Car Tech – Porsche’s Mission E previews an all-electric, Tesla-fighting Panamera
The Porsche Mission E has four doors, four seats, 600 horsepower and the hearts of everyone who has seen it here in Frankfurt.


Ronin1Wolf says:

That’s all is going to be, a concept. At least make it a hot wheels toy car.

Luis José Tejada Díaz says:

Love the wheels

Theodor Michailow says:

a step in the right direction

NST QeiL says:

from looking at the car , not many people going to get to buy since you need money..

Cervelo R5 says:

Wish Model S front looked as good as this car

Exotic Ambitions says:

I hope they put this car for production. It is absolutely stunning and beautiful!

GamingHardwareChannel says:


Halim Boy says:

How do you spell porche with the correct spelling?

kit p says:

What is the point of having a concept car if the car won’t look like the concept car? honest question here, this car is very beautiful and I would definitely buy this if I have the money.

Andreas Seifert says:

sad its only a study. i thought first they would sell this car. they should. its what people want. instead of selling this car they will water it down. i mean the inovations in this car arent ahead of their time. its what people want. but if this is a study and not a production car than they will take only a few innovations and make another car witch wil, be a mix of what has been before and just some new. the car manufactirers dont get it. this concept car is what people want, not the old stuff.

fidorover says:

The headlights look like someone put black duct tape over them to keep ’em from falling out.
I was rocking the same look when my 1986 Chevy Cavalier started falling apart (in 1987).

Jerry Blizzard says:

I will not purchase any electric car, until they are also solar-powered only.

YC JONI says:

The headlights look a bit strange to me – it looks as if the face of the car is crying.

raymondsums says:

Ugh…. those headlights…. Tesla FTW

Criticentity says:

sexy designed to be Eco friendly he’ll yeah.

cadsux says:

I’m sick of auto journalists calling any upscale high horsepower sedan car as “Tesla fighter”. Elon Musk has said over and over again, he want’s so-called competition. His original goal is to make the electric car desirable, practical, and eventually affordable. He want’s all automakers to make more cars powered electrically, and not just meet minimum government requirements. That’s why he has open patents for all automakers to use. He’s not about brand snobbery. Only auto snobs care about that.


CRAP!! It will cost around 200k!

Daniel Costello says:

what a jab at tesla


Yes, ! a step in the right direction!

David Gardner says:

It’s cool how Tesla set the trend for EVs to have slide-out door handles. Every concept EV I’ve seen after the Model S made production has had those handles.

youtube commenter says:

a lot of 918 DNA inside this car, and that’s a good thing.

Arik Haydn says:


Eclipse says:

Next is flying cars that run on nuclear reactors.

JIDB says:

I like the back but the front looks a bit weird

Marc Nobel says:

This is the other car they promised after winning Le Mans. It will not replace the panamera, it`s one size under the Panamera and on a total different chassis and technology. Next 2 years you will see it and it will not look far away from this model 😉

lobreddemon says:

Dang that’s sick

Br Tweets says:

they definitely should try to make this. gorgeous car.

Sherwin Seby says:

I agree. It is a good looking car. It just ain’t a gorgeous one.

Perfo. Turbocharged says:

mega shit car …car for fun boys kids ..only retard like a buy this shit bettle crap

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