Car Tech 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport review

Tesla’s roadster goes a little faster and gets a grown-up cockpit.


bg1379 says:

I can’t believe that he has popped his collar.

Simba TheGreat says:

its laptop batteries…and everything the GM EV1, and Toyota RAV4 EV had

Jagdeep Singh says:

ugly interior !!!!

DarkKnight719 says:

3,000 for a JVC head unit….LMAO!

GoncaloM08 says:

I’ve heard about that “brick” problem, it’s really bad. However, electric car users aren’t the kind of people that constantly try to push their car to the edge; they’re the kind of people who are environmentally conscious, try to save as much electricity as possible and do regular check-ups to the car.
I think that competition is a good thing, because every time a car manufacturer launches something innovative other car manufacturers try to launch something even better, and that’s good.

s0nnyburnett says:

Tesla Roadster, runs on DC power. Why don’t they call it the Edison roadster?

Mike Ennamorato says:

@TheOneNo20 Your stupid so shut up!Battery powered cars are the future!!!

AFS 07 says:

no matter how much you reupholster it, lotus interior feels very cheap compered to the price tag

tj88966 says:

@sexyboi142 i think its because of r and d

Eric Prince says:

@savagesteve13 exotic? they’re laptop batteries…

GoodyearBandit says:

that finish, looks homemade.

Ant Powell says:

244 miles on a charge in 2010. Just imagine how far you will be able to go in an all electric Ford in, let’s say the year 2017.

TheOneNo20 says:

@mikennamorato Haha, a very compelling argument there. Not to worry, time will prove you wrong.

GoncaloM08 says:

I see, but in my opinion gap technology is a good way to test what’s being/has been developed and perfect the product gradually according to consumers’ opinion/reviews.
And why do you think that storing energy in batteries is “fundamentally flawed and hopelessly impractical”?

TheOneNo20 says:

That’s true, although the problem of who bares responsibility for the life of the battery remains something of an unresolved issue. Google Tesla’s brick problem. There are still massive financial exposures that EV ownership brings. ‘They’ say that Honda are planning to upscale production in 2015 of a revised version of their groundbreaking FCX Clarity & sell worldwide. It will be interesting to see how the market and surrounding infrastructure responds to the ensuing battle of FCEV’s & EV’s.

GoncaloM08 says:

I don’t think it’s a stupid idea. Both fuel-powered and electric-powered cars have their ups and downs, which are being improved as we “speak”. Many reviewers say that electric cars are fun to drive because you don’t have any gears, similar to putting a fuel-powered car on Neutral on a downhill with one or two turns, it feels surprisingly good (don’t do that for long though, because there’s the risk of the engine turning off and you’ll be unable to steer the car). If I was rich, I would have…

King Sorrow says:

I like Tesla, but can never seem to find one for sell.

Ankur Shah says:

“Our Roadster is called Very Orange. Uhhh yeah.”

TheOneNo20 says:

Battery powered cars – what a stupid idea.

TheOneNo20 says:

I have no gripe with electric powered vehicles, I believe hydrogen fuel cells are the future of personal transport. I just think that storing your energy in a battery is fundamentally flawed and hopelessly impractical. Stop gap technology, kind of like the betamax.

dunhillsupramk3 says:

i know i know usually when America makes a car its total shit because the company makes it as cheap as possible but this car is different

drxmario2 says:

4:37 “This car really goes uhhhhhh” Imao, I don’t know why, but I could listen to that over and over again. Should put it in a song.

PulletSurprise says:


CNET is a fucking consumer technology website, you dumb cunt. What do you expect him to review? The seat ergonomics?

ProWhiteCat says:

because it has anal aids

TheOneNo20 says:

(cont) be a sports car, ie enthusiastic driving is not only to be expected, but encouraged. That’s the entire point of a sports car, not that I think such a heavy vehicle can even fall into that category but that’s a separate discussion. In this configuration a battery powered EV is surely an oxymoron is it not?

Schpankme Verimuch says:

Why is the ‘hydrogen fool cell’ the future of personal transportation?

GoncaloM08 says:

I never thought of that, you’re right. However, most people don’t use a car for a longer period of time than the period during which they use their computer (I use my computer a lot). To most people, a car’s a daily commuter so they just use it to drive back home from work or to pick up groceries later. It’s not something they use a lot like some people use their computers.

851995STARGATE says:


Simba TheGreat says:

why is this car 100k+

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