Apple and Tesla Earnings Preview

Apple earnings and Tesla earnings are both coming out over next 48 hours! Many of you guys hold Apple stock or Tesla stock so this should be really for you guys! Enjoy!
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Phuong Hua says:

aren’t current phones 5g compatible?

Julian Beatty says:

Your point related to facebook does not make sense. The two have nothing to do with each other.

Transparent Uber says:

I really hope you do a video on Baidu and Iqiyi (IQ) they also report after market close on the 31st! Do some chinese stock coverage!

MARCO Barraza says:

what are your thoughts on southern California real estate ??? signs of a recession??

zoekwon says:

apple up , tesla down, i am pretty sure

Umar Virk says:

I’ve bought put options on tesla. Wish me luck

idobackflipz says:

What an idiot , he never ceases to amaze me . “If you don’t like him don’t watch “ . I listen to all points of view but damn this guy really does follow hype

Philip S. says:

Pretty exciting week of earnings. Tesla is not for me (frankly, I’d prefer to own GM over Tesla) but good luck to those invested!

Joash Reis says:

That Netflix killed me

Larry says:

A trillion dollars isn’t what it used to be.

Alec Nguyen says:

to be fair that iphone number is irrelevant their new flagship is coming up soon people are probably expecting and waiting for that

haytnas says:

ARKQ etfs give good exposure to Tesla if you can’t afford the Tesla stock rn. $35 a share.

Edward Vazquez says:

The one trillion mark is wrong a Chinese company hit that like 10 years ago it didn’t stay there but it did hit it. Look it up petrochina

J1inabillion says:

one thing about that target price for the model 3… they dont lease there cars so u have to pay 35k …
the price sounds good but its still aimed at a certain class of people

DBlock5566 says:

People never mention that tesla had to much most of their produced cars to Q3 cause if the tax cut incentive. It pisses me off that there isnt enough awareness of that making the Q2 earnings look even worse.

Peter Tiley says:

Hahah Netflix

Julian Beatty says:

Don’t expect tesla to be profitable this year. Elon will be forced to dillute shares to raise the capital to pay for things. If he does that than expect Tesla to tank.

Wicked Passive - Investing Videos says:

Apple continues to find ways to beat earnings. They are just shy of the $1 Trillion milestone now and will beat Amazon to the mark.

Financial Education says:

Anyone who wants to get in my private stock market group… 48 hours left to get in there for 50% off. Enter code “halfoff” at checkout. I look forward to seeing you in there!

PUR3SHOT says:

Really liked how you formatted today’s video

vermasean says:

Your latest opening for your vids make me think of the ‘Share this Whooooooo’ Meme floating around w/ Ric Flair! Very informative video as always!

ScrambledGreggz says:

If Telsa reaches $5000 you can’t sell you swore to us

bathrobe baller says:

you can’t just say you invest for next 5-10 years and know you will be proven right. sorry crash is coming and it may take 20 years to break even.

Dylan Wolf says:

is twitter a buy?

PokopecDrums says:

You make some quality videos man! I’ve been looking for someone who is entertaining to listen to and also provides a lot of useful information for investing. Your videos great for that. Keep it up!

By the way, I’ve been holding AAPL since $94 and my father has been holding for a little over 2 decades now. We are in it for the long haul as well!

that guy says:

Popcorn for Elon Musk conference call?

BABY - Become A Better You says:

Rick Flair Drip.

Raghunandan Reddy C says:

I bet 5g wouldn’t be on iPhone until after 1 year they show up on Android phones. Look back at their 3g and 4g roll out. They are a lazy company always finds a way to save bucks, thanks to isheep.

dolphin says:

This guy calls himself a financial educator and doesn’t have a position in apple? lol. Any financial person worth their salt would of taken up a position in apple a long time ago.

Robinhood Investor says:

Looking forward to both earnings reports

Juan Munoz says:

Jeremy any thoughts on Square lately?

larry Spiller says:

5g is not a big deal at all. 4g is already capable of 150mb speeds which is 6x what you need to stream 4k Netflix which no one needs to do on their phone in the first place. The only reason cell tower connections are slow is because of the load they have from multiple devices at once. 4g is not at its limit. Also everytime a new faster max speed cell frequency comes out the actual quality of the reception is worse because the frequency tends to be higher and is not as good at penetrating objects and what not. Only benefit possible is better compression but even then your still hyping something that is very very lame especially considering the greedy cell providers will expand the 5g towers so slowly so most people probably wont have 5g reception for at least 3-4 years.

Lillen Productions says:

Thank you Jeremy, great video!

Doug Lehman says:

Financial education ..If I can give you a piece of advice learn how to short

Jake R says:

10:51 I think you’re somewhat over hyping 5G when it comes to mobile phones. Why do you need 5G speeds on a mobile phone? Even if 5G is supported by a phone the infrastructure to support it won’t be there in most cases for some years. Maybe a few big cities initially will have 5G but national coverage will be very poor.

5G runs on a higher frequency, which means a shorter range/penetration, which means the need to install many new masts/towers to provide good network coverage. Someone needs to pay for all the new 5G infrastructure which means a high premium to use 5G. It will probably eat away at your phone’s battery too not just your pocket. 4G is more than adequate for most mobile phone users tasks and it won’t be overtaken by 5G any time soon imo.

Psychopathic Yordle says:

My man you make some good videos but I can’t help cringing at 90%of your thumbnail expressions lmao.

James Frost says:

Tesla has the vision and ability to crush entire industries– IF management can control spending and direct that vision with clear and precise business goals. I love what Elon is doing and personally I want Tesla to become a worldwide extraordinary success so I hope they manage current volatility and push forward with more confidence. Their business is, literally, rocket science, but the business of rocket science is not rocket science. Fingers crossed that they get it together and create something that will change our world.

Helms Deep says:

I work as an insider at AAPL, we grew revenue by 23%, I’m posting this from my friend’s account on his computer so they can’t track it back to me. Services grew by 47% beating expectations. Iphone units 1.8% growth. EPS up 63%, we bought back a lot more shares than analysts were expecting.

Tollin Cran says:

Kinda sick of seeing this guys face

Chris R says:

Def buying more TSLA if it drops

Bullion Forever says:

And IQ

Shivaro Piroe says:

I actually expect that TSLA will dip maybe 10% after earnings, since this will be the last quarter where they can take afford to take a loss. But after reading into the story of elon musk and his mission, i feel like this company needs to succeed instead of shorting this stock. In the perspective of a trader i believe i should go short now and buy the dip. But it feels so wrong.

Paul van der kwaak says:

hi, like the video. Can you recommend a good source to find consensus on analyst estimations?

James Preble says:

These opinions are from someone who has been in ONLY during a bull market, not taking any weight of already high prices. BUYER BEWARE if you listen to his videos lately.

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