Elon Musk unveils Tesla Model 3 at Tesla Model 3 event

Elon Musk has revealed the Tesla Model 3 to the public for the first time. Unveiled at the company’s design studio in Hawthorne, California in front of a crowd of whooping and cheering customers and journalists, the Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla yet and hopes to bring electric cars to the mass market.

At the unveiling of the Model 3 this evening at the company’s design studio in Hawthorne, California, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the car will deliver at least 215 miles of range beginning at just $35,000 — that’s a bold claim, and an important one for Tesla to meet. Musk is “fairly confident” that deliveries will begin by the end of 2017, and “you will not be able to buy a better car for $35,000, even with no options.”

“0-60MPH in less than 6 seconds”

The base car will do 0-60MPH in less than 6 seconds, with versions that go “much faster.” Range will be at least 215 miles, but Tesla hopes to exceed those numbers in the final car. All Model 3 cars will include support for Tesla’s high-speed Supercharging network. “It’s about going where you want to go,” says Musk. By the end of 2017, when the Model 3 launches, Tesla says it will have a total of 7,200 Superchargers, double the number available today.

Like the Model S, the Model 3 will come in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions, and there’s a 15-inch landscape touchscreen inside — an interesting change from the 17-inch portrait touchscreen in the Model S and X. Autopilot hardware is standard, and all safety features will be active automatically. Five adults will fit comfortably — “comfortably is the important part here,” says Musk.

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SealTeamZero says:


selena flot says:

came from roosterteeth

Mark Lopez says:

The future is here!!!! bless Elon!!!!!

Mayur Patil says:

total no. of reservation until now?

Sorata sXy says:



snoopavision? ahhh april fools day is crazy

Ian H says:

Is Elon half Asian?

FrankValchiria says:

what i love about Elon is that he is so natural when he speaks, you can really see his personality shining through without being fake or rehearsed.
he is one of the few great innovator(not so much for the technology which was in use 100 years ago) but for the commitment in advancing humanity on a better path and that’s not a small feat.

Lexie Huselton says:

$35,000.00? That’s ridiculous.

bL33d77 says:

Damn I want this car but I just bought a Ford Fusion hybrid 🙁

telescope says:

Tesla Model 3 is a view from the inside and the first trip!

Jubach says:

Is the music from Inception?

ch yuth says:

Human is a great existence anyway. They have overcome what required at every single moment in human history in politic, energy, technology and others. Not only materials. With a number of intellectual concepts to relieve them and make them believe life is worth living for, human or we have been moving forward and so do we in the future. I’m sure, Tesla would be a considerable large part of this limitless evolution. Thanks very much and really appreciate.

rahim rahim says:

Elon Musk is super super

scoutniagara says:

The red one, is mine. 😀

Honesty Counts says:

NO INSTRUMENT PANEL in front of the steering wheel?
That is like the old Toyota Yaris, with their center mounted speedometer pod, and we know how badly that thing sold.
The least they could have done would be to put a separate small pod on the dash, above the steering wheel, showing just the basic speed and energy remaining indicators. A pod that could be moved to the right side of the dash for countries that have right-side mounted steering wheels.

Haider Khan says:

We arabs oppose this car launch and technology. we will bum_blast you again for this.

figuenoire says:

He seems more energetic and enthusiastic than ever. His voice also sound very different, maybe because he lost some weight. It must be a good time for Elon.
Wish I could get to see this man in flesh one day.

Skibble Dazzle says:

That’s all folks. Model 3 is here. Now wait for new version of Model S. Great Freedom.

Churchill Mamadeus says:

every time they clapped and cheered i wanted to punch somebody in the face

Jason Wang says:

This audio on this has been modified to give Elon a higher voice. Search for another version. I’ve listened to 30+ Elon musk interviews and this audio has been tweaked higher. Weird

Matthew James says:

10:40 “It has front and rear trunks” guy in audience: right on! … RIGHT ON!

Whoever thought Tony Soprano would be so enthusiastic about Tesla Motors?

halneufmille says:

No girl in bikini on the hood of the car? I’m confused.

Two Niner says:

Ok so riddle me this, since that red Model 3 prototype is actually a shell only (it has a wood/metal frame inside the body–no motor or battery), how did they get it out onto stage?

Tanay Gagrani says:

love tesla!!

took closely says:

forward thinking Genius

Pedro Delgado says:

I think a portrait screen is definitely needed. Its one of Tesla’s signatures that everyone wants.

Crazytech Trends says:

Read more about Tesla Model 3 on http://www.crazytechtrends.com/

do not obey says:

and no other can’t/want do it but him…

marc-andré lacroix says:

elon musk for president

Fudoobeer says:

Elon is so cute

Josh Viggiani says:

Man it must feel so rewarding being him at the end there. Standing in front of a crowd of people cheering at him, I heard a woman shout “thank you so much” and a guy shout “you did it!”

morlandoemtp says:

Please sign my petition at https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/reward-tesla-initiative-advancement-electric-car

If you have any suggestions please let me know, also please spread on social media.

andrew christie says:

I’m wishing I didn’t buy the jeep renegade now I would really love to have one of those model three’s.

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