Range Rover Velar review: has Jaguar Land Rover still got the Midas touch?

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Everything Jaguar Land Rover touches seems to turn to gold. But with such award-winning success and sales growth to match, the expectation from each new launch grows. So can the all-new Range Rover Velar prove the company still has the Midas touch?

Everything Jaguar Land Rover touches seems to turn to gold. But with such award-winning success and sales growth to match, the expectation from each new launch grows. So can the all-new Range Rover Velar prove the company still has the Midas touch?

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Tomasz Starzyk says:

I do like the interior, but prefer Evoque’s exterior stilling

Yousuf Ansari says:

Which road is it in Norway?

Servfer says:

Driving when using a mobile phone is considered dangerous yet cars are now coming out with two 10inch touchscreens…

Mehdi Ghaderi says:

Where is this place?

Chester says:

Three diesel engine available!  For decades European governments promoted and subsidized diesels, yet the newest evidence shows that they are a major contributor to air pollution.  Now in some places diesels are being banned.  Perhaps you could do a video drawing together the current state of diesels and if they still have a future.

Werner Smit says:

Fat Fuck Driver should not go sit down in that beauty Velar but instead go walk into thinness

Ben Cook says:

Your not big if you about 6 feet tall…

Robin Gravestock says:

What’s with the stupid music in between the talking, not needed and very naff

iFoxdie says:

Literally all of the guys saying reliability is not an issue are people who actually do not own a rover. They will say I have friends or know people who own and don’t face issues. BULLSHIT! Heck even when a rover owner says that they have faced issues they will try to nit pick and will point to hearsay that may be theirs was an exceptional case or they didn’t take proper care of their rover. Fucking bullshit. Stop being blind fanboys. As much as I love Rovers and going to lease Velar as soon as it is out, their reliability is indeed an issue. And don’t say they are as bad as Germans, I own and Audi and I can tell you that wear and tear is not that bad. They have a bad reputation for a reason. It isn’t like people are complaining just to hate on them.

yanfei ma says:

Where is this place where they shot the video?

Colton Vanderwall says:

I’m totally in love with the front end but the rear makes me feel sick! Doesn’t match AT ALL

John Gagne DDS says:

I have owned 3 Jags and 2 Range Rovers. Except for a lousy ZF 9 speed tranny in the Evoque (did not break, just disliked programming) that made me trade it in for a Range Rover Sport , these have been the MOST RELIABLE cars I have owned. Far better than BMW, ETC

Mike B says:

The interior is an attempt to copy a Tesla. I like minimalist too but SOME actual buttons found in the proper Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are quite nice. Also, why have they put the handbrake over where your knee is? That is not very intuitive. So instead of one touch screen we have two fiddly touch screens to play with. Also pop out door handles? Really? I can only hope that JLR don’t apply this to the next incarnation of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. No extra fiddly screens!

shashika sudasinghe says:


car and driver reviews says:

good like video #caranddriverreviews

Khalid Qassim says:

The 380 horsepower version is not worth the money . They should have given it more power like around 485 – 510 horsepower.

Chance The Rapper says:

What road is that? Could someone tell me the location please? I wasn’t aware that we had such amazing views in the UK

SuperWimpole says:

That music is unbelievably irritating.

DB Z-Goku San!!! says:

Everything JLR touch become Gold Because It is owned by An Indian Now TATA a 120 billion dollar MNC……

Jack Stack says:

Honestly for a car that starts at 50k this is an a amazing car

Kofi Adofo says:

Anyone else think it’s a little overstyled? I dunno, I kind of miss the boxy Land Rovers of yore.

sasamykolors says:

Came here to comment on that transition music but I see it’s already been covered. Jesus Christ man

chrisdblue says:

What the hell is the point of an SUV if u can’t fit anyone in it!?

Justin R says:

“it had me at hello”…what kind of review is this? pull your tongue out mate.

Sebazzee001 says:

Head to head Velar vs RR Sport

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