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The all-new Range Rover Velar is said to be Land Rover’s most road-focussed car yet. Handsome styling and a gorgeous interior are sure to find many fans, but can it compete with the best alternatives. And crucially does the Velar still feel like a Range Rover should? Find out by joining me for my full, in-depth review.

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chris roscoe says:

Great videos keep the good work

Tristan Andrew Acosta says:

The remote is kind of funny to look at

sheumais63 says:

I’ve seen a few Velars on the road now and the styling simply doesn’t work for me. The front looks bulbous and the cabin disproportionately small. It’s a pity, as the Range Rover and Evoque still look good, but this and the Discoveries are the ugly sisters.

Videsh Ravello says:


Sam Samdup says:

It’s seems u don’t like this magnificent and luxury SUV!! All ur talk was complain and bad things about this car. Why this Velar became number one best seller in UK? If everything is not convenient including screen and functions of touch buttons!!!

Ken Mwendias3 says:

Driving this on the street and looking down at Mere mortals on mercedes and BMW is the best feeling ever

Callum Williamson says:

Garbage position present furthermore revolution vessel permit pig benefit personally.

Pratyush Mahapatra says:

Indian company first selling the car in foreign countries why?

Varun S says:

KADAK – this car and also u’r channel

Darren Jones says:

Interesting the coin trick thieves are using may be a contributing factor, not to be able to lock all doors of any car because they leave a coin jammed in one of the handles, preventing that door locks operating, next time the owner tries to lock the car, on a current model that would only let someone steal from the car, the most stupid thing I’ve seen is a customer actually kept his spare keys in the car, because of keyless entry
And keyless start he never realised until I told him that his Jaguar was always unlocked and could be driven away by someone at anytime

Ryan Bell says:

Looks nice but a lot other cars I’d buy for 75k

Emmanuel Godwin says:

This guy is so handsome

Assariah Jason says:

Hola loooyah amazing car OMG never seen ANYTHINK like it I have Range Rover sport 2017 67 plate

xbx2207 says:

Pop up door handles.

BlakeBiundo says:

The 2018 Range Rover Velar: for women with super rich husbands to lease for 2 years until the next model comes out

NitoNova says:

I think the remote is for kids. Like a 3 year old would probably struggle to reach

Darren Jones says:

I worked with Jaguar and Land Rover cars for three and a half years, the only thefts we heard of (apart from Defenders) were ones who’s keys had been stolen

Leszek Winiarski says:

I drove a Velar worth 110 000£ it was better

Obi Ochu says:

Keep up the good work

Akshay Jambhale says:

Make video on G wagon

Oggi Style says:

Danish car taxes are so high that this car starts at 90-95,000 pound…. so sad for us ;(

marcus stenlund says:

50 miles when sheck engine light goes on, still crap car

Prince Nesta says:


swapnil kaushik says:

Best car channel ever

PooXx with the Hoox says:

the boot space is for fun times. that’s why it’s elevated. lol

Agent Orange says:

I’ve seen a couple of them on the road they look nice however the lines are identical to the F pace just without the jaguar logo.

Ed Dorvil says:

Wtf is pounds?!?! SPEAK AMERICAN!

Floor It says:

Range Rover Velar Features :

Jawad Uxafxai says:

range rover my love my janu

Sebastian Czarnecki says:

found the eco friendly fabric comment quite offensive, you can do better Matt

anirudh Kumar says:

Can u please make a vedio of range rover velar vs Audi q7 vs jaguar f pace

Alfs Awful says:

Over priced shit box

indeed says:

the cup holder is for military style canteens which tend to be square so they can fit in any webbing pouch civilians have started buying them cause its trendy for some reason

Emerson Taylor says:

did he just say 32 mpg was alright!?? i have a range rover and i average 9.8

李嘉洋 says:

Velar sounds like puking

Rumor 6 says:

Range over sport

Truth says:

piece of shit

Es DeeKay says:

If You want to spot a Velar……go to the school gates……

T. K. says:

‘I can put some air on my seat to cool my scrotum?????……..did you say that????

alxdava2004 says:

A few weeks ago i saw a Velar without the door handle on the driver side. Ask the owner about this and he just said : should have bought a Mercedes.

edmunek says:

Most of the people know how badly this car has been made. Even at 0:20 you can see how lines don’t align well enough. Yesterday I was talking to the owner which has mentioned faults, faults and more faults. One of them, the rain from the boot door once you will open those. The water stays behind the tail lights and once you will open the boot all the water is going on you and your grocery 🙂

Octavio Ruiz says:

I have a question can I put extra seats at the very back

EpicNicknameFail says:

Great job, Matt, loving your reviews!

paul redhead says:

Generally informative, but the predictable fawning to anything Audi does get a little tedious.

Lee Travis says:

On a positive note. at least we still make em in Britain, people so slat uk manufacturing. Rangy are good cars, Cars like this makes me proud to be british. i own and owned 100% British cars.

ccoo oocc says:

lol they copied the golf gti clubsport mk7 bumper and tesla door handles

G-speed says:

good and perfect vidio, i like g-speed

Tj Sandhu says:

steering wheel is on the wrong side

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