Car Tech 101: The skateboard under your Tesla

What’s flat in the middle with wheels at both ends? Your next car. If you’re planning on buying an electric car, a skateboard chassis might be in your future. Brian Cooley tells us his thought on the future of the common EV platform:


Qamishli Syria says:

this is the first time ever i would like to own and drive a pick-up truck since this Rivian R1T.

Carlos Castillo says:

Master session! Thanks

Dan Sanger says:

It seems like GM pioneered a lot of things. If the bean counters had just gotten out of the way, they’d be ahead of Tesla right now.

FastLikeUNO says:

The lack of an engine is good for another reason, no block to get shoved into your lap when an accident occurs. You finally get a legitimate crumple zone up front.


Ok we’re almost there now let him review the car and make it 20 minutes

Matthew Burroughs says:


Fiki Firmansyah says:

I’m proud to be skateboarder & electrician.

Porismita Boruah says:

Clickbaity title

Matteo Tortello says:

I love it!!!

Steven Barrett says:

Nice one !

diane gonzalez says:

Lots of skating lately Cooley I might add

H.Ayvaz says:

“skateboard design”? GM gets credit for creating it? What about all the electric RC cars since the early 90s.The all seem to have the “skateboard design”.They just scaled everything up, including Tesla.

Mike G says:

What happens if the battery gets punctured in an accident? Would it quickly start on fire like regular lithium ion batteries?

Joe C says:


Trends Inspiration says:

With all this money on R&D they forgot to get a good designer fot this car ! God damz the front of this pickup is UGLY !!

Maria Larreynaga says:

Are we going back to Body on the Frame platform from Unibody platform….  maybe this time we use more batteries and motors….

Edward Mitchell says:

I too found the lack of mentioning Tesla Motors in this video troubling. Tesla Motors put this “Skateboard” design to use well ahead of the rest of the automotive industry that is to include the pitiful GM who took the bailout money they got a ran firing fifteen thousand people just before the holidays. Why is Tesla Motors treated like someone giving a speech at a church event of someone trying to make sure they don’t use any curse words?

richystar2001 says:

I see the Rivian hoax car… Designed to suck up investor money with the production of no end product.

Mario Torrez Quant says:

Please Brian, do more reviews as only you can do

Zoya Spencer says:

Tesla decided not to patent anything. Which is good news for other auto makers.

Hintonbro says:

Yes!! Electric cars are selling like crazy!

Elon Musk says:

You combustion engine you lose

DCP DCP says:

Everything old is new again. Body on frame is now body on skateboard.

knowledge share says:

Well done.

subhojit ojha says:

Whr is tesla in the video as the headline suggest?

Torin Shields says:

I was there I was literally at the Detroit auto shoe when GM introduced the skateboard platform idea and even then I thought it was an awesome idea and then they did absolutely nothing with it.

Adrian Nel says:

I think that the first talk of any kind of skateboard platform may have been as long ago as the seventies. Does anybody else recall anything along these lines?

Archit Goel says:

Very strange. You mention Tesla in your title, but “DO NOT” mention or credit them even once with the skateboard design.
And, GM invented it? LOL. It was an FCV “concept” car. We should not credit “concept” cars with innovation, because by that standard we would already have a Turbine and Nuclear cars.

Please credit Tesla, because Rivian is using a lot of features they innovated/popularized:
– Skateboard
– electric motors
– OTA update
– Cylindrical cell battery architecture.
– Full Glass Roof
– Single BIG screen replacing knobs

To not due credit to Tesla is inappropriate. Especially when you are using their name in the title to attract clicks.

Chandima Gooneratne says:

Question cooley !! If it’s a skateboard design does that mean it can be classified as an body on frame construction and if so does that compromise structural stiffness vs a traditional modern uni body.

DigiClectic09 says:

Yes! Finally a “universal” Platform!

Ivan Vojt says:

The future will be how many kW can you cram into a vehicle without intruding in to the Frunk, Passenger, Cargo / Bed space. Once high speed / wireless charging is perfected regen braking & its added weight may go away. Rotor style brakes will disappear as well.

Bryce says:

I see Cooley I hit the like button

The Lone Wanderer says:

So much ignorance

EV Owner says:

Boy, it was painful to watch him NOT SAY TESLA.

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