Have Tesla and Amazon Tech Titans Discovered Secret to Youth?

Have some tech billionaires discovered the fountain of youth? Elon Musk is the visionary behind Space-X and Tesla Motors. 20 years ago he had a receding hairline, but today, at age 46, he has bulging muscles and a full head of hair. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made headlines when he was photographed looking buff in a tight shirt. His stunning physique at age 54 inspired funny memes. So what’s their secret to reversing the clock?


Jovone Melendez says:

It’s called Hgh

Alyaa Saad says:


Milhouse says:

What’s the secret? Lots of money

Pretty Sure says:


Fryzzle says:

Gently apply some money on the skin and rub until you have had enough. Wallah.

On 2Wheels says:

When you have unlimited funds, you can hire nutritionists, trainers etc.

Stephen Jones says:


3 name changes allowed every 90 days says:

My left ear had a nice day

Gerardo Davila says:

I hope bazos dies. He is a horrible person.

Splashy says:

There is actually a hormone that is released into the body slowly, causing aging and that’s what causes failing organs (which is how natural deaths occur). If scientists found a way to remove this hormone you could possibly live over 150 years without a natural death if you take care of yourself and don’t die of anything else. You most likely would look 40-50 for another 10-30 years. Although everyone is still working out the details.

Alaina Segovia says:

It’s called money.

balderoine says:

Can you imagine having 1 Billion dollars and having a dry hairline? Yeah no

Simone Eli says:

Stem cells and blood transfusions

Grizz Cmt says:

Its called being stressed. trying to reach wealth is not easy it’s hard work and can sometimes be stressful

paper shredder says:

It’s all about keto diet. That’s how you get growth hormone naturally. That doctor is stupid

Annie O says:

If I had a billion dollars I could afford hair plugs to…

ghost walk says:

Elon Musk’s “bulging muscles”? LMAO

chris mclaughlin says:

Its called adrenochrome.

Johnnie Walker says:

It’s genetics, eating right, exercising and getting the best health care money can buy.

Mirikly says:

0:04 Attack on Titans season 4 looks great

Siham Ten says:

Sure, it’s called money!

He Ang pro_CTB says:


Paris Gaskins says:

No body can hear it Hint: check the audio

fatoush hakbarah says:

It’s testosterone, any one can do this, if your old just go to your doctor and say you want hrt (hormone replacement therapy) and bam! You’ll feel like your in the prime of your life, maybe also get a hair transplant too

cute animal videos says:

I really admire and look up to Sir Elon Musk but come in Inside Edition, they have money to get quality dermatologists to work on their externals, fashion stylists, hair transplants, and make enough money to have other people work for them so they have time to work on themselves in the gym and kitchen. Although I am well aware that you dont have to be rich to look good. It comes down to your dietary lifestyle. Eat well and exercise and rest

Mellow Yellow says:

The fountain of youth is also known as money.

Una Nina Nine says:

Nerds for life!

Puff's Magic Voices says:

I know their sceret

Mr Awesome says:

Hmm, I guess Tiege Hanley?

joshua ditoro says:

Yeah they discovered the fountain of youth, its just filled with money.


what about mark zuck

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