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We check out Tesla’s P85D with the 7.0 Autopilot update and demo it along with Insane mode. Also included is WD’s EX4100 NAS, and the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone. Enjoy!

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David Douglas says:

What camera did you use for shooting that drone?

Milan says:

Im not sure about the MyCloud…there is ownCloud for years, and its not device bounded. And its opensource, and free.

Earl Phillips says:

Why is everyone freaking out about this auto pilot thing. Mercedes s class had it for a year already.

ooog yubari says:

Yeah lol I wonder how long until even school has autopilot features so I don’t have to do homework 😀

Justin Grindley says:

Believe it or not, I quite like this car unlike a year ago where I said I hated it. The only problem is that if this abolishes driving tests and makes learning how to drive obsolete, I’ll be damned (pissed).

Samsun 03 says:

Are you and Austin evans best friends?

A.S. R. says:

Went nuclear on dat lyke button

Jengweng Palmer says:

It’s So coolcool

John Kall says:

Look, ma! No hands!!

Jengweng Palmer says:

Is than car real ?

unkown says:

for some reasons, i’m thinking…what if..someone hacked the whole system of the car?

Prateek Singhal says:

Smashed my Macbook Pro .(

Erick Salazar says:


Yue Tang says:


Manavk03 says:

my mums getting a tesla really looking forward to autopilot it looks siiiiiiiiiiiiicccccckkkk!!!!!1

Daryl says:

What’s the name of this song?

Pablo Amazeballs says:

My friend has like 5 of those cars


i need a tesla love it so much

Taurusa Mahda says:

Waaaaa future car! Awesome!

Kage 25 says:


Tima Finish says:

Is it your car?

Otto Modinos says:

RAID is not backup…

Dennis Schmitz says:

whats that for a lamp in the end of the video with the little rocks inside and the orange light? is it from phillips?

Benjamin Gottfridsson says:

MyCloud? LOL. Google Drive and Google Photos. MyCloud #rekt

Christian Jason Ulat says:

who’s that guy beside Jonathan?

Aidan Rajaratnam says:

Holly shit!. Hook me up with this track? Seriously what is it?!

Brainy Bastin says:

Whats the background music at the starting

Juan Bredice says:

i want your work! jaja

fedemtz66 says:

Is it yours?? The Tesla

jared battle says:

I’m honestly in love with this car

shrikant shinde says:

make review on xiamo mi4i

Amox says:

Driving a gtr with a 5k mac in the back
Cuz they see me rollin they hatin

Conor Richard says:

absolutely beautiful!

Rob Ash says:

Great vids Jonathan.
You always manage to have fantastic colour depth in all your videos, how do you manage to do that? Is it a technique you use in post production or just good camera settings?
Cheers mate.

Phillip Zaphiropoulos says:

Loving these videos Mr. Morrison! You really know how to work with a camera and get those perfect shots!

JG RC says:

Song name????

Imperial - Clash Royale says:

Hopefully rich Asians get their hands on the new Tessa’s so I don’t have to crash into them in the future

Nikas Ni says:


Villok says:

I’m a simple man. I see a Tesla, I click.

Ingal says:

I like how my add for the video was the video

Programming Cats says:

Please keep doing Coolest Tech on the planet!!

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