The BRAND NEW 2018 Range Rover Supercharged Is PERFECT! (when it works)

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The 2018 Range Rover refresh is amazing, improving on an already great luxury SUV. updated styling with new headlights and taillights, and an infotainment system that finally is up to industry standards, I really can’t find many things to complain about this vehicle…except one issue that we discuss in the upcoming ownership perspective video…

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Calvin Cooley says:

Great review! I think a friend of mine just bought one of these.
Lol the Ford Bronco is going to dust this this thing though. Basically for the new/KOOL factor and likely a few other knick knacks.

Integrafreak1 says:

I love the Triple Black look, but it’s soooo basic now.Everyone and mom has a Triple Black Range Rover lol

zahid hussain says:

2nd row?

John Bauss says:

Land rovers are reliable now man

Rick Pamaran says:

I’m from California and have owned RR’s for the past 25 yrs. They have gotten a lot more reliable, but I will trade it in for a new one as soon as the warranty is done. Because it’s freaking expensive w/o that back up. Yes, your right it doesn’t see the rough edges of the Sahara or anything like that. The most I’ve done is to raise it up so I can get it over someone’s driveway. I have taken it to the hills, but that’s Beverly and Hollywood. Does that still count as roughing it? If you were to compare it to a G wagon, it’s roomier and more plush. Plus the drive is better, you’ll always feel like your going to tip over in a G wagon, as it’s tall and narrow.

Elephant In The Room says:

eddie how is the dirt wrap for the s4 looking?

Alexandr Umanetz says:

Can your titles be more clickbaity?

Edward j bunyan says:

Paint’s already ruined with swirl marks

Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. says:

I’m glad when you come out and say its not reliable.  I have been saying these things on other videos about this (Indian) made vehicle, and I get blasted for my opinions.  I am constantly right about all things related to vehicles, but the public fan boys of particular models come out and hate on me in droves.  Finally, when a decent reviewer like you says what I’ve been saying, the public has no choice but to agree.  Other than its shortcomings in reliability, these SUV’s are handsome and elegant.  When everything is working properly, they are majestic SUV’s.  Too expensive, but great.

Arnold Arnoldsson says:

A 2018 range rover sport review IS A MUST! 🙂

Ahmed Moosaji says:

All this new tech is no good for land rover jaguar
Makes it more unreliable
While Doug was reviewing the velar the tech and infotainment broke down
It wasn’t only Doug some other reviews as well

Joshua Graham says:

BTW, any update on your Audi, Eddie?

Andy Zhang says:

All these changes they still have ugly ass steering wheel

Brandon Murray says:

Kinda reminds me of the Ford Explorer I don’t know why. I love Land Rover, but I don’t think I would buy one I think I would lease one instead. I know they have a lot of problems. So I would have to think before buying. Great vehicle and wouldn’t mind having one. Great review keep up the great work!

rohan singh says:

Eddie where is the ownership perspective video?

Eric Roberts says:

Your title heading with the added “(when it works)” is really misleading, and kind of bullshit actually. You could essentially add that to any single review you post. If you don’t, you have zero credibility as a reviewer. I won’t bother watching this.

A W says:

Why this thing looks like a Ford Explorer

Darrell Tuttle says:

I’ll be trading my 2011 Range Rover for one of these but, that’ll be some time in the future. Right now I’m enjoying my 2011.

Vincenzo says:

Damn Nissan, one of your best videos

Gayathri KC says:

You filmed this at Troy High School, I go there.

Emeka Ossai says:

Wheres the video he was talking about with the issue after delivery?

Flat6King says:

Forget the Range, what about that school! I wish my students had that. Heck, I wish I went to a nice looking school like that!

Evan Lockard says:

Just get a full optioned Ford Explorer, it’s similar and it won’t brake down.

Sam Za says:

Resale value hurts on Range Rovers. Great lease, but I’d buy a G Wagon. The resale is impressive.

Jared Ostler says:

Nah I’ll just take a 2018 Navigator L Black label. Range rovers aren’t my taste.

Girl M.D. says:

Your car looks scary but beautiful! Land Rover, Range Rover. King of the road. Just picked up my 2018 Supercharged baby last week. The car/truck does everything well and you feel like you’re floating on air. Also, it has a growl like a T. Rex as it takes off or accelerates. Is the car you’re driving santorini black or narvik black?.

Brian Horih says:

what are the effects in different sizes of wheels in inches

Lavalambtron says:

You buy a super expensive car to get noticed and for social status and then hide it in complete darkness, go figure.

Joshua Graham says:

A Range Rover is what you buy when you have money, but no taste.

That being said, I like the looks of this one.

Ashish Patel says:

Range rovers have are just as reliable as the rest of the eurocars. I’d rather have a range rover over the German competitors.

I know multiple people who own range rovers with over 150k miles with very little issues.

As for Volvo, I wouldn’t touch them even if you gave me one. They are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the luxury market.

Arnold Arnoldsson says:

THe new AUDI A7 is sick btw.. that is a must aswell!

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