How to Use Tesla | Clash Royale 🍊

Using the Tesla with proper placements to counter building targeting units like Giants, Hogs, Skeleton Barrel, Golem, Lava Hound and every other thang.

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Fred says:

I love using the Tesla tower and can’t wait to upgrade to level 10

MrLeft Hand says:

So OJ I was wondering… When you are already winning 2-0 ( especially right now with the gem rush ) can you be merciful in the last like 30 seconds and let the enemy take a crown? If I’m winning hard I like to let them get a tower then crush the push and defend for the last few seconds

Saadman Bevore says:

Please do an *updated video* on *Legendary odds.* Including the new *Lightning, Fortune and King’s chest.*

Traitors says:

Heres another tip you surprisingly didn’t mention in the video:

If you place the Tesla 5 — by 2 | at the right time it can lure a Giant and Golem to your other princess tower.

Cesar Augusto Guzman Mirquez says:

in spanish please

Lord Kebab says:

Thats a huge positive elixir trade

Aaron Xiong says:

Who else watches these videos even though they don’t use the card?

Dylan Lundberg says:

I guess i’m a tryhard then

Ankit Prajapati says:

and Giant skeleton

Swordmaster Sam says:

Do a video on zappies and hunter use. They’re really interesting cards and want to know they’re worth working on leveling up before I go for it.

Pain '-' says:

U Overanalyze

ATOM Styles says:

Please make a video on what is best Tesla or inferno tower

Alex_YT says:

Pls make a clip with how to use the Wizard

benjamin arce says:

Pliss need spanish

τεστ τεστ says:

How to use bandit

James Wilcox says:

I’ve been playing around with tesla for the first time and used the 1-5 placement on the royal giant. He shot it once and then the tesla went down and then he started shooting the tower and the tesla stayed down. Any ideas why?

Black Shark Gaming says:

Orange can you tell me the best arena 6 deck? pls

Clash Royale - Tactician [funny moments] says:

Please magic archer tech!!!!! We will die if you wont upload!

Adesh Bhat says:

i go for 3 3 always

Tillak Kumar says:

Make videos on guns of boom also, more quality oj.

Mache Bennett says:

Buff tesla 😀

Shisir Darlami says:

zappy or hunter next nd ASAP

Saadman Bevore says:

nice video again OJ!

Gamer: Last hope says:

Inferno is good against heavy tank such as golem,PEKKA,Hog rider,balloon,etc
Where as Tesla it is good against small unit and sometime heavy unit
But I prefer inferno because it will kill heavy unit I like a toaster lol

tyrese birch says:

So are you gonna go over the hunters Nd zappies orrrrrrr

Ali Shah says:

. 666 the sign of the devil

Ankit Prajapati says:

plz make the video for lumberjack and knight

RekSause says:

Does the same apply if they are pushing your right lane instead?

Watery Melon says:

Oh, is it better to zap the tank or supporting unit? For example: is it better to rocket the giant or spark? Is it better to fireball the ice golem or three musketeers?

Im Kitty says:

Hi oj I would like you to do the royale ghost challenge for me so you can play it if you want to show it on your channel

Anime Tv says:

Zapies tech plz

Radioactive Blutonium says:

I hate you, ut your ocntent is wonderful a breather from some of Youtube’s terible videos

bruce bell says:

I wish u made chaos battle league videos they need a good YouTuber it’s a rts like clash but way more cards to use

Adham Tamer says:

orange juice please show me the best deck for arena 7

Vinayak Kulkarni says:

When are u sending the hunter

Pant_ Tube says:

You’re addicted to this game

JNeiikoS Gaming says:

“if your a tryhard” ouch that went directly to me

Sanda Dogaru says:

Do how to use And counter the hunter

gio torres says:

timing is KEY GUYS remember that !!!!

ProGaming HD says:

Oj controls clash royale meta it HAS to stop

GuyTryingToBeRecognized says:

I try my best to poison any defensive buildings with the tower when I push. It helps since I get it in a range where the troops spawning will go through the poison

Joey Iniguez says:

Am I the only one that always has used tesla dice I unlocked it

Do u know de way? says:

Post a good triple elixir decl plez

Dragon D says:

how to counter princess tower?

TheGamingMaster Rocks says:

Dropping the beat – pppppppp Ooooooooooooooo. Sssssssssssssssssssss Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Tttttttttttttttttttt. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And orange juice will not pin the comment I hope

Plutonium Gaming says:

That High Pitched Hog Rider Yell…

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