Let’s Talk About Tesla “Killers!”

The truth about Rivian, Faraday Future, Lucid Air, and the rest.
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Jamaica’s Best Kept Secrets says:

Am I the only one that see a pick truck running out of power in the middle of no where ? Could it be charged on a generator ?

lynxking03 says:

MKBHD intro tacks are always so good!!

MrYehaha says:

Yeah, no way… Why do you think Tesla is the only domestic company that can go into a market and play with the big boys (GM, GMC, dodge, pretty much every known car company) since 1940 (And that’s an exception with Jeep it got popular because of the war. before that it was 1925 before Jeep entered.)

amcf2000c says:

There’s no point in electric cars

Robert Barnhart says:

No electric car company will kill Tesla until the infrastructure is in place for people to charge.

Angry Ryan says:

But, you cant forget bout that big ol american v8 that ya need in a truck

Ali Devrim OGUZ says:

Can you please use metric units? I just had to convert everything one by one to understand them.

emilio gurrea says:

extremely well said!! nice job

Dark Vulcan says:

“Tesla’s made it pretty clear that they want people to use their charging networks, but for some reason nobody is.” Because many companies don’t want to have do depend on competitors to literally power their cars.

the CG nerd says:

Mark ass brownlee

YouTube Editor says:


d_ak says:

good for kidnapping definitely getting

kurikuraconkuritas says:

mark ass brownie ;D

OppirompaMiDotCom says:

What are you even talking about? Every other car I see is a Nissan Leaf!

matt says:

that truck is ugly as hell

Jorge Lorenzo says:

Lamborghini Terzo Millenio.. isn’t that electric? That’s alien stuff. But yeah, it’ll empty the wallets.

Lord Knight says:

To anyone who making electric car:
Please use TESLA CHARGER. Make it easy for use.
Don’t fuck this transition up.

Karl Hans says:

The true is usa destroy they own car market.

Mangesh Kathar says:

Ellon musk may be giving you millions of dollars to promote Tesla.

Max Elliott says:

“I’ll link that below that like button” I see you

Billy says:

5:58 truck backing up outside or smth?

dan whelan says:

id much rather take a f250 platty and just work on it over a year then get that rivian truck. they’re fucked if they don’t sell it for under 50k

Karrar Almimar says:

Sounds like Marques has taken some microeconomics I see!

Tulsa Fox says:

Did you say built-in air compressor? Hell yeah

Marcos Avila says:

Tesla Killers? Like every auto company that exists today? ie/ Chevy, Hyundai, BMW, Nissan, etc. Do you really think that the concepts your’re showing are a real threat to tesla? Cmon dude……

Tim Jones says:

The only Tesla killer I’m aware of is that semi truck that killed Apollo!

Joseph Samsor says:

I would prefer them to actually make a useful electric car. That truck is way too expensive for absolutely no advantages over a diesel powered truck that can without a doubt last 200k+ miles. It’s cool, but they need to make something that your average new car buyer can look at, and think “why wouldn’t I buy that?”

Alejandro Vaca says:

i got my money on SONDORS !!

Churly Puig says:

what camera are you using sir???? :3

Internet Privacy Advocate says:

You did a wonderful job on this video. Excellent well organized commentary

bigginsd1 says:

More competition can only be a good thing. Tesla will not ever have the capacity to make every vehicle in the world, no automaker has ever come close to even 25% of the market. The “Tesla killer” nonsense is just a ridiculous construct invented by click bait car journalists. You’ll notice the Tesla killers are always available 2-3 years from when the article is written. Unless it is available now it is just delaying the ICE to EV transition.

KING T. says:

They are Invested in fosil fuel. Thats why they slow, people are so funny. TESLA has an electric car… solomon grundy want one too. Lol

Szedelgo T says:

Mercedes EQC

Yves Guittard says:

And what about the Jaguar I-Pace?

Marko Stojanovic says:

Don’t get me wrong but most people dont have that much power as in kw/h plug. So if you have 5 kw/h plug it would take you 20 hours ( at home ) to charge 100kw battery, right? thats almost a day. I might be wrong since it kinda late and I need to go and get some sleep

Kirk Nason says:

Talked to the CEO of Rivian at the LA Auto Show, looks amazing! The design and attention to detail is out of this world.
Under the rear seats are even more storage. Also flashlights in the door. Put my deposit down.
One thing you can do is charge at campgrounds with the Rivian, if you’re using it for trips and camping.

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