AuroraTek demonstion tesla tech 2014 overunity? (Russ’s View)

ok, well there is nothing new here if you ask me, this has been demonstrated in the past in different ways.

but looks fun to play with..

note @ 42:00 i ask the right question and the answer was ” im probably just a few weeks away from finishing it” how Manny time have i heard that…

please discuss this over here is you wish…
more info here.



djsnakeyes says:

Doctor Whodini!

R David Ross says:

Resonance and balance of XL and XC.

muohiz says:

why do you operate both transformers at different frequency….you could use the same frequency to the conventional transformer if you were to do a comparison on both

KingAbdullahKey says:

Well worth a listen.
So the power companies keep the delivery of power at zero so you continue to consume yet the power that is generated is much more than you can imagine. Reminds me of radio stations decibles going out at zero db. Are we being conned?
Thanks Russ, you are a star!

hrcnlz says:

rwg42985 , It seems that you don’t believe in this technology, isn’t it?

MrKennethbrunstein says:

if it works it works dont be a hater

peterhalleffect says:

Very awesome Russ

User2718218 says:

This whole thing is junk.  It’s an attempt at sleight-of-hand with respect to the phase shift.  Bill “picked a (favourable) number” since his scope was bouncing all over the place for the phase shift measurement.  That means the scope automatic phase shift measurement was unreliable and therefore he should have rejected it and used his scope display to measure the phase shift.  It’s just a funky transformer and you can expect that serious and real measurements on the bench would tell you the real story.

Zero Labs says:

Careful, Russ. You;re starting to sound like Dansi and me. Yes, “How many times have we heard it?” “I’m almost there! Just a few more weeks and half a million dollars and ‘maybe’ I can get there!” Yeah. Uh huh. Right up there with hopeless girl.

linuxaddict11111 says:

Ok so, question … if the phase angle was 90.0…1 degrees … you would end up with nearly infinite negative watts?

What happens when approaching that zero point from the other direction? Not sure if that makes sense.

25dnorric says:

He quotes the voltage as 10.11 at the beggining but the unit read 12.11 volts

lopsumtathro says:

so does that mean that if we were to put a huge bank of capacitors on the neutral out of our homes supply we would store up alot of power that is otherwise sent back to the generator??

Elysian Dreams says:

Seems to me if this was legit the banks would be fighting each other to give them funding.

Physics 101 says:

The Sagnac Effect predates this overunity gain as a proof of concept. So, the flat earth proponents have been on to something all along and it’s time to give them credit for at least something which can be of practical merit and make the power company executives wiggle in their boots. —

rusty1850 says:

if you the tech want free electricity then ask ware can i get free electric…? … it is the in the air…yea the air… a ground rod…high voltage cap…diode to rectify…and a flat antenna…area is proportional to input…output is what ever you want based on components used…if you wish to control the power, use veritable cap & coil…have fun…remember electricity will kill you and this system will kill you if you want to much power…and the nsa cia fbi  & the power company will be after you with guns…and angry faces… have a good day…     

RAV3N says:

Not that I completely understand the math or jargon in my youthful ignorance but if I understand the use of this tech correctly then this really is an amazing piece of technology. I should be interested in the statement about investing. If I weren’t so poor right now I’d have my guy invest in this for me. 🙂 

Benjamin Ortiz says:

what the hell is ”demonstion”

flash001USA says:

Thanks for sharing this Russ. This is still pretty interesting.
Hey did you notice his transformer kind of looks like your RWG logo?

Dave Nye says:

There you go. High efficiency and electric cars that will run till they die and you never have to put fuel in your tank. Are you listening Tesla Motors?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

ronald sykes says:

lol your measuring some measurements of that cubic piece of junk you call a transformer,  lol  the boys from Saturn had 10 million years to come up with something good and that’s what they gave you lol  what a sick joke.

spinfo wars says:

he is past infinity alright – and beyond – the efficiency is past infinity ? hahaha – the only way he can prove it to me is to make a working star trek handheld phaser that can blast holes in the wall or heat a giant boulder – then i will believe it

InvalidMemberAccount says:


Syrnian says:

Snake oil.

Jonny Hill says:

segmented wound transformer for phased windings , some capacitors, bit of tweaking/tuning will cause many phase angles to change, a higher frequency allows multiple resonances  & harmonics causing such effect,, its a card trick,, 

if one was going to show something amazing that could change the world’s use of power & wasted energy why use such hand held test equipment in a hotel room . 

Tradie Trev says:

Russ is a way more excitable character than old mate! 

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