Range Rover Evoque Stunt – Speed Bump

Will legendary Range Rover capability be enough to help the Evoque rise to the occasion when ‘city planners’ install the mother of all speed bumps?

Visit http://bit.ly/2gPuMNH to explore the Range Rover Evoque


김종은 says:


Go Bucks says:

Dumbest ad ever.

شنب ١ says:

والله لو اجيب الشاص ان يطلعه سلم سلام

PawaN GarG says:

Perfect for indian road

Rami Jarash says:

بالاخر طلع دعاية

christenberry says:

I have a speedbump just like this one in my suburb and it really ticks me off.

Eli- Chan says:

That no speed bump that’s the earth pimple

Pawan Kumar says:


LapizCool NY says:

…they have mics all….actors?

Ceppo di legno says:

Land rover is perfect

Apka apna says:

Range Rover

RAMAS ramsesso II says:


Affe mit Waffe says:

Pls More

Priscilla Jannasch says:

Goot one

ريكو Rico says:

هاذا على ماظن اعلان لشركة رنج روفر

whatthe fskauwb says:

If I was the guy on the motorcycle, ill go up that bump shit

Davis Winn says:

I hate it when my government installs ridiculously high speed bumps in order to show the dynamic capabilities of the range rover evoque on my hometown streets. Happens all the time

Ivo de Nijs says:


Marcelo Betanco says:

When you are late to the tea party

If I’m commenting It because your dumb or retarded says:

A better motto would be ‘made for off road, bought by snobs’

su'n china says:


vanessa parry says:


doni oppo says:

CoooooooL ..

이대중 says:


Ahmet Murat Öztürk says:

Tofaş cılar tek atar

Apka apna says:

I like it

Сергей Балко says:

Супер автомобиль!!!

AllenonStage says:

Nice video.

稀伊 says:


Kevin E says:

Thank you Kanye, very cool

Iydo Vercy says:

Yes because in every day life we drive over building sized speed bumps.

The Hungarian Hacker says:

I can do the same with my first gen CR-V

John 2030 says:


Jeziel Calle Suzaño Suzaño says:

Wouuuuu el mejor

김민규 says:

크~역시 성명준카

Matii20 says:

Now this is what you call an ad

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