own a P38 Range Rover.

Gevorg Nazaryan says:

Definitely the old design
The new design looks like a soccer mom crossover

Daegal Almond says:

Old disco, only cause i own one 3 inch lift 33 muddies custom bull bar boosted straight pipe bla bla bla i do really like the shape of the old ones as well just hate the 3 bloody amigos! plug in the nano com clear the code, clean the sensors sooner or later they come back haha need to bypass it one day.

cheers for the vid.

Nenner3322 says:

older style for the win

Robert Cook says:

Loving the background music these days.

Alp Yılmaz says:

Old school is the best. The new design may more airodinamic but not handsome.

Ruari MacAllister says:

So the comparison with the same additions with apple
see what happens. Compare similar spec cars. Why not go out and see what the first gen range rover v the latest….. Completely pointless

Omar is Rad says:

Lol mall crawler

Chan Nghiem says:

I too prefer a square body , it’s another a Rover until you have mysterious electrical issues.

Darren Prior says:

I own the new one. It’s an astonishing vehicle. The ride and the silence of the vehicle is amazing. Recently took it on a 5000km drive over two weeks, through outback Australia and it never missed a beat. Brilliant vehicle and time moves on, more will be seen on the road and the shape will become accepted. Personally I love the look of it more now than ever.

Alex Kuper says:

Disco 5 is as ugly as its get. I drive a 110, and consider either a Disco2 or RR P38 as a replacement in the next few months. Rest of the current product line is very well designed. Yes, I think LR should have followed Jeeps and Merc G wagon upgrades and keep the original design as close as possible to the original. But that didn’t happen…….Botha

AdeladeSky's 2018 says:

I could of got up that hill in a minivan,

Mike Coffin says:

Love that old disco!!

JT Barnes says:

Old is my Winner!

JD 3 says:

Old school Disco with a Chevy 350 dropped in! Solves a lot of problems!

zamboni68 says:

I like the design of the Discovery II much better. While the new one is more sleek and technology heavy, the old model has “been there, done that” and has a more rugged design for off roading. Most “sport utility” vehicles don’t see off road use so the change in the design cues are seen across manufacturers. Look at the Chevy Blazer as another prime example.

When is the TFL Recovery Vehicle getting diff lockers? Possibly ARB air locking diff?

davidisdivad says:

The old one is by far nicer to look at, the new one is like every other soccer mom vehicle.

sp0rtbilly77 says:

square…you are not, but Disco I like.

Luke Mallory says:

The new Discovery is the ugliest car on the road, replacing the Ssangyong Rodius. Congrats, JLR. Congrats..

ShootingWithMike says:

Old school looks awesome

aneesh babu says:

the mode button is not for selecting the gears actually its give you little bit delay in gear shift so you will feel little more power while you drive 🙂

Robert Howell says:

I challenge anyone to find a codified study that ranks a comparable LR higher than a Land Cruiser in reliability.

Osama GG says:

Old Discovery as a save vehicle?; you like Russian roulette don’t you..

riskyb250 says:

The old school boxy looks so much more functional & strong. I expect the majority of SUVs will start moving back towards this look as it’s becoming cool again.

Rui Branco says:

One is modified and other is stock. And more obvious the tires. Comparison where?

Michael Harrison says:

Old school is a much better look. Don’t care for the new look at all.

Latin dance india says:

Luv the old school disco

Todd Hoffmaster says:

Old school all day. Solid axles, and levers, body on frames..

tmwall25 says:

that new disco is still pretty old school with locking diffs and a diesel. ill take the new one in white with the smallest rim it comes with so i could put a nice at tire on it. great for hauling the mtn bikes on the hitch rack and the family to cape cod.

Input City says:

The rear of the new disco looks bad, seriously. I was behind one the other day and it looked lob sided going down the road. My first thought was ‘wtf is wrong with that thing?’ Then I noticed the asymmetrical registration plate area, man that really messes up the whole rear of the vehicle. Whoever signed off on such a poor looking homage to the discoverys heritage should be flogged, lol.

C A R f a c t s says:

I’ll keep it simple – both are absolute heaps of garbage that shred resale value like nothing else.

S. J. says:

Old school still looks amazing. That new one will not age well mechanically or appearance wise…

K. Theodos says:

I like both. But older one looks better to me.

Billy Hughes says:

Everything about the older one is better.

Mernerner says:

* can new gear can beat OG 4×4

Luke K says:

Old school is my couple of tea.

Boudewijn Witvers says:

old new one is just pure ugly

Alex Povolotski says:

Square. Roundish vehicles all look alike. Square ones are far and few in between. In modern vehicles, only Gelentwagen comes to mind.

Mark Pettinger says:

Squared off the old disco is one of the poster cars I had on my wall

sherman4970 says:

New one is ugly as F! To electronic. To expensive. To boring!
Old one EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!

Alexander Lively says:

Square design. Is way better. I love that truck.

James Aston says:

Good video, should’ve gone to a D1 V8 no tech at all.

bero wawa says:

The old design

Super Fly says:

Is the old Landi any good, thinking of buying one end of the year.Looks similar to the one on the video. Love the look of the old one, new one looks like soccer mom’s car.

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