Autopilot V 2.0, Tesla Model 3 wait time, Audi’s weird tech plans – T.E.N. Future Car News 10/21/16

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology. This week news about:

Tesla announce Autopilot V2.0 hardware and promised Level 5 full autonomy hardware readiness for all Teslas made from now on; Faraday Future gears up to unveil its first production electric car at CES in January; There are now half a million plug-in cars on the roads of the U.S.; The state of California clashes with automakers over self-driving cars; Tesla says new Model 3 reservations placed won’t be fulfilled until 2018; Audi settles on name for the brand’s first all-electric SUV; UK Autodrive Project showcases latest developments with Ford and Jaguar LandRover; LG Chem predicts GM will sell 30,000 Bolt EV electric cars in the first year of production; California Air Resource Board considers revising ZEV program to accelerate cleaner vehicle adoption; Audi cuts plans for autonomous and electric vehicle programs — while trying to simultaneously advance both areas of its lineup


John Lasher says:

I’ve got my lease till April 2019, So I’m debating if I should put down my deposit now or wait a bit longer, Don’t want to have to take delivery before the lease is up.

canusdominici says:

The Tesla video shows the disaster of autonomous driving – cars with no passengers clogging up the roads.

Matthew Burroughs says:

I thought the thumbnail for the program was something to do with electric cars and rallying for a moment.

Big, Big Air there.


Keeping my Model III, ordered the day of release…. actually ordered 2! one for me and one for my wife…. however we may drop her’s for a plug-in hybrid minivan (Chrysler Pacifica) to replace our current SUV.
At least for the near future…

Miguel Silva says:

volkswagen is getting a bit nuts no?

Kelvin Yang says:

First in line on the Tesla press call. Way to go Nikki!

Veganic ♾ says:

Greatly researched and well written show. The only thing I’d improve is to reduce the hand gestures. I found them a tad distracting. Perhaps consider showing more full screen of the actual video you’re voicing over.

TheAegisClaw says:

VW group is refusing to take their head out of the sand.

Robert Betancourt says:

Repub;ocam State Senator California said that Tesla is the only electric vehicle. Renault is not recognized in California by his action on a bill.

FroztByte Gamer says:

MORE T.E.N!!!!

mrjaffar says:

Chevy Bolt or Tesla Model 3… A… Let me think… GM catch up or Tesla/SpaceX/Musk productions. There really is no contest.

triad6425 says:

shouldn’t we all expect the model 3 to come out really in 2019 by now. i love Tesla but they are always late

Nigel Weir says:

VW group are seriously in trouble, do l care NO

Hezekiah Domowski says:

Hahaha, no one wants the bolt. even Chevy doesn’t want to sell it

Curtish8892 H says:

GM can only make 30,000 Bolts in their first year. I do not understand why tesla needs to build a Giga factory to produce 500,000 cars per year. While all the tesla killer OEMs can do what ever Tesla can do without making a giga factory of their own.

The last I thought I heard was the battery manufactures make a lot more money on selling small batteries for electronics, making them not really motivated to produce batteries for the OEMs.

I think that the OEMs are sitting on the fence causing the battery companies to sit on the fence. Result is a very slow move towards EV growth.

Tesla in the only company that has put all its chips on EVs.

Nikki if you agree with my amateur thoughts above I will be willing to support you on your patron page (blackmail)

LaurentiusLong says:

Good episode but pleeease include include metric units also.

Nigel Weir says:

The Jenson FF was years ahead of Audi with four wheel drive and ABS

Anthony Neilly says:

Your set does not suit you. Maybe a background sett of the back yard would suit.

Greg Lindstrom says:

how is a chevy bolt similar top model 3? different shape. different target. one is premium one isnt….

Robert Betancourt says:

I hope we see ZOE and Kangoo ZE in Coachella valley.

Gerry Bernardo Ponce says:

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No reasons for this rodolfo altes Lavendia to respects nor obey our peaceful living here.
director jen dela rosa

Mikkel Sunds says:

I will wait for my model 3 and drive my model S until then 😛

God Emperor says:

California is a shithole

Andrew Hockings says:

Audi slashing EV and autonomous budgets. Yeah, good plan, NOT! They’re doomed. Oh and I might buy a Bolt before Tesla gets the 3 out if only we were actually going to get it here (UK) before 2018. But we’re not so I won’t. Besides I suspect the 3 will be way higher spec on the base car. Adaptive cruise control is a must as far as I’m concerned and I bet even the cheapest 3 will have that. Nah, I’ll wait. : ) great video. Thanks.

Don Miller says:

How the media messed this ‘sold out’/ 2 years wait up so badly I don’t know. What should have been reported is that Tesla intends to build the cars for the initial 373K Model 3 by September 30, 2018 with delivery of those cars completed by the end of October 2018. Customers placing reservations today are looking at a 2 year wait.

CrazyMotorMaster says:

When I herd you on the call I was like wow I watch her.

Tim Tam says:

Great episode. Anyone who doesn’t believe autonomous driving can already make driving safer and alleviate some congestion is welcome to join me on my weekly 250 mile round trip and watch the many instances of incompetent, dangerous and selfish driving. I think the perceived Model 3 vs Bolt battle will prove immaterial and the important thing is that customers buy one or the other rather than a ICEV of some sort. One of the issues at the moment too is that there are so few variants of any particular EV (particularly BEVs) i.e. there is one Zoe, one Leaf, one i3 and only really one Model S etc. Soon there’ll be coupes, stations/estates and then the prestige of the brand will become more significant. I’m a prime example – I’ll swap my (albeit excellent) 24kw Leaf for the first RHD 200-miler that becomes available whether it be Model 3, Bolt or new Leaf. Model S is just too big for my needs.

Captain Carter says:

2 years after Chevy was lunch with no issues like battery exploding or who knows what.i will consider until then no away .stick with model 3

Luke says:

If chevy made the Bolt look better than a squished minivan I think they would be in the game. They can make the malibu and impala so nice looking, then they make a car that they should want people to buy ugly as shit.

David Waterman says:

wow, so much hand waving…taught to present by an American, I guess.

jcval87 says:

I will wait the Model 3

Charlton Hawkins says:

Yes! New episode 🙂

serbanmike says:

Did you ever  believed that Obama promises   will become reality ? Look at Solyndra flop, look at his “government transparency ” success . We had to find out  from Snowden that NSA is spying on Americans and world population ( all this  using  my tax money, however without my approval or anybody  else approval ) .  Dig a bit and find out where is Obama coming from . That would put to rest all your expectations..

NZJacobNZ says:

Comparing a Model 3 and a Bolt is like comparing an audi a4 to a VW golf. One is a premium sedan and one is a pretty common hatchback. In my opinion you would be bonkers to take the more expensive Bolt rather than waiting for the cheaper yet more premium looking Model 3

Sly Assiamah says:

My company is called SWX, elon wanted the 3 to be called the model E but Ford had patents. Moreover, TEN …Xbox One S come on our first shirt called day won! Tesla stole SWXY too!

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