How Does Tesla’s Autopilot Mode Work? | ColdFusion

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How Does Tesla’s Autopilot Mode Work? Watch and find out!

Thread of Tesla model S cars learning how to drive via Autopilot mode after the software 7 update:

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Zooker 750 says:

It looks for the broad side of some solid object and the it promptly drives into it.

ShongGaming- Roblox & More! says:

I hope the tesla was in thailand too but it’s will be happens soon in a long time right?

RJeditor s says:

3:43 ran through stop sign

AJ213 says:

I want a Tesla

dek says:

just awesome

And So It Goes On says:

When my current car dies (after I drive it into the ground), I will most definitely be purchasing a Tesla. Hopefully I’ll be at a point in my career where I can get the Model S. Who knows what Tesla will be capable of at that time

Goldy Yadav says:

Can you make some videos on Bitcoins..? Thanks in advance!

Uzair Ahmed says:

While this is all great news! But i really like driving . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I M says:

personally i dnt trust computer systems, they go mad sometimes and dont understand whats happening…

uski12 says:

Honestly, I would teach a Tesla myself 😛

RodBendingTechnology says:

ai evades police, runs a stop at 3:42, please show me more

Golden Retriever says:

I don’t trust auto pilot no matter how smart it is

No computer system can replace a good drivers instincts or judgement

And besides I’d prefer to drive anyway and in fact I love doing it

I grab every opportunity to drive my dads truck and love every minute of it

I’m not gonna be too happy if that’s taken away just because it’s safer

Satoshi SSMOZ says:

Awesome technology, but how will the Tesla react to cars that try crash into you though ? Do they have plans to make countermeasures for those kinds of scenarios ?

I M says:

is the system really safe from hackers???? thts an important point, bcoz we r talking about lives of people…

Cayde-6 says:

wish I had a Tesla they’re bad azz

John Shirley says:

Teaching the car to blow through stop signs at 3:42 😀

Emil Dahl says:

7:48 “I invested in those companies to keep A.I. on them.”

Mike Shane says:

this is the evolution of the AI and devolution of normal people

Петър Колев says:

We are waiting for the teleportation era 😀

Chris Smith says:

I like seeing the evolution of new technologies.
Although i hate the low progress(almost no progress) of humanity’s personality.
I don’t think having a car like that is even close to an approachable goal for me
not matter how much i dry my self in work.
Main problem someone has to lose for someone to be a winner and to have this
kind of luxuries.
Thx for video cold fusion 🙂 and sorry for my english.

billynyethegamer m8 says:

i love telsa and elon musk

Sohail Wahab says:

How does the car transmit data into the key and phone when it is not near any WiFi and when it is off???????????

Phong Nguyen says:

Man you sir are doing amazing work. I wish I could just pick your brains.

asian6773 says:

It starts at 4:26

Yahtadi Shidiq says:

Somebody once drift by accident using Tesla, next thing he know, he won a drifting championship using autonom mode

Gavin Klebe says:

cnet???? did you know the car stops when you press the brake?

The Compilation Channel says:

1:01 More of examples in my video.

Link Zero says:

Why the fuck would you buy a car for a fucking auto pilot, people are dumbfuck where r the fun in autopilot???? Plus its an electric disgusting fucking disgrace

Sanjiv Pahari says:

wow nice

Harendra Singh says:

his way of describing is so cute

LongDongSilvers says:

so umm.. is it also learning how to run stop signs?

Skill Spieler says:

The end of this video is the best xD

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