Is Tesla Getting Special Treatment? | In Depth

On today’s episode of “In Depth” Zac and Jesse Compare Tesla’s subsidies to what some other companies got, to see if Tesla is getting special treatment! Please consider supporting us on Patreon. We have some pledge rewards you may be interested in, so go check that out. Now You Know! #nowyouknow #tesla #gigafactory

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Chris Kennedy says:

More musk fan boys ! Ford, GM have been in business for decades. Both global companies employing how many people, directly or indirectly. Musk is a dreamer, has he actually made a profit on one single car yet ? And that was with NO competition, now that every major manufacturer has ev’s coming on line the novelty has gone.

John Donovan says:

And Tesla paid that $500 million loan back to the Feds years early.

Adrian Bryan says:

Elon has been pretty fair when it comes to give and take on the state level.

dashercronin says:

What a nightmare! Are all these figures a portend of a huge crash in the auto manufacturing industry??? Are the GM closures another? GM site market forces for their closures but others are saying that GM’s cars are crap. Is the Carlos Ghosn arrest another portend of imminent collapse of the auto industry? Was he getting as much money out of the business as he could before the shit hits the fan heading for a bunker in the Lebanon knowing that the writing is on the wall for the Nissen/Renault consortium and the industry in general? What does he know that we don’t know? What about the others: the heads of VW and AUDI who are either under arrest or indictment ? Is Tesla’s electric car success and significant increases in car sales market share merely the straw that is breaking the camel’s back. Moreover, the auto industry’s health over the years has been a belwether for the health of the economy in general. Therefore, if the auto industry is in the manure business, is the rest of the economy there also or about to follow and lead us into a 1930.s type depression. Furthermore, Trump’s publicity and electioneering jousting with China on spurious tariff arguments and arresting Chinese Tech Industry directors could further grease the downhill slope into depression.

Gene Phipps says:

The story on Louisiana was heart breaking but a must watch IMO. Another GOP run red state getting mountains of money from the federal government–money that comes from well run “liberal” blue states. If you want to look at corporate welfare–Walmart employees get over six billion annually in government assistance because Walmart doesn’t pay a living wage.

Limberlost Pottery says:

Best episode ever! Well, every week I say this to myself… Excellent!!!

Wot Wot says:

They should’ve made it employee-owned-and-directed cooperative. See Prof. Richard Wolff about it.
Remember that Germany has a policy similar to this that prevents Shinra like corporations.

Eastman Webb says:

Excellent presentation. Consider this video bookmarked for future social media debates.

Ryan Wiley says:

Louisiana is one of the poorest state’s

Mark Edwards says:

The US oil production should make us strong against Saudi Arabia – no dependence on Saudi Arabia.

nowtleft2 says:

Please can you do an in depth on autopilot? In UK derestricted is 60 mph but on AP the car goes at that speed when I would drive at 47 or less. Is there a setting to drive more realistically, or is the car safe to fly around and will it slow for corners?
Tbh I dare not use AP on windy roads even though it says it is available. Please help.

fred Bruner says:

Ford received no TARP money’s only loan guarantees because no banks were making loans at that time!

Howard Kearney says:

Why do we assume that individuals and/or corporations are to be taxed at all? Why assume governments should be involved in the economy? That is not the role of government. To help you out… the role of government is: protection. Get government out of businesses (and our personal lives) and yes let companies fail. If government got out of these things they would not need that much tax money at all.

Joshua Messenger says:

Didn’t the recently elevated in Seattle ask for their hours to be cut so they did not lose their government assistance? You gave recent examples yet failed to point to older examples where we could clearly see the long term effects of raising the minimum wage, you also failed to say what these successes were or how they compared to the national averages. If the benefits were so clear we could easily see these examples as the way to go.

Rick Wright says:

PLEASE Report on the Fact TESLA Paid Off their Department of Energy Loan 9 Years Early with Interest in 2013 ….

Tyler Hilliard says:

i just snagged and embedded this video as the only post for now. Want to build some visualizations of this and other Telsa subsidies in comparison to others.

Snarkonymous says:

This is your best episode.

Adrian Ostrowski says:

Mądrego to i miło posłuchać… 🙂

fred Bruner says:

Which link is the research of Fords grants and loan guarantees?

scott ricci says:

They paid back the loan and with early payoff penalties

Tom Robinson says:

WOW ! Corporate socialism !

mike Lewis says:

Zach Jesse Louisiana is staying poor because the Rich want to stay rich and don’t care about the poor that’s a horrible way to treat a human

Charles Burns says:

This video is higher quality analysis, in a more digestible format, than most major media outlets.

