Going for a ride in a Tesla Model S on Autopilot

Tesla doesn’t have a fully autonomous car yet. But, with the addition of Autopilot mode, cruising down the highway is now a hands-off affair.


Mary Kali says:

as with pilots, you should be attending the wheel. People are unpredictable

Grover Asylum says:

This douche can barely keep his eyes on the road. I welcome your new robot overlords.

Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ says:

This technology for partial-auto-pilot should only be for disabled people since able-bodied people are already getting quite lazy in first world nations. But of course, get the naive workers who are more mind programmed then ever before deceiving them into not having problem being lulled into a deceitful future scenario of ‘utopia’ thinking they are building the machines to ‘really help them, honest, we really are..” but really the machines are being built with all the fanfare being funded by the world’s top movers and shakers to truly build the machines that are going to replace man, since many of the machines made and built daily in the world are already doing that. They fool mankind that it’s going to be ‘better’.. but really.. it’s hollywood becoming reality bit by bit and by the time you are fully made a slave of the system unlike ever before in history, it’s too late to break out of the prison because you don’t even know you are in it.

tostoday says:

Cool but what if computer gets hacked.

Rajesh Vanga says:

Try that in india

Simon Wilson says:

i am so jealous of ppl who are having this! Oh damnit!

Jayanth Kumar says:

So good to see Tim Stevens 🙂 Hope you’re doing well, man. Loved your work at Engadget.

simonriddick says:

1:11 a what? 🙂

Chuck Norris says:

great, now I’m just two steps away from being able to drive have this
step 1: get a tesla
step 2: download autopilot

SuperFlameyTacoPlayz says:

He literally took the wheel to turn his foot was on the pedal and he never shifted lanes fake af

J.Santos says:

hey someone tell me how much is a TesLa Brand New???

Joshua Deale says:

what other excuse do i need?……. how about wayyyyyyy too expensive. i absolutely love the car, i test drove it myself, but the amount of payments per month is completely crazy. but i will one day have my own tesla. preferably model x

Jozsef Mezei says:

Tesla model S is not for the poor af people

whoRwe02 says:

Men exploit technology. Technology does not choose who/what owns it. Going for a ride – the comforts are good but it does not bring much comfort when accidents occur. Drivers and passengers come in variation but the worst is when there is no drivers/passengers at all. Loaded of jokes or trolls but the car itself maybe adjacent to certain modification for lethal object or toys.

zipking says:

not to make anything look bad but 2 years ago I drove an Audi A6 with all extras you could buy and it did basically the same… except you had to push one button for it to start driving again because it was not 100% sure there were no pedestrians I think BMW had a system by last year in the 7 series that didn’t require that either. So its a good thing to have in a tesla now as well but nothing new.

Anvay Sudame says:

This is a freakin’ SPY CAR man!!

EF15 says:

giveaway for 1 million subscribe ?

FranciscoJ Castrejon says:

o look they took a boring car and made it even more boring, congratulations

asdjfnljn3 says:

That’s cool, but where are the sensors?

Mary Kali says:

did we invent this so people can drink and drive?

Kostas Z. says:

im sticking to good old manuals…car were fked up already with automatic transmissions, now you make them drive by themselves. just get a fking taxi if you dont wanna/cannot drive. costs less. idiots….

redkos says:

Does it catch on fire for no reason like other Tesla’s too?

Lizzy the Ultimate Duck Wizard of Anatidae says:

In this case, you can take a snooze on the highway. And prepare to wake up and find yourself with 12 different tickets on your windsheild because you ran through some red lights, make some bad turns, and ran some people over. XD

unT studio says:

All the poor people are hating

Brian Tanyous Rasmussen says:

so basically, I would buy a Tesla if I don’t like driving.

kingshanaman says:

Artificial intelligence is difficult. It will take ages before a car can at all be as good as a human being. To replicate the power of the human mind is hard. Maybe impossible.

franki3Ru550 says:

I need one!

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