Crazy Tesla Model X Tech Features On episode of Driving with John Chow, I talk about some of the crazy tech features found in the Tesla Model X.


Jean Delafontaine says:

too much talk, it’s not a podcast, it’s a video! Show us features by pictures not by your talk.

Thurston Pilgrim says:

Very interesting future… like the one in Wall-E

moholinagy says:

This guy has a jaguar and he gets a Tesla X for free that opens and close his garage door… ok

Yuvaraj R says:

nice explain

Dr. Whiteside says:

Stop talking so much, show us the features.

Police Asian says:

And it’s made in china yes John

Kenz300 x says:

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Climate Change is real….. we will all be impacted by it.
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Ezduztube says:

Hello! How did you get the car for free? Thanks!

Yuvaraj R says:

nice explain sri

Berean Smith says:

how do you setup the hotspot?,

Kenz300 x says:

TESLA….fast…… fun……..and clean………..NO EMISSIONS………..
Showing all other auto manufacturers the future………………..
Electric cars, bikes and mass transit are the future…..fossil fuel ICE cars are the past…………..
Think teen agers vs your grand father…………………. cell phones vs land lines…….
NO EMISSIONS……..climate change is real………
Save money……no stopping at gas stations… oil changes……..less overall maintenance……

Gustav Herweg says:

you mention that you can start a hotspot in the car using the teslas LTE, how do you do that?

J. Ward says:

Good review John

Sebastian Png says:

driving while talking, what is he talking about? cant see any feature of the car, wasting my time

Chubcakes Mcgee says:

Here’s what’s funny, last week your vlog popped up because of the Tesla searches I’ve done, but man what a find it turned out to be. As a web designer, last year, I helped a client put together a click funnel in WordPress. I had 0 understanding of what he was attempting to do initially. I’ve periodically looked at affiliate marketing since as an additional revenue source, but never really found a system that wasn’t extremely cheesy and overpriced for the advice given (I had access to someone’s “guaranteed to get rich training system” because of the work I was doing.) In just one week of discovering your channel, you’ve provided advice and knowledge that was worlds ahead of anyone I’ve seen offer in their paid content.

Keep up the awesome work. I’m amused by the comments on your videos, many completely miss what you are actually delivering to them.

Keep it up, it is much appreciated.

Westlipha says:

“I just cut my haircut” seriously!!!

Yuvaraj R says:

nice explain sri

Yuvaraj R says:

nice explain sri..

morpheusmann says:

Watching you talk only is boring. Show the car features while you talk at the same time. Dreadful video.

Bobby White says:


Eshan is Fugglierestierest says:

Who else noticed the woman looking at the car at 0:50 ?

DubstepDinosaurs says:

Annoying that you and “like tesla” uses the same stock theme music

okgo says:

he was driving on Jeffery rd in Irvine.

arun prasad says:

it’s would be nice if you actually demonstrated the features

Gustavo Santiago says:

Talk less and show the car more

Byron Pop says:

Great Video!

non yo business - says:

this guy is the true stereotypical chinaman the way he talks cant help but laugh

VeganKimchi says:

Watching you from Macau! Thanks for all you do for us John, hope you are well, peace.

uterotourettes15 says:


Richard Bell says:

Nice theft of the tastytrade song. Dork.

MYM says:

Mr. Chow from The Hangover???

Sadeq Ameen Abed says:

hahaha people actually believe this guy? I went to his website and all he was doing was selling me bs ebooks and meetings without saying a word..

Xl S says:

Would be nice to actually see some of the features you are talking about…

andre pachi says:

great video Jhon!!


I don’t think Tesla allows hotspot piggy backing of the cars data connection.

volvotruck01 says:

To bad they are not building any special roads for you stupid cars omg I will never ever buy that car

jed redd says:

Wow that is amazing….I went to a customers house for my job and his next door neighbor had a tesla model x as well ……very cool car

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