2015 Tesla Model S – Review and Road Test

The all-wheel-drive, high-performance Tesla P85D can blow the doors off virtually any sedan you’d care to mention…and a lot of supercars as well. But how does it fare in the real world? KBB’s Micah Muzio investigates.

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Choy Yeb Kang says:

future car?

Shane Frazier says:

Can you lock the car?

Danielle Williams says:

definitely saving my money up for a tesla !

O.P GAMING says:

Please do a review of the new Model S

Mew Two says:

Should I sell my home to buy a Tesla? Psst.. I don’t have a home.

fielmaso says:

travel range and fuel time is just not good enough.

Donald Weiser says:

Can anyone tell me if this Tesla is enamel or metallic white? Thank you.

Donald Weiser says:

Waiting for my S 60D to arrive (in August) and watching Youtube videos to help with the lust and wait. Of all the Tesla S videos, this is my fav!!!

JVR DeFranco says:

Great review from Micah. Please, do review the Tesla X model next. Thank you.

John Sparling says:

3:09 Lol at the Lord of the Rings sound clip!

TheEagleDynamite says:

Which one is safer Tesla or Mercedes?

Jason Lee says:

Curious to see how long it will last tho, good thing it’s got good warranty.

Conner Madison says:

legit review

Holloway says:

I thought this car had rear facing backseats

TheKeithvidz says:

electric rides and tesla have come along way.

Electro Cadillac says:

Maybe a Tesla is faster. But it will never have the character, history, imposing image and sound + toughness of a good old muscle car.

Radiant P3nguin says:

I like the duck.

Icybubba says:

Yay for actually showing those charging stations

TheMAgicMost says:

i take two

Superb says:

2:00 Hide your drugs lmao

Berwin Tan says:

Where is the car battery stored if it is not at the front or back? I would imagine that such a hugeass capacity battery would have to take up a significant amount of space somewhere.

Rachel Hannanto says:

Ughh I want one so bad!


Does tesla ever plan on making these supercharger stations available to be owned by a third party?

Vegas Vlogs says:

good review

Hrvatska Hrvatska says:

My dad got buy tesla and it is so fucking cool

Mr. Goat says:

I’ll wait for the sticker price to be around $40k.

Luko Radulic says:

I’d like a spare tire.

WeiCheng Lee says:

I love Tesla
All of Audi

TheTallMan35 says:

Now if Tesla can offer some affordable models they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Brayden Rapirez says:

For a company thats known for their resale calculator he never onced mentioned anything about resale value

kichaa13 says:

Why does it have a grille at the front? Does it need an air intake for cooling or is it just a design feature?

Wealthy Pepsi says:

wow that cheap! for a car that is that fast with all that amazing gear plus tax reduction and stuff like that this car is amazing value

Ramon Zarat says:

Fantastic, unbiased, honest review. Thanks. Tesla is amazing!

Samuel Wolfe says:

I wish tesla made a full size luxury vehicle like the mercedes s class.

Gimberg Preval says:

I’m 20 turning 21 in 3 months, and I will own the Tesla model s next year God willing.

Adque says:

I lolled at the creepy guy in the rear camera!

Andrew D says:

New dream car

rehan ali says:

so we can’t charge this shit at home ?

sarahmontr says:

dream car

raul camacho says:

I have to say I am a frequent “Tech Video” viewer. I am always looking for exciting new technologies. The sad truth is that exciting tech is usually covered first by very boring individuals with close to zero communication skills. You have a delivery method that should be on TV. Keep up the good work! I hope to see you do well. (Bill Weir had a similar style in his show “this could be big”)

atombrain111 says:

Why does the 70D and 85D have the same mileage range?

pspslimhacks says:

I though Toyota Prius was the savior of the world (According to family guy) but I guess there’s a new savior.

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