Everything we know about Tesla’s Solar Roof

In 2016, Elon Musk presented a new product that may someday change the way we power our homes — it’s called Solar Roof.

Solar Roof is the brainchild of the Tesla-owned company, SolarCity. Unlike traditional solar panels, which are bulky and attach to your current roof, Solar Roof is designed to look like traditional roofing shingles.

Partnered with a battery pack called the Tesla Power Wall, homes can use power generated from the sun at night.

Solar Roof became available for pre-order on May 10. After a $1,000 deposit, Solar Roof will cost homeowners around $21.85 per square foot.

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Hayk Hayrapetyan says:


Henry Chang says:

shut up and take my money

rob diaz says:

He’s done it again.

Michael B. Prashanth says:

Musk changing the world.

Anonymous Chupacabra says:

Fat bastard

PS4 Custom Gamer says:

Stupid. Traditional solar panels are cheap but the waterproof housings are expensive, Elon just found a way to put solar panel prices back upto 90s prices.

Vlad B says:

Old stuff. Why post such video?

Victor Seal says:

Sorry, but the video told me nothing. How for instance are they going to be connected to a system, how does the system function, are the tiles connections guaranteed to last as long as the tiles, etc etc. .???

Evan Patten says:

thank you Elon Musk for moving forward when the American government is moving backwards.

dylan fourie says:

ok Elon, now come back to South Africa and bring all that back here with you 🙂

JoJoLux2013 says:

That’s promising. Bravo Elon, the real Tony Stark 🙂

Wiwit Ridhani says:

Thank you Elon for make technologies real and useful

《》《》NomiZ 《》《》 says:

Elon Musk is husk.

Ribeye Robert D says:

So little information in so much time.
A pure corporate vanity piece.
Suck my musky balls, you rich ass bitch.

Zunnuri Alexander says:

Everything we know about Elon: He’s fat.

chris77777777ify says:

Pitty nobody young can actually afford a home. Let along buy a new roof.

Unleash Power says:

This makes me want to play sims again

Sponge . says:

I don’t think people understand how revolutionary this is. Also, are the panels hail proof?

EveryThingOld says:

Tesla needs to develop a bra for its creator.

Ribeye Robert D says:

ps thank you for helping save the planet. Now work harder!

MisterOwlz says:

If it’s glass, won’t it break in hail? And I wonder if you could walk on it, not that you NEED to. Just wonder if it could hold your weight or if it’s too slippery

Carolina Cowboys says:

This is amazing and I can’t wait until they are affordable!

Gary Low says:

Take away the federal tax credits & this kind of charlatan ceases to exist. It’s all nice & “planet friendly”… but it’s all a ruse. Elon Musk is the greatest snake-oil salesman ever born.

Ryan Rittenhouse says:

The good life is making Elon chubby.

Elvenelder says:

beautifully packaged solution

GodismyJudge47 says:

I believe it’s actually supposed to be cheaper than regular roofs before the savings on electricity.

Let's Talk Retro says:

Who is better Elon or James Dyson?

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