Echo! Tesla Layoffs, Tokyo Motor Show Previews, Model 3 Delay Causes- TEN Future Car News 10/20/2017

Due to a microphone failure, today’s show doesn’t have its usual high-class audio. We’re sorry — but decided you’d rather have a show than not!

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about:

Pushed? – Tesla fires hundreds of employees, but why?
Big Spending  – How $80 billion has been spent thus far in autonomous vehicles with no ‘clear’ leader. –
Trail By Brooklyn – GM to send its autonomous cars to New York –
Green Lit  – Battery plant in Tennessee where LEAF batteries are made gets green light to go ahead, despite impending sale. –
Upgrade Time – Zero Motorcycles updates its lineup for 2018 with longer range, more performance.
Tokyo Mobility – Nissan hints at new EV unveil coming in Tokyo later this month – 
No Credits For You!  – Tesla confirms Model 3 will come without Supercharger credits – 
Adopting Standards – Tesla adopts new charging standard for China. - 
Northern Light – Volvo unveils Polestar 1 EV Concept – 
Crazy Good – September Chinese EV sales figures show EVs really taking off –, while BAIC chairman says we’ll see the one millionth Chinese EV made next year – 
Blame Game  – Oppenheimer says suppliers are to blame for slow Model 3 ramp up. 
Going Dutch  – The Netherlands decides to ban all internal combustion engined vehicles from its roads in just twelve years’ time –
Never gonna Give You Up – Toyota plans new fuel cell concepts for Tokyo – 
Need To Peak – Volkswagen announces return to Pike’s Peak with EV race car –
Floating Power – World’s first floating wind farm goes live, produces electricity for the first time –


Andrew Hunter says:

I hope you’ve battered down the hatches. The east coast is in for some very wet weather over the next few days.

Keith Allen says:

Shame about the main mic failing, good job you run a backup, still fine to listen to ☺

lessdeth69 says:

Go Netherlands! I’m tired of breathing crap!

TRY to HELP you says:

great report!

Q5000 says:


Anders Sjöberg says:

Good that you get more patreons. Really like what you do!

sleeknub says:

“Plug-in vehicles are only as clean as the power used to create the electricity that they rely on to move”. This is idea is repeated over and over again. I get the point, but it actually isn’t true. Electric vehicles are massively more efficient than ICE vehicles. Because of this I bet we would be significantly better off if all vehicles were electric, even if our electricity were generated by burning hydrocarbons.

I’m bothered by this statement because it can feed misconceptions about electric vehicles and allow people to ignore the fact that electric vehicle technology is just plain superior, in many ways.

MrWisemasterful says:

We have no plan to ban combustion engines in 12 years… (Echt, ik ben Nederlands en dit is onzin). Where did you get that nonsense?

Elektrotehnik says:


Goucho1UK. An Old Git Gaming says:

Do you not proof your videos before upload plus before publishing?? 2 minutes in Audacity would fix. A symptom of Youtube demonitization hitting channel quality 😉 This is a great channel and you do a good job and deserve to get a good income from it but keep the QC up to par 😉

psikot says:

better audio beats better camera every time

Mark Plain says:

Nikki you gona love this!! Take a look at this video… push ahead to min 28:39 and enjoy

alex tworkowski says:

Audio’s fine. I’ve heard SO much worse on YT. Don’t sweat it. The US will lose what to China? They own us. Wake up.


hope you’re feeling better Nikki. No worries about the audio. We understand!

coral irwin says:

You got your commercial back

yakyakyak69 says:

The point is to charge your EV overnight at home whenever possible instead of depending on super chargers. Electric bicycles are “EVs” to the Chinese. The Netherlands is TINY so range is not important.

Floda Reltih says:

Audio apology accepted

sam guapo says:

Audio is fine. Content is more important. Maybe you can fix your demonitization problem with Google/youtube directly. Give them a call. Tell them their AI sucks.

stu skivens says:

This where the electricity in the UK (link to France) come from

Dawid Babula says:

its more problem with echo.

Alberto Knox says:

The Polestar looks cool!

Richard Hart says:

@transportevolved nissans uk plant isnt in suderland it is called sunderland, it is in washington.

fatboy19831 says:

Niki, My audio is not very good on this video. There is like an echo. ?? Anyone else have this problem?

Ops I see the comments now.

Tyler Peterson says:

I like your new intro!

Blackunchained says:

Model3 owners getting screwed even before getting their cars.

Somun says:

I think I am getting some form allergy to the phrase “watch this space”

Russell Fine Arts says:

Great job Nikki and great info. Could you report on the progress of the solid state, glass battery? Even the solid-state, alone would be nice. Satk3 looked promising, a few years ago but have gone mostly silent. I believe when we start seeing batteries that can offer: ~400 mi range with 10-15 min. charge times, which I hope is really soon, we’ll see the end of petrol and diesel-powered car manufacturing. Semi trucks and commercial jets will follow, shortly after, spelling the end of oil, as we’ve known it.

Cats Paw says:

Now that’s a windmill!
Leave it to the Picts to get things done

Jon Timmis says:

Shame about the audio but it was a great show…Glad you have more supporters on Patreon now too

George Pupala says:

Nikki: Here’s a review for a brand new mike that might be helpful, especially on remotes:

Rob Gibb says:

try putting the low quality audio file into audacity and play around with some settings, you’ll be surprised how close you’ll be able to get it to the real thing.

suryadnb says:

Please go back to the old mic setup, the setup used for this video is… not great.

MrQlife says:

Ouch. What happened to the audio? Maybe put a carpet on te floor and curtains on at least 2 of the walls (non opposing)

surethom says:

Expecially here in UK & Europe we NEED 1 charging port &1 charging station that everyone can use excluding tesla all charging stations NEED quick charge options.

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