CAR TOUR OF MY NEW TESLA (ft. Heath Hussar)

Nothing like a fun little car walk through with the dad. This is a tesla model x p90d



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Natalia Vazquez says:

im here after watching Scotts vídeo showing us his new Tesla

Yuri Katsuki•3• says:

I’m younger than 15 and I swear to God I’m buying a Tesla I don’t care how much money this costs

11alliLo says:

If someone were to accidentally leave a kid in the car, the car also senses that there is someone in there even though the car is off and will cycle the air in the car…. (hubby works at the Tesla building)

Valeriana Munoz says:

That my deam car XD l love it it sooooo cool



Mercedez Robles says:

When I watched this vid and david was talking about his Mercedes I was shocked cuz thats name and i dont really hear people talk abiut my name .I bet no one even gives a shit

Fantastic Me says:

Best car ever

Kiwi Magic says:

The song at the end is dope man what song is it? Oh yeah, and I like ur car too.

Noor Al Ain Ayoob says:

Damn what was the outro song

Tanisha Larson says:

that shit is seriously dope as fuck

Barbara Bermudes says:

Thought the car was super amazing and cool. Up until the point where they open the charge port and mention that it takes no gas. I lost all interest and felt something die inside. The fuck is wrong with me?!

May Baker says:

Lizza and you do a challenge

Taylor Jones says:

holy. fucking. shit.

Zyde says:

I want a tesla

alex 2222 says:

I’m jealous

Ava Dubois-Woods says:

Where the fuck is the lil flat screen kids tv I thought every new type of car has one WTFF DAVID R U SURE THATS REAL

Paulina Dario says:

So if a car can drive itself then a kid can drive it

Ms. Fun maker says:

I want a Tesla now

Coral Chip says:

I don’t know if I should be jealous, happy, or done.

Bright*Sky* Night says:

Omg how much was that.

Queen Aurelia says:

If the us ever goes to shit everyone run to davids car we will be safe there

WooingWithWu says:

even a car review is entertaining.

Ivan Chen says:

Liza should do driving with the tesla

Jara Clark says:

that moving the sound to where ever you want isn’t special my moms car can do that

EmeroldGamer Radovanovic says:

So what i have a tesla but my parents have a Lamborghini

Ivan Chen says:

What Tesla Is it model s x or 3

Mr Zoki says:

An suv that goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds to put that into prospective the bugatti chiron goes from 0-60 in 2.3 seconds… the bugatti chiron goes 288mp/h or 463km/h

Maddy Carroll says:

What year is it

Jenna Belle says:

and here i am debating on whether or not a 90 dollar keurig is worth it

Lokesh Lakhram says:

0 to 60 is acually 2.9 seconds

CutieKoala05 says:

Ok that’s so cool

Hope Hawkins says:

Im in love

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