Fly Crack says:

Giving Tax Cuts is just stupid and the competition between states on taxes is horrible. I am not saying that states can not give loans or other help, but cutting taxes is just wrong. Taxes are there for a reason and Louisana is a good example for that.

chadwick hayes says:

Can’t wait until electricity is unaffordable thanks the power consumption from gas to electric will be hard to keep up with

kjkurien says:

A histogram on the loan amounts for the quoted car companies would have been good.

Jonathan Meazza says:

Best show on YouTube by far. If I was from Louisiana I’d be really pissed right now.

redxsage says:

I’ve learned over the years that ANALysts, NaySayers, $#0r+s, NEVERSayers, Pundits, Experts, and Trolls absolutely *_HATE_* it when these facts are brought to light, completely *_DESTROYING_* their lying narrative that _’Elon Musk’s Companies All Rely Upon Government Assisstance & Subsidies’_ and stuff.

A position that conveniently ignores the tax benefits, land grants, guaranteed loans, legal protections, and literal subsidies that are given freely to other corporate entities without valid explanation for a variety of industries with no firm plan for timely repayment or local investment and without any form of assigned responsibility or confirmed liability with eternal unchallenged extensions stretching into eternity.

Hypocrisy reigns among thosr who swill HaterAde while accusing Tesla Enthusiasts of _’Drinking the Kool-Aid’._

Sergio Herrero says:

I saw the title of the video, and I’m interested. But I know the answer is going to be NO, which is all I came for. So I’m skipping the video.
Not saying it is not true… but it is always easy to predict the outcome of your videos based on the titles.

Tony Surber says:

Hey , am I the only one here that said ; Hmmmmm . Hey wait a minute ! Uncle Sam supposedly made those bail outs to those big corporations to save jobs ? You know they could have just paid those workers fifty grand each ( all thousands of them ) , for the last ten years , and saved a crap ton of money ! Me thinks it smells like poopy . Know what I mean ?

Халид Алиханов says:

Louisiana is like Russia lol

Caio Trevisan says:

Here in Brazil happens the same.

Wot Wot says:

The trickle is real!

Kaleb Swager says:

So the fed gives ford $200 per car vs $11,600 per Tesla?

Neojhun says:

Tesla very much got special treatment. “We do not care about you”.

CM Nakagawa says:

This is good; this show is evolving to real comprehensive journalism.

Tom Robertson says:

Nevada tax break was based on Tesla meeting milestones .
Only then did Tesla get another share of the tax break
Tesla never received all the tax break at once

Grape99909 says:

Great show! Thank you for the education.

bfly51 says:

I’m only at 10 minutes and my mind is already blown,I need a break!

Randy Hare says:

Crony capitalism is always a bad idea.

Little Cripple says:

Two more economic fallacies youve made (helping you guys report better not criticising) but you did not prove Louisiana is worse off by quoting those figures. What you need to do is show before and after. What is the trend, how were they performing before. Where they slowly getting better and now are declining, were they slowing getting worse and now thats accelerating. If they were ranked last on everything well my god theyve improved.

Lastly whenever you talk about cutting taxes youre making an assumption that thats a bad thing. Why? Are you assuming government can spend that money better than the private sector? What incentives do those in government have to spend money efficiently and what is the record of state own vs private owned in performance, quality, price etc? Put it this way. Would you happily give all your money to a stranger, who doesnt know you, who looks better when they spends more of your money and not less (thats higher GDP), and trust them to do a better job than you can? Ie you spend 50 bucks on food, they spend 100, they now brag theyve doubled your food gdp, even though youre recieving the same food figures are now “better”

Jim Ryan says:

I don’t recall if this was mentioned in the video (I don’t think it was)… But I’m wondering… What were the applications that got denied by Louisiana?
I’m a bit curious if it had something to do with “Green Technology” or something… Hmm..
Just hearing how bad Louisiana’s economy is, along with the grossly negative environmental impact that the government of Louisiana have had on the state – literally makes me sick!

Unfortunately I think when something is done to improve the conditions (for the better) there… it will more than likely be “too little, too late”.

Hope they can get this mess straightened out!

Adrian Bryan says:

Lower taxes should mean higher wages right?! It’s LA though not full of the smartest people. Lol

Steven C D says:

Not only VERY informative… made me smile. Well done. Thx

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