UFOTV® Accept no imitations. Based on discoveries by Nikola Tesla, HAARP is a controversial technology operated by the US military beaming high level energy into the Earth’s upper atmosphere. HAARP also locates hidden oil reserves and missile silos around the world. However, critics of HAARP say this technology could blow a massive hole in the upper atmosphere as well as disrupt the subtle magnetic energies of all life on Earth. Narrated by Martin Sheen this film presents an investigation of a subject that could have a dramatic effect on all life.

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Queen B says:

Thx for posting. .

Karen Contestabile says:

This is just like Angels Don’t Play This HAARP. Much of the content is a repeat. I am a little disappointed. I expected a totally new documentary.

Karen Stevens Boykin says:

Edison’s, et. al., (really why would you not go forward), do not make this into another $ and power part of history…how many chances do we get?

Randall Prather says:

harrp cooks fish and warms the bottom of ocean oelf waves magnetic tornado

Karen Stevens Boykin says:

ps. ..I can’t be happy that this research has been done under the current administration,this is scary.

Richard Perez Bello says:

what they don’t tell you is HAARP can be used as a weapon that can kill a specific individual a group of people when focused to a specific area and can kill an entire city population which is being. used in weaponized cellphone tower’s and it’s being used against the american citizens daily when cranked up can kill…..

Megatom says:

Jesus, if they can really direct that super lightning bolt… it may be the most powerful weapon ever. Not as much energy as a nuclear bomb, but it could shoot down any plane or bomb carrying plane. My only thoughts on this is that the public has to get more power so we can fight back against these God-players.

vanise goodnight says:

I am not convinced that they don’t know what it will do… I think they damn know.

Johnny ReadallLobato says:

That lame ass project manager says “I never heard of “Ionospheric Warfare”, (nervous laughter) I don’t even know what that means”. He also says “I just don’t know if it’s an outgrowth of “Star Wars” I’ve never been asked (nervous laughter). Then he says “We are immersed in E.L.F. (Extremely Low-Frequency) Waves and those, as far as I know, (nervous laughter) . . . Well, maybe they are affecting us”. . . . . I would have to say that he is the proof that they are indeed effective. If he is not under “Mind Control” then I don’t know who is. . . . . “We don’t know the results and that’s why we’re experimenting” . . . .The Environmental impact Study was funded by those who run the program, the military. That’s Bull$#it! . . . .The E.I. statement is the governing document and Safety is very important to them, Aircraft safety and Radio Frequency Safety”. what about our safety? Bastards! . . . . And it’s from 1993, 26 yrs old . . . . What the hell is that about, we didn’t have the internet back then. This guy John Heckscher as the Project Manager of HAARP is a moron . . . or the dEVIL himself laughing in our face as he seals are doom. . . . .Thank God there is a God! . . . . We need the ghost of Tesla to come down and fix these Satanic angels playing their hAARP right over our heads! . . . . All2Love & Love2All . . . .mE

julian marcos says:

What im seeing in this video when he said military application is that when the y want to while out a set of people like a sunomi, massive earth quake, or tornado that can. It not the technology that’s killing people it the people that’s using it. Our government that we vote for elected officials and quite unquote war hero’s wake up people

Megatom says:

I do not trust the current manager at all. It’s like he’s giggling at how much power he has for every question asked.

Clarence Charping says:

They probably knew what could but most likely they don’t care.

bam bam says:

Is this why my dick curves very slightly to the left

Ossie Dunstan says:

Tesla did not make the HAARP project, HAARP is not a technology usedas a weapon HAARP is an over the horizon radar system used bye the north america to detect nuclear lauch capable planes from russia , this fucking nonsense of it being tesla or some kind of weather weapon is utter bullshit, i was convinced of a lot of this ufo bullshit until i actually researched claims myself its all utter bullshit deseigned specifically to remove wealth from easily led people, the ufo culture are bigger fruads then than psychologists

Mich studier says:

It seems that we are intent on punching a hole through the firmament and haarp seems to be doing just that as it says in the bible satan wants to sit high up to be like god and the only way he can do that is if he breaks through the firmament so all these scientists who work for him are trying to fulfill his wish. One thing we have to realize the reason why the bible is so important is that it tells you everything and its up to us to either sell our soul or retain it The greatest deception the devil has done was to make people think he doesn’t exist. Mars was clearly like our planet but fell for the devils lies and we are going the same way. I hope the creator and our savior Jesus Christ will come and intervene as we as good people cannot stop these soldiers of the devil who are destroying our beautiful planet and every beautiful thing that was created for us. I love you lord I await for your response to these evil monsters.

Seanna Lopez says:

if they make the atmosphere thinner were more vunerable to things like solar flares and things like that but if they move the iosphere out more its not gong to thicken and what about the troposphere gets thinner and its harder for us to breathe and it can control people it could control good people to do bad things like terrorist attacks or killings to help hide their own secret and plus it can change the weather that can fuck up animal migration and global warming maybe thats why we had a dry december and a snowy april earth can sustain itself without our help because if we havent noticed already we have almost destroyed it with pollution nuclear tests human caused radioactive areas and such point being they need to be stopped before its too late

cdbvcxv cbvcx says:

Tesla tray this 100 years ago nothing much happens
he made some lightnings and some neighbors complains about noise



kim Love says:

It seems human kind is destroying ourselves again and really Fucking up planet earth, Atlantis all over again..

