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Autoblog’s Adam Morath demonstrates Autopilot on the 2016 Tesla Model S P90D. Autopilot enables self-driving in some situations on the Model S. Cameras, radar and 360-degree sonar evaluate traffic and road conditions, allowing the Tesla to autonomously steer and change lanes on behalf of the driver. But, in our experience, Autopilot is not perfect all of the time.


thatone guy says:

I think I found the PERFECT car!


Auto driving is 10 to 20 years away. There is no way I would trust a car to drive me without the entire society using the same software and hardware. Hight sensors would have to be installed every highway in the country.

Ken Melby says:

pretty sure 2016 models don’t start on teslas until 2016

Zy7zgy says:

All unnecessary tech for a able-bodied person. It’s dangerous & probably only tested in the USA. On UK roads? Forget it.

How about Tesla start working on a cheaper alternative?

Besides, Electric cars are not the answer. Robbing Peter (No fossil fuel) to pay Paul (CO2 conscious) leaves lots of landfilled sites across the planet full of dud batteries. Or they will start ejecting them into Space.

Jeff Puha says:

I really see no purpose to the “Autopilot” feature as it’s currently configured. If you still have to keep your hands on the wheel, or at best, hovering just above it, what’s the point? You might as well just drive the car normally.
And what Tesla seems to forget is that a lot of us ENJOY controlling our cars ourselves. It’s called the “driving experience”. Unfortunately, manufacturers have been pulling us farther and farther away from this pleasure. No thanks. No automatic or DCT for me. I’ll shift my own gears and steer my car myself, thank you very much.

Kenz300 x says:

Auto pilot is designed to be a driver assist feature. The driver still needs to be able to assume control in an emergency or when the auto pilot turns itself off. The driver still is responsible for controlling the vehicle. It is a great feature and a look at what the future will bring. The safety features like auto braking and lane change warnings are terrific. Auto braking can be a life saver. Collision avoidance is great. I hope insurance companies give discounts for cars with these features in the future. TESLA is the safest car ever…… insurance companies should recognize this by giving a discount.

Joshua C says:

These videos are much better than the horrible “short cuts”!!

Sridhar Nandiraju says:

why cant planes be so

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