Range Rover Velar review | First look!

The Range Rover Velar is the fourth model in the ‘Rangey’ family, and it’s likely to become the most popular. Like the Evoque, it’s a game-changer – and a hint of what’s to come.


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http://www.caradvice.com.au/570918/2018-range-rover-velar-review/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=YT_DESC – Read the article here.


Simon L says:

Car advice reviews are just ads. I find it funny they say in desctiption that they provide independent reviews. Talk about junket and no disclosure. That founder has been going everywhere at the manufacturers expense. Just calling it out. Whats the Co2 emissions and fuel economy figures for this tank.

Michael Joseph says:

the only problem with this car is price……..

General Pepe Rightwinger says:

Well at least it’s better than the retarded looking Discover sport.

Leigh Hincks says:

It is almost impossible to get an independent review on anything. If they don’t massage the auto makers, they don’t get the free trips and the use of free cars. It is ALL a con. These are journalists, they are prostitutes….

Pranit Dhanawade says:

where is the location man…it’s superb

yvse vyse says:

Tata must be proud of its babies.

provishu says:

Where was this video shot? Amazing place

Sam Jaboy says:

were is this place… stunning scenery…

RoRo says:

Who paid for the glowing review and the overseas trip. At the very least you should disclose.

mayank sagar says:

amazing car it is…

cardudes says:

Range Rover: Luxurious but unreliable (Won’t Last for more than 10 years without developing issues)
Toyota: Premium and Bullet Proof (Stays problem free for decades)
i’ll take the second option thank you very much

Chris Laws says:

After all these years Tony still can’t keep those hands from flapping about incessantly!

Max Troy says:

This is not an independent review, it’s a Land Rover press release.

Max Troy says:

Beautiful and unreliable SUVs. Hope there’s a fail safe for those doors because given Land Rovers reliability track record, I’d hate to be the guy who can’t get into his beautiful SUV on a cold rainy day.

Xavier Webb says:

Really enjoyed this review, good job treat yourself to a hair cut

Matthew Fletcher says:

great till it beaks down and bits start falling of it like they always do
Toyota land cruiser wont leave you stranded on the side of the road like this plastic peace of crap will

Fathu Nur says:

Sooo, er = ah

Ara J says:

Landscape is breathtaking

Reagan says:

The location is beautiful than the Car. Were is it ?

Prasanth Unni says:

Stylish car

charlie levy says:

wankers will buy this car

miti biru says:

Soon will break down

OWEN HILL12 says:

I think that the evoqe is just a glorifyed mini cooper coz tata make mini to

siemenssx1 says:

Bullshit sponsored video

The Bizness says:

Everything looks nice but those door handles make me worry already. I’m not feeling them at all! The review was too bias I need to know more about the cons of the car.

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