Efrayim Ben Israel says:

keep playing with the atmosphere one day you will get it back in the wrong way I can see it..
about the side effects ? I think we being playing all along no one can prob me it’s save because as you said we can get a big amount of energy back depending how much we put into. rigth?

N. H. says:

This is self mutilation, your arrogance and tunnel vision blinds.

Vincent Creazzo says:

Now this makes you wonder why recently people are acting like Assholes and are easy to anger, they are playing with us, must destroy this thing before they either kill us or destroy the planet! God how stupid are they?????

Mary Poole says:

UN Depopulation Agenda through forced and mandated HAARP–fluoride-vaccines–glyphosate–GMOs-Geoengineering –BP-Keystone-Dkota Pipelines oil and gas spills–fracking etc.!!!Defund the United Nations!

Fogo Enhistry says:

Why is the video so zoomed in? It’s really weird.

Karen Stevens Boykin says:

Edison’s… go forward

Queen B says:

This dude just lied and said HARP has no effect on earth.

Kaleb Crutcher says:

I think they know HAARP is hurting the earth and I do not approve it. The government obviously knows more than we do….. it makes me wonder if they are trying to prevent the Earth’s magnetic poles from shifting. History repeats itself it has happened before, it could happen again.

Pat Farber says:

when they say we don’t know, and they’re running this project, scares me no end. Like the one lady Dr. said when we don’t know the outcome of an experiment, don’t fo it!

Shane McGraw says:

@37:40 Let’s interview the most absolutely clueless and insulated person we can find, on the topic of something whose potential disastrous effects fall well outside of his realm of understanding or imagination.

jacob sierra says:

12:40 that’s bullshit

Frederik Møller says:

08:43 DId he say scientist or zionist (;

Aminul Islam says:

can we use the vibration as a source of energy and use it even in the space…

Queen B says:

Hecksher, don’t be trying to get into heaven by asking for forgiveness on your death bed. This goes for all of you evil wicked f$&@%s who have no concern for earth and for humanity!

paul decristoforo says:

If HAARP can interrupt the clouds which are water it can I trust us- as we are water.

Carey Hall says:

lying as usual… cant trust no one in government.. can u trust your own doctor…????The devil is a liar and the father of lies…

nath n cassie Osborne says:

fascinating technology and will no doubt pave the way for lots of space technology and transport also. amazing to think we can do such mad things. the curiosity in me wants to play with it but the humanity in me worries how and who is running the experiments. also on a side note doesnt the big antennae seem a little excessive. surely it could be done by now with no more than the size of a dinner plate. also learning too rake and harness this power in kinetic motion surely could make some cool engines. wheres elon musk or will i am to hook me up with a lab too try it hahaha no but seriously get me a lab 😉

Peter Schmidt says:

noh the jewish ass psy op lie, live longer waiting for heaven hahahahahaha fucking cunts die already you fucking synagogue of socialist homosexuals

anonneemouse mighty says:

I have heard it pulses only a Million Volts, at almost no Amps. Amps kill you, not Volts. The entire Apocalyptic Ability is limited to a PULSE. That is what a Capacitor does, it ramps up the Voltage, and sacrifices the Amps. It can pulse for a second, after a few days of generating electricity from DIESEL GENERATORS. So, it will NEVER be capable of an Hour and A Half of Power. Teach REAL SCIENCE.

SistorCarrera says:

your a v big liar but i understand why you dont tell us the truth,i will tell them the truth not a problem xxx

Richard Scarlett says:

stupid woman, and she supposed to be a doctor, Must be one of those one hour internet courses lmao. were not made up of electricity / energy, if we were wed be foofighters

Geoff Pace says:

Lifting up the ionosphere further into space to protect ourselves from incoming missiles is much like lifting a hornets nest to get at the hornets. This is insane and …devilish !

needle says:

is that a Draconian subspace docking station at :24?

Scott Wiler says:

fukashima nuclear power plant Japan prefecture NASA recorded high energy right over where earthquake epicenter

Queen B says:

OF COURSE the bastards who work for government are aware of how HARP affects the human brain/body. Of course they know this! They do not care! When hearing information like this, I think of the Batman movie where the anchor man and women started aging due to the chemicals that were in the shaving cream and make up etc. People think movies are simply for entertaining. Those who control Hollywood and these scientist play games with us people!!!! They put their sick plan into movies. HARP will only benefit those who already own this bloody filthy earth. Who cares about the innocent who live on it!

javamann1000 says:

Tesla made a Resonator that could gradually bring down the building where he had his Lab..

ewan b says:

tthought it said hoes in heavennnn shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Megatom says:

In retrospect, if it was individuals who had this kind of power instead of the government they’d be kind of like superheroes. Except Storm controls the weather with her body instead.

Lissy Moz says:

Mood control…the whole thing seems to have a hidden agenda. I’m not intelligent enough to know who what to believe anymore but I am not stupid enough to realise that civilisation as we know it is, well, not really as we know it!!!

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