CNET On Cars – Tesla Model S: Still the best car in the world? – Ep. 46

CNET revisits the Tesla Model S now that it’s a bona fide mass production hit, explore drive-by-wire technology, and learn how technology can only partly neutralize those damaging potholes.


Timothy Richey says:

funny how he complained of it not having driver assistance packages. but now the car can literally drive it’s self

BklynJayL says:

I wouldn’t buy it. It have too many ‘what if’ factors, for me.

Kristjan Preka says:

review the new tesla P85D

StuG III F says:

Why is this video age restricted? wtf?

Patrick Star says:

that wheel by resilient tech sure gives someone trypophobic the creeps lol

Krisna Sri says:

i want to use this for my driving test.

ruzzell907 says:

If I own a Tesla I would drive to Texas and point a middle finger to the gas stations and to the homes of those who banned the sale of Tesla cars in the state
I don’t like profanity but I think it’s very justifiable because it’s for the planet and our future

Lost says:

that Muqadishu refrence was Hilarious 12:40 i was born there i wasnt offended.

Jerzeecanuck says:

100 members of OPEC disliked this video.

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Very ugh car

TheManYouNeedToBe says:

I wonder if the government regulators and Lawyers would be OK with another brand installing child murder seats in the back? Religion not a real company, and like all crooked preachers he will be caught with his pants down.

D.E. Sarcarean says:

@CNET: You should do another update on this car! Because since this video has come out, Tesla has solved or added almost all of the things you wanted: AWD, AutoPilot / driving assists, 4G LTE, backup indicators, longer range (90D is 290 miles), and a LOT more Superchargers. Everything except, well, price.

Go Revive Yourself says:

Driving while looking at porn on a full screen…. hm….

yasaswy nagavolu says:

Should have been a zillion updates since this video is made and all he asked, should be in there by now..

5 Dirt and a Diamond says:

this is now 4/19/2015, and now they have *ALL* the driving assist ever, and all-wheel drive.

iMiguelAOG says:

Wow, the new model has pretty much everything you said was missing and now doesn’t charge a whole ton for extras that should have been included.

Sasha says:

вопрос где купить аналоги батареи и двигателя тесла и поставить на ваз 2114

Legoformerguy says:

Can someone tell me why this CAR REVIEW is age restricted?

Zulquar Anwar says:

Now this car creates a new market for ‘car antivirus’ or ‘spyware’. Imagine being locked up in your by a ransomware, who wouldn’t open the door for you (or even try to kill you), until you pay the money, given that everything in this car is drive-by wire system, with no direct mechanical link.

Jason van Biezen says:

Uh… yea the charge-time list was pretty simple. Why complicated?

mark williams says:

Really nice with the tesla you need mechanics who are tesla trained . Do they have colleges nation wide?lol

Rytis Kurcinskas says:

Buttons are better ,,
why ? well imagine your blasting at 100 miles and hour ,,, on the autobahn ,,,, and you feel abit to hot from all the adrenaline in your blood ,,, your heart is pounding ,,,, in a bmw you just press a button and turn a knob without taking your eyes off the road ,,,, totaly living up to bmw slogan ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE ,,,,
no the tesla ,,, same scenario ,,,,, you have to slwo down and keep touching that stupid screen ,, which is unresponsive , gets dirty ,,,, and is x10 times longer ,,,, well you get the point which is better and why one is better over the other ,,,

Joseph Brody says:

I have been watching airless tires/ tweels for over 10 years, but it has never been successful.

ruzzell907 says:

How can we move forward to an electric future when we don’t even give Tesla a chance
Tesla haters breathe pollution

Clesarie says:

The model S is awesome but a little to high tech. Like using a touchscreen to open a sunroof? No thanks. In fact you could get rid of that giant screen give me a traditional nav and some cheaper buttons and cut the price down to me. Im sure a lot of people would agree. Also no mention of heated and chilled leather seats. At $100k its a must.

Keyhan Hadjari says:
Brad says:

Would you rather buy a Tesla Model S or a Maserati Ghibli?

Jens Jorgensen says:

I’ll never give up a throaty v8

Browning Lui says:

This is gonna be my car!

Julien says:

rear wheel drive only? i thought the D series where Dual drive??
You are testing the D series…

Justin Buice says:

it scares me when ALL of the controls differ to the display. If the LCD goes out (which it eventually will) you will hardly even be able to drive back to the dealership to have it replaced.

loctite222ms says:

It’s debatable whether it ever was the best car.   It’s pretty nice, but the best?  Don’t think so.  It can’t do some things that much some less expensive cars can.  Apparently it also stops regeneration once you hit the brake pedal.

Dennis Xu says:

Don’t F1 cars refill often in a race? How are they going to recharge the battery quick enough if their vehicles are completely electric? Sure they can swap the battery but that would still take a lot longer than just filling a car with gas, I’m assuming.

ZS K says:

I always though USA has the best roads not the worst potholes.

Plato86 says:

It uses a DC converter? Didn’t the real Telsa do away with DC converters with his AC polyphase system based off an induction motor? What happened?

famouesDavid7890 says:



I rode in a brand new Tesla a few weeks ago, and that ride has confirmed that it is literally the best car in the world.  I was in the middle trim one.  4 Wheel drive (thanks to two motors), and the power delivery is just jaw dropping.  I had to remind myself that there is a Tesla with 2.8 second 0-60 (the one I was in was 4 seconds) and that kind of frightens me.

Kevin Davidson says:

Turn-by-turn navigation is now a standard feature. The backup camera now shows a predictive driving path when you turn the wheel. An all-wheel drive version is available. Additional battery capacity models are available up to 100 kWh. It now has collision avoidance and cruise control standard. Optional driver assistance features included autopark, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping. Park sensors are now standard. The base model S 60 has a list price of $66,000 before a $7,500 federal tax credit.

IKEABleistiftman says:

the caption is offensive, it never was the best car

Remus says:

Cnet still has its class. Thanks.

Remus says:

If they change Teslas front I mean to put on it a radiator imitation or something like that, then they probably would sell 10 percent more cars.
What is now there is laughable, a cheap plastic plate. Cmon Elon. Hire a proper car designer who can produce something like Aston Martin design. I love Aston Martin not because it is the best car but because how it looks. It is more classy than Ferrari or Lambo. So a classy car will sell. Always.

Chris Sharek says:

My son gets my 2011 Volt later this year.  Model S is next for me.

Harrison Houde says:

This is the car that will save you in the apocalypse as you won’t have to search for gas ever. Get some solar panels, carry your charger with you and you should be golden. 

Matt T says:

Aww Cooley’s cat has his own FB page. Adorbs. 4:05

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

No USB stick?

necrojoe says:

With the airless tires, I love the idea, but it may not be ideal for everyone. A slightly-under inflated tire can give you better grip in loose soil, and even crawling through snow..and they get under-inflated naturally at lower temperatures. However, these “tires” with plastic spokes will likely not only not deflate slightly (due to air condensing at lower temperatures), but the plastic would likely get stiffer/less flexible at colder temperatures, as well. I don’t necessarily think it’s make-or-break, and the technology is so new for road cars that I’m sure there will be advances, as well as owners just needing to re-learn how a car handles in certain situations like they did when disc brakes were released, or run flats, etc.

Suryavel Chandra says:

Santana Row

Tom Tompkins says:

Here’s a deciding factor, when Detroit sells me a car and then pays for fuel for the life of the vehicle, I might by one.

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