The All-New Discovery – The Ultimate Family SUV – Design and Technology

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The All-New Land Rover Discovery reaches new heights with striking contemporary design and ingenious versatility. Featuring legendary Land Rover off-road capability, best in class towing and smart technologies for unrivalled versatility, it’s the ultimate family SUV.


Tharanga Indrajith says:

wow…………………………. dream …

hammou guizmo says:

سيارة رائعة. لكن ليس بروعة الفيلار رانج روفر

Live Jones says:

The first time I have ever wanted a Disco over any other Rover… Great design inside and out.

Paulo Abesamis says:

I still prefer body on frame construction and solid axles front and rear. Though don’t get me wrong this is a fine looking crossover.

Alonso Corona says:


Tejas Dalvi says:

When 7 seat up, boot space????

FKmainstream says:

Its a boat, its a submarine…. no … its a Discovery

Marvi Marv says:

Finally found a 7 seater vehicle to put in my Garage. This vehicle has got it all right. Most importantly….the Solid Sunshade. Vehicles like the Mercedes Benz GLS and the Volkswagen Atlas both come with a Mesh Sunshade. The Mesh Sunshade is a substandard option to have on any vehicle. With continued driving on hot days your vehicle can easily start to feel like you’re in a Microwave. Great job on the All-New Land Rover Discovery.

faris Y says:

When we it be available in Saudi Arabia ?

Amur AlAmri says:

I have questions what about knocking noise in front suspension is it solved

Eric R. Shelton says:

The interior looks great, and the tech is cool, but the exterior…? Gods, no. All the proportions and lines just look awkward. I can’t trade my Disco3 on something that silly looking.

Leonard Ney says:

I’m 3:28 in and yeah, another car.

neeraj jain says:

Alien Technology……. I want this….Dream

Philip Ramsden says:

Nice car – let’s hope it doesn’t fall to bits at 60,000 miles like my previous one did!!!

Peter Germann says:

Would be my dream car if it was an EV. I ‘ll never buy a dinosaur again.

Jakatchra plays says:

Nice car

MrBlazeDemingo says:

blew me away…

well done landie!

Scottish Outdoors says:

An amazing and beautiful machine, it’s a Land Rover for this century and not the last. I can’t wait to get one, assuming I can wrestle the keys from my wife.
Bravo gents, Bravo!

Chelsea Ruler says:

I love rang rover

Sam P says:

The design does not reflect power. Now LR Discovery do not manly car. LR Discovery started to be for woman do not for real man.

ਹਰਕੀਰਤ ਸਿੰਘ ਰਾਮਗੜ੍ਹੀਆ says:

my favorite family SUV with all the features of its segement

Bommi Ram says:

it is a good car for india

Mark Wright says:

Technical specification looks great shame JLR have lost their unique look. This looks so much like a RRS. What happened to the Safari roof in all the previous models. The LR4 was a great 4×4 different to the RR and RRS. This new Discovery looks the same as its bigger brothers nothing to make it stand out. JLR stop following trends be unique.

Pedro paulo says:

land rover minha favorita.

hayios0 says:

How long it will take for that climate control panel to brake or begin to rattle? looks Good though

وادي الذئاب الوطن says:

can you give m right to download this video in my chanel youtube ?

Luqman Haikal says:

damn lovely Disco!

Joshua R says:

I’m highly impressed.

Bruce Burns says:

Love it .

Jerald Gwapo says:

please bring this to philippines…I want to buy a 7 seater luxury suv and this car is perfect for my family…when will it come???

Pablo Magallanes says:

Excellent technology, great specs, but it looks like a Freelander on steroids. It should have been a LR4 metamorphosis instead.

carspotter 0 says:

range rover stooooooop you make me jeligous

Ajinkya Borade says:

when is it available in India ? Being an Indian brand..

Умахан Олоханов says:

почему руль староват

Billy DaBaus says:

Looks nice….but is it reliable? I’ve heard a lot of horror stories on how the Land Rovers breakdown on you after the 3rd year.

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