Deep Dive: All the tech in the Tesla Model 3

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There’s so much different about the Tesla Model 3 we had to make a separate video just to walk you through the interior! Full review:

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Kelly Rayburn says:

The wheels/rocker switches on the steering wheel are multi-function. In autopilot they can control speed and separation. Depending on the mode your in on the touch screen, they can control the steering wheel tilt/positioning, Windshield wipers, AP as described above and other things. It’s really quite ingenious.

Buy Retweets Online says:

Great video, really informative and host is clear and fair. But why would changing autopilot car lengths using the touch screen be unsafe. The car would already be in autopilot mode driving itself anyways so whether you have to interact with the touch screen or not doesn’t have an immediate bearing on safety. In an emergency you would just apply the brakes or steer.

Michael Schend says:

Would not call it a deep review as he missed a lot, such as the scroll wheels multi function for mirrors, steering wheel etc. just to name a few.

Lee Elliott says:

You had to wait for the car to unlock, wow, and those third world starving kids think they’ve got it rough.

MICHGO1 says:


J Borcz says:

I’m assuming Tesla plans to correct what people view as unsafe flaws in touchscreen commands while driving with future updates to voice command?

Haider Alshimary says:

what a lot of reviewers fail to say is that this car was designed to be “ride sharing” ready.
the reason why you have most controls on one centred display is that the owner of the model 3 could eventually lock and onlock options for the other users.

they have in europe a lot of BMW i3 which you can rent fron the side of the road and unlock with a card and pay the used time.

Hirav Parekh says:

Hi, I wanted to know that if you are listening to music on a bluetooth headset connected to phone and walk up to Model 3 would it still unlock or not?
Do you have to manually disconnect the headset then connect the phone to car to get in and then connect bluetooth headset again to phone

Жан Трушев says:

What about towing?

Sam says:

Model 3 looks like an excellent car! The ONLY thing holding me back is the control for the windshield wipers, and setting the speed and follow-distance on the cruise-control. Some things I just want to do blindly and have it right near the steering wheel for the best driving experience, and I really wish they can add these as levers soon.

belin19104 says:

Hey, you can adjust the car distance between you and other cars using the steering wheel control button you don’t have to use the screen. I think tesl a is looking at these critics and updating the car continuously….brillant…I love it! An evolving automobile

Gowtham Natarajan says:

This is just a bad design.

ratmtbola says:

In my book, technology should make life easier and more simple. Not more complicated and unsafe. What’s wrong with having an extra stock for the wipers or cruise control? Cars have had that for I don’t know how long and I have honestly never heard anyone complain about that. How on earth does jamming absolutely everything into a touchscreen make a car better? The lack of an instrument cluster or a screen like in the Model S/X in front of you is absurd as well. They could have at least added a HUD so you don’t have to take your eyes of the road every time you want to check your speed or the navigation.
Either Tesla was trying way too hard to do something different here just for the sake of it or they did it because of cost cutting. Either way a really bad decision that takes a lot from an otherwise great car.

Masacci. Boi says:

The Tesla is not going to age well

cabbage says:

well then fuck a model 3

George Hawley says:

Pretty shallow for a “deep” dive, especially if you don’t know how the features work. Several errors in the video.

Matthew Lyon says:

When he says, “all the tech”, what he really means is, “all the stuff that annoys me repeated over and over”

The Gaming Norwegian says:

Honestly, i dont get the bitching about this car.
All of the things on that car can be software updated, i dont see the BMW`s doing that ?(yes i bring up BMW cause this guy keeps comparing the model 3 to 3 series) nope.. u have to ask them to change the interface or whatever. While Tesla can do it just with a software update.
Plus the 3 series fully loaded is 5k more expensive then tesla fully loaded…

And people here comparing Model 3 Autopilot with Audi A8 autopilot? like, r u drunk? The A8 is like 3 times more expensive, i dont see audi putting autopilot in their normal cars like tesla…

Not Sure says:

The bluetooth connection issues are not present on iOS devices.

T Weaver says:

Near field communication (NFC). Not RFID

TheAutomotiveMan says:

Too bad they couldn’t have added a small little screen in front of the driver for at least speed and gear; this center screen is nice, but should t be for absolutely everything

Vlado says:

I hope that touch screen dashboards don’t become widely accepted. What a terrible way to manage your car while driving.

Dave says:

i think they really need to develop accessorise and sell accessorise as well. if they design the dash as a table. put stuff on the table is normal. the speed dial can be a watch kind accessorise stick on the dash table and connected with wireless tech as such. this will open a whole new possibility world of own a tesla.

mosezgo says:

I’m not concerned about what the difference is between the Model S and the Model 3 as you reference quite a bit. As a person who has not driven a model S or X, and have ordered a Model 3, why do I care what other cars do or don’t do?

MITHUN Oorath says:

Now most of those controls are brought to the controls on the steering wheels. Power of OTA updates.

Nick Lee says:

There’s a new phone page so it gets its own page instead of swiping and wipers have been updated and improved

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