Range Rover Sport (2018) Dragon Challenge – EXTREME CLIMB

New Range Rover Sport PHEV 2018 manages record breaking feat with Formula E driver.

A dizzying 99 turns and 999 daunting steps didn’t stop the new Range Rover Sport PHEV from completing a world-first at one of China’s most famous landmarks. The petrol-electric performance SUV has become the first vehicle to climb the stairs to the natural rock arch of Heaven’s Gate.

The challenge began at the bottom of the legendary 11.3km Tianmen Mountain Road (known as the Dragon Road).  The showroom standard Range Rover Sport P400e took on the demanding course, with Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s Ho-Pin Tung behind the wheel and the Terrain Response 2 system in Dynamic mode. 

At the summit of the road, the Formula E driver optimised Terrain Response for the second part of the challenge, conquering the towering 45-degree staircase of 999 steps leading to China’s legendary Heaven’s Gate using a combination of Ingenium petrol and electric battery power. 

The new PHEV powertrain gives the Range Rover Sport a zero-emission EV range of up to 50km when fully charged but Ho-Pin Tung used its advanced 300PS Ingenium petrol engine and 116PS electric motor to make short work of the road section of the challenge. The performance SUV then showed its uncompromised all-terrain credentials by climbing the steep staircase to the natural rock arch.

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Gema Meliala says:

The tire must br strong if not 🙁

namastex live says:

Wonderful pictures, very nice production…. but what about the V8 sound in a electric car!? And this place must be an human patrimony…. Bastardized for a few (or many) dollars

Jaime Rz says:

Are cables incluided with the car?


Bide onu indirmesi var !

sambozauk says:

Chav-Mobile, we all know it.

Not for me Range Rover Sport. Range Rover Velar though, now that is not a Chav-Mobile and appears to be for the more less in your face customer, which the Range Rover Sport is.

The Range Rover Sport sure has done really well sales wise, but it is a hugely overrated and overpriced car, that has “I am in debt” written all over it. Sorry but that is how I stereotype your average Range Rover driver.

The RR Sport is actually quite uncomfortable too and HGV style windwipers and wing mirrors, please, seriously?.

If you must have an off-road vehicle, you buy Volvo XC70, XC60 and of course the mighty XC90. They are as good, if not better than a Range Rover. They are also better build quality, in many cases cheaper, they also have a better engine line up and are not regarded as Chav-Mobiles, which Range Rover Sports are.

Even an Audi All-Road A6 could compete with a Range Rover Sport in many ways, but if you want a proper off-roader that can do what a Range Rover can, but with better build quality, better looking and better priced, you buy Volvo, period.

Snap : w5y-k says:

يا ساتر يا ساتر

Loïc Leung says:

is that fast and furious 10 ?

jessy krestin says:

audi power can do it

Eslam A says:

This video must be a lie. The driver said he cant see anything but the sky. So uh. If thats the case how can he manage to drive all the way up without navigating. Something fishy

Ratna Yulinar says:


Hojung Kim says:

I still wouldn’t buy Range Rover!

BlackHat Visions says:

I understand the cables are for safety. But the very ending of the stairs. Looks abit fake?

Ferlix Douglas says:

Instructions not clear,fall from A mountain

Алексей Бухневич says:

Когда заехал наверх была странная физика движения. Похоже на компьютерную графику. Да и кто позволит ездить по историческому месту

Dilip Mishra says:


Maohmmedashraf Achu says:

I love it so much

sei do says:

the hard truth is in real life, no matter what u have to stop in the middle of that steep climb and nothing in this video prove they can survive that. and another thing, people who bought this car and thinking they will have the exact same capabilities is daydreaming.

İ. Öztürk says:

Hey maşallah 🙂

Anthony Kevin Campos says:

For a second there I was afraid it was going to roll back when he reached the top. XD

Amit Akura says:


Sapna Pandey says:

I have ferrari

DBS tv says:


deepak b v says:

Great bro

Shylaja K says:

I cannot think how he came down I’m so exited

Kima Dima says:

Beautiful Luxury Car With Iron Brave Heart
Bravo Range Rover

Saiful H Sahabu says:

the end is not natural climbs..

this vidio must not believe..its lie..

Anas Malik says:

Damn range rover is too much sexy

Quốc việt Nguyễn says:


Joe Ramos says:

Did anyone one else see how flat they had the tiers

moch e says:

Wow hebat

Saleh AS Yamani says:

اقول لايكثر.. بسويها بأي سيارة دفع رباعي

Wenjie Zhang says:

i don’t think it is difficult. On the other hand, pajero; land cruiser pardo; 4 runner climb ability is much much better than this one and more reliable than this one

Abel Ephrem says:


Adam Pinkman says:

Good thing knowing this Range can handle the 45° angle, or else how could it every handle the treacherous 180° angle of Rodeo drive

Sahil Patel says:

I respect land rover company very proud of you

đam mê PKL says:

Nhìn gê quá

Princedon Charan says:

This’s the high of madnesness, I must say the last stage of madness!!!

SBha30 says:

China has so much beautiful history. This stunt was truly amazing. I was concerned about the driver and felt white knuckled as he was driving up that hill.

Gema Meliala says:

When goes up its ringing errrrrrrrrrrttttttrrtttrttr

Canned Sardines says:

China is retarded. Flying human, dragons, heavens gate bullshit all over their country. Lets see u idiots do it without wires.

Cyril savy says:

I think its edited like his riding up

Arthur Brown PHOTOGRAPHY says:

My Landrover had broken springs. The dealer said it was speed humps in the road.

Dario says:

WTF vid stops and asking for ad to klick and then? Nothin happened. That sucks

elias meyer says:

Ball notion leading kfkmpc desert generous menu love verbal mild minor decade total

Dilip Kumar Dilip Kumar says:

I like

Akhil P.Shaji says:

Which place